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Fissure in Ano

Anal Fissure  (फिशर गुदचीर)


फिशर के बारे में हिंदी में जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये !

Fissure means a groove or tear or split

Anal fissure or Fissure in ano is a very common and painful condition causing a lot of discomfort to the patient. There occurs a tear or a crack in the anal skin. It is usually found in young and middle age people specially in women usually during pregnancy but sometimes seen even in children. In early stage it is cured by having some dietary precautionshome remedies and Sitz bath. However if it is ignored for a longer period and not treated, it becomes chronic fissure and then it does not heal permanently easily and keeps on showing its symptoms of anal pain, bleeding etc. continually or intermittently.


Anal Fissure Symptoms


The symptoms of Fissure in ano include;

  • Pain during defecation - Nature of pain is SHARP, BITING, BURNING and it sometimes remains for hours after defecation 

  • Streaks of blood along with stool or on tissue paper; sometimes few drops may also seen.

  • Feeling of some mass which is always present as if there is some skin tag is hanging at some point of anus (Observed in chronic fissure).

  • Constipation as an associated symptom



Anal Fissure Causes



There are the following causative factors responsible for the disease Fissure in ano;

  • Constipation and hard stool (primary cause)

  • Spasm of internal sphincter which itself may be due to many other causes

  • After surgical operation for haemorrhoid if skin loss is much

  • Secondary causes like; Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Tuberculosis etc.


Anal fissure types :


Based on the chronicity of the disease, Anal fissures have been classified into following types;

1-Acute Fissure in ano:- Newly formed fissure. Very painful. May bleed sometimes.

2- Chronic Fissure in ano:- A fissure older than 06 weeks is termed as Chronic Fissure. Usually associated with a skin tag hanging outside the anus which is known as Sentinel tag or sentinel pile

Fissure in ano: Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the disease Fissure can be made by a local examination by your physician. During the examination (check-up) you may need to lie in lithotomy or left lateral or Knee-Abdomen position. Your doctor may tell you the position and type of Fissure after a proper examination.

Fissure in ano: Ayurveda treatments

Conservative treatment (Treatment by Ayurvedic medicines) : Most of the Fissure especially the acute ones respond good to Ayurvedic Shaman Chikitsa (Medicinal treatments). The medication involves the treatment of underlying cause like constipation and some locally acting herbal medicines which promote healing are also given. Gradually Fissure heals completely by Ayurvedic medicinal treatment.

Ayurveda Kshar sutra treatment in Chronic anal fissure :

Kshara sutra is treatment of choice in Chronic Fissure in ano with sentinel tag(s). Kshara sutra, when tied at the base of the sentinel tag, leads to strangulation, pressure necrosis and cutting effect of Kshara sutra drugs leads to shedding-off of tags in 5 to 10 days. This is the minimally invasive procedure for Fissure. Lateral sphincterotomy i.e. Cutting of internal anal sphincter by incision; is sometimes needed in Fissures with anal spasm.

Kshara sutra procedure for Fissure: How it is performed actually?

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