What happens if you don’t care about Fistula and leave it untreated?

Can fissure be cured by medicines without surgery?
Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What's the difference?

What are the risks if Anal Fistula left untreated? Is it really dangerous?

naveendrAuthor: Dr. Naveen Chauhan, BAMS, CCYP, ROTP, CRAV (KSHARA SUTRA)





  • If the treatment is not done, the pus inside the fistula can spread further leading to formation of multiple tracts and several opening in the skin around the anus. This makes the fistula more complex and further difficult to treat.
  • Anal Fistula treatment is associated with high recurrence rate. Anal fistula treatment requires a lot of planning and each patient require expert handling. Therefore, Anal Fistula should always be treated by an expert Colo-Rectal Surgeon who has special interest in dealing with Anal Fistulas.
  • Another important issue is that each and every fistula is different one cured with one modality may not be useful for other. It has to be understood by patient and surgeon that each patient will require a customised treatment as per status of his disease. There are different procedures to treat Anal Fistulas and none of these procedures is perfect. Therefore, different procedure should be done in different patients, depending upon the type and complexity of that patient’s fistula.
  • There is a risk, though low, of cancer formation in the long standing Anal Fistulas. Therefore, Fistulas should always be treated at the earliest.

What is Fistula in ano? Click here to know more 


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Can fissure be cured by medicines without surgery?
Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What's the difference?


  • Bhagnr huaa hair 6 main se

  • Sir I am suffering form fistula form two month n doctor gave me surgery date after one month.
    Is there any chance of increasing my fistula or not?
    Plz rply fast sir…..

  • Rajendra Kumar Goutam

    Sir meri guda ke under bhut sakht sujan he or guda fat gayi he fresh hone me bhut takt lagani padti he.1saal se es vimari se paresan hu.sir me es paresani se nijad Pa sakta hu please batay.

    • Yes you can be cured completely. But without check up it’s not possible to prescribe any medicine. Please call our helpline 7861888100 to have an appointment with our specialist doctor.

  • hi sir does swelling and discharge of pus takess place after having ksharsutra and after changing every week I fell swelling for 2-3 days after each time I change thread it is my third time

  • Been living with fistula for 5 yrs, after perianal abscess that went into sepsis. It kept me hospitalized for 6 days, lucky I survived it. Fistula bleeds on and off. It will be good for a long time then swell, and then drain. It doesn’t bother me, as its more of an in inconvenience than anything. Just wanting to know if it can turn into anything serious i.e. cancer etc.

    • A disease should not be left unattended in any way. It is quite rare that an untreated fistula turning into cancer. But I advise you not to leave it untreated.

  • Sir i a had fistula… I thought getting it operated after 2 months… After 2 weeks I found suddenly that the opening neat anus has disappeared… These days my motion has increased from 1 time a day to 2-3 times a day… What is the problem… Can there be internal fistula

  • Sir doctor had diagnosed me with anal sinus and had given antibiotics and some ointment he said that he will keep a watch on it if it reoccurs again and again i need to have surgery . I don’t wanna have a surgery can it be healed without any surgery. I do not have any pain

  • Sir my father suffring by multiple fistula in ano keshar sutra thread surgery done 15days ago total 4 holes which is thread wound , my father admit in hospital for dressing, dressing done by triphla and other ayurvedic medicine, today doctor said that pus is collect to other place also, to remove this doctor cut that place and remove pus now total hole is 5, sir how much time to recover this hole and plz sir advise me that pus is not collected in other places plz sir suggest me how to stop the spreading of pus

  • Hi, do you have any office here in kuwait? Ive had fistula for about 3 yrs already.

  • iam 18 years old. i had fistulla for 6 monthes.i consult so many docters and they all suggest for surgery.is the surgery is safe for this age. iam studying in bba .so if i do the surgery.is it possible to go collage after 5 days.

    • Conventional lay open surgery has less success rates in High types fistula. You must go for kshar sutra treatment if possible. If you can plan your visit in Ghaziabad for kshar sutra treatment please call us at 9818069989 for an appointment. Else you may go to your nearby experienced kshar sutra doctor. Thanks.

  • I underwent my left ischio rectul abscess surgery eight months ago. Two months ago MRI of fistulogram is done and a track of 3.5 c m and a low anal fistula of an internal opening at 1′ positon are found am undergoing kshar sutra treatment how long it takes to heal it and wat about my internal opening

  • Sir i had kshar sutra before 2 years and i was doing very good. Suddenly a bump formed between scortum and anus but no irritation and pus leakage but a little pain. During this lump i had mouth ailments to because of over heat in body. What i could be? And which treatment is required?

