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Pilonidal Sinus Laser Treatment in Gurugram

Dhanwantri Clinic offering best Pylonidal Sinus Treatment in Gurugram. All doctor of this clinic is highly qualified and they have lots of experience. SO anybody is facing from Pylonidal sinus and looking best Clinic for this treatment then consult in this clinic and get best Treatment in Gurugram. Now they have started Pylonidal sinus Laser treatment in Gurugram

According to Dr Naveen this disease is a type of skin infection which typically occurs between the cheeks of the buttocks and often at the upper end. Symptoms Of this disease if you facing pilonidals Sinus then you will feel include pain, swelling, and redness. There may also be drainage of fluid and rarely results in a fever. This disease is very painful and it generally occur in age of 15 to 35. Although usually found near the coccyx, the condition can also affect the navel, armpit or genital regionthough these locations are much rarer.

Treatment of pylonidal sinus includes applications of antibiotic therapy, hot compresses, and anti-drip cream. In more cases, the cyst may need to be lending or treated by surgery. Did you know that lancing is done using a local anesthesia, usually for less than one week The most conservative surgical treatment, Bascom's Pit Picking Process, is a relatively simple outpatient alternative which can be done in the doctor's office, which includes minimal pain and requires only a few days of treatment.

Dr Naveen is a best Surgeon for Laser treatment for Pilonidals in Gurugram who can also cure sinus and repair with a rebuilt flap technique, such as "cleft lift" procedure or jade-plaster, usually done under general anesthetic. This approach is especially useful for complex or recurrent pylonidal disease, leaves a small scar tissue and adjusts the area between the buttocks, reducing the risk of repetition. This approach usually results in faster recovery than conventional surgery, although fewer surgeons are trained. Crack lift process and thus