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Pilonidal Sinus Doctor in Faridabad

If you are suffering from Pain due to Pilonidals and you are looking best Pilonidals Sinus Doctor in Faridabad then consult in Dhanvantri Clinic and get best Pilonidals Sinus Doctor in Faridabad. Here Dr. Naveen Chauhan is a Pilonidals Sinus Specialist in Faridabad who is offering best treatment in Faridabad.

What are the manifestations of heaps? How is heaps analyzed?

The indications of heaps include:

  • Splendid red seeping from the rear-end. Blood may mark the defecation or the bathroom tissue.
  • torment amid solid discharges
  • difficult swelling or an irregularity close to the butt
  • butt-centric tingling
  • mucous release from the rear-end
  • hard knot around the rear-end
  • territory around the rear-end ends up red and sore

What are the reasons for heaps?

The essential drivers of heaps include:

  • hereditary inclination to heaps
  • absence of fiber in the eating routine
  • insufficient liquid admission
  • inactive way of life
  • push
  • stressing while at the same time passing stool
  • clogging and looseness of the bowels
  • consistent sitting or remaining for extend periods of time at a stretch
  • sitting for extensive stretches of time on the latrine
  • butt-centric intercourse
  • pregnancy
  • consistent truly difficult work
  • being stout
  • past medical procedure of entrail
  • choking of digestive tract following a medical procedure
  • spinal string damage that prompts bladder and rectal brokenness
  • brokenness of the floor of pelvis


In the event that the specialist speculates you have heaps, he will play out a visual examination of your butt to analyze hemorrhoids. He may likewise play out a computerized rectal exam to check any indication of heaps inside the rear-end.
The specialist may likewise endorse an extra test called a sigmoidoscopy.
A sigmoidoscopy (a little fiber-optic camera) includes your specialist utilizing a little camera to analyze an interior haemorrhoid. The sigmoidoscope is fitted into a little tube and embedded into your rectum.
It gives a reasonable perspective of within your rectum and presentations the variations from the norm if any inside the rectum.