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Fistula Doctor in Gurugram

We know that Fistula is very painful so if you are looking best Doctor for Fistula then consult in Shri Dhanwantari clinic and get best Fistula Doctor in Gurugram. A fistula is a passage that keeps running from inside the rear-end – the opening your body uses to dispose of strong waste – to some place in the skin around it. It generally takes after a disease that didn't recuperate the correct way. Your specialist can repair the fistula, yet you'll require a medical procedure for that.

What Causes of Fistula

According to Dr. Naveen Chauhan generally, Some organs situated in the butt that make liquid but sometimes it happen that organs get blocked up. That time when the organs occur The progress of microbial can make a swollen pocket of polluted tissue and liquid. The doctor calls it ulcer. If you do not treat on time, then it will create. During the long haul, it will move outwards and hit a punch at some place in the skin near your handle, which can drain its inner drain. The fistula is a segment that interrupts the limbs in the opening. As a general rule, an ulcer causes a fistula. It is worth mentioning that; anyway, they can start with conditions like tuberculosis, clearly spread diseases, or a continuous disease that affect your internal parts.

What are the Symptoms ?

  • In Fistula you will feel Painful after bowel movements which may last up to several hours
  • Bright red blood while passing stools
  • Itching, irritation, and discomfort around the anus.
  • You can be found a small lump or tag around the anus.
  • It will be visible crack around the anus skin

All the symptom and causes are founded by Dr. Naveen Chauhan and He has at least 15 years of experiences and he is a highly qualified doctor and offering best Fistula Cure in Gurugram. If you want to an online appointment for Fistula cure then you can with the help of our websites.