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Ayurveda Fissure Doctor & Treatment Vasundhara

Do you know about Fissure which is very painful disease anal fissure is a small tear in thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that pulls the anus. When you pass stiff or large stool during bowel movement, then anus can be fissile. Anal fissure usually causes pain and bleeding with bowel movements. You can experience muscle ring cramps at the end of your anus (anal sphincter). Anal fissures are very common in young infants but can affect people of any age. SHRI DHANWANTARI CLINIC is very famous in All over india because there many Doctors are available and all are famous in Ayurveda fissure treatment in Vasundhara.

An anal fissure is usually cured automatically within four to six weeks. If this does not happen, then medical treatment or surgery can usually relieve discomfort. So if you are suffering   from fissure then please consult in SHRI DHANWANTARI CLINIC which is located in Vasundhara and offering best fissure treatment in Vasundhara. There are many Fissure Doctor in Vasundhara (SHRI DHANWANTARI CLINIC) who are well qualified and they have many years experience in Fissure.There are some Common causes of anal fissure include which are Passing large or hard stools, Constipation and straining during bowel movements, Chronic diarrhea, Inflammation of the anorectic area, caused by Crohn's disease or another inflammatory bowel disease, Childbirth.