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General information about treatment charges

We at Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, are committed to provide the best diagnosis and treatment services for Ano-rectal and other diseases using quality Ayurveda medicines and various Ayurveda procedures like; Kshara sutra, Agnikarma, Kshar karma, Astavidha Shastra karma (8 Ayurveda surgical procedures) along with amalgamation of latest medical technology.

The treatment is always done under the strict supervision of our team of experienced Ayurveda doctors/Physicians/Surgeons headed by our Director Dr. Naveen Chauhan. All the treatments are affordable to common people. The price range depends on individual patient’s disease and condition at the time of consultation, type of anaesthesia used, whether treatment is done in day care or in hospital admission.

We thus request to call our helpline +91-9818069989 for booking a visit at clinic as it is impossible to get complete diagnosis without examining the patient and thus to predict the treatment charges.

You can also email us at: consult@ayurvedapilescure.com