    • It can be an abscess or Fistula. Check up is needed to confirm the diagnosis. Kshar sutra is the treatment of choice if it is Fistula and Incicion and drainage required if it is an abscess. Thanks.

  • Sir .I’m suffering from anal Fistula ,I can feel it one small hole which needle can through it, one white bubble type hard pimple and nearly 2cm blood and pus filled bubble Ruptured yesterday .is it anal Fistula r something? In Hyderabad ,secunderbad ur clinic available?

  • Sir mujhe bhagandar hua hai approx 1yr ho gya hai but mujhe abhi pata chala hai.sir ye jada dangerous to nhi ho skta.

  • Respected Sir, My ksharsutra treatment is over and fistula is cured..Doc I am feeling pain on buttocks and back thighs Since long time when the last two thread tying procedure was done..Doc saying it has no connection with the treatment or fistula. . Sir I want to ask does this treatment leads to sciatica or piriformis syndrome? I am very much disturbed…bcoz this has started after this treatment I dont feel pain inside the buttocks anymore but it is paining on my buttocks plz Share your views..Thanks

  • Respected sir, i have had three sergeries of fistula in last three years.. The last one was done 8 weeks ago…i feel some kind of stiffness or numbness.. I dnt know how to explain….it becomes(my right buttok) quite tight especially when i walk… I dnt feel any pain or discharge… Is there something serious

  • Dear Sir,

    I am from Hyderabad but currently working in USA. I have a recurrent fistula that hadn’t healed after fistulectomy.
    It is low fistula about 2 cm tract.
    External opening is posterior to anus and about 2 cm from anus. Internal opening is right on the anal dentate line.
    I wish to travel to your center to get treatment with kshara sutra. However I am not sure if 1 month of travel leave will be enough for the treatment. Is it possible to put me under general anesthesia for the kshara sutra as I am highly parsnips about local and spinal anesthesia. Kindly let me know your thoughts. Appreciate your input.


    • we use anesthesia, local or spinal depending on the condition of the patient.. also the duration of treatment also varies person to person… you can contact us at 9818069989.

  • I have fistula in ano external opening with blood can I get local anesthesia An is that painful don’t want to go under it’s my first surgery kinda nervous .. please respond

  • My father had fistula operation before 4 years but now blood is coming after motion. What is the solution? His age is 46 years. Please reply fast

  • Respected sir. I have 3 fistulas in ano sir . One fistula has 8 cm long track sir
    How much time is required to completely cure. Sir please answer me. I have too much pain in that wound sir

  • Is 5mm fistula serious?

  • sir ,two years ago i take treatment(surgury) from you for fistula in ano….by khsar sutra.

    yesterday fresh bright colour blood coming in stool only in starting .there is no pus or pain.hard stool passed too yesterday and day before too…

    i am very much in tension.if fistula reoccurence or just taking slitz bath and your previous prescription is sufficient?????

    kindly reply???

    • Dear Manuj, Fistula reccurance is rare after after kshar sutra… Bleeding is a sign of Hemorrhoids or Fissure.. You need to visit the clinic.. So that proper examination and treatment can be planned

  • Sir i have fistula but no outer boil is there only inside pus forms and in 6 to 7 days pus get blast inside and gone. So what tertment i have to take for the when pus forms. Please confirm urgently. I have shown to many doctors but they told required outer opening to treat.

    • Have you underwent MRI fistulogram… If yes please tell us about findings… Also visit our clinic personally.. We will be able to understand your case better… Contact us at 9818069989

  • sir where is your kshar sutra centre located.i am from keraka. i want to under go the treatment with u.i have multiple fistulla. slight discharge,and blood stains. for about 6 years.

  • hi sir, I’m from mysore actually due to excess heat some time I got itching in my anal portion now a days means from last 4 months I really s trugguled to go for a toilet .. I came to know that itching is d first stage of piles hence I used Himalaya cream and piled tablet to go smooth motion…eventhoughbit has not cured so is dat without operation is it not cured sir

    • Anal itching doesn’t require operation or surgery. Real cause has to be find out and treatment is possible by Ayurveda medicines. You apply mustard oil daily after having bath.
      Feel free to call us at +91-9818069989 to have an appointment with our doctor. Our address is;
      MAP NAVIGATION LINK IS; https://goo.gl/fgLc9p

  • i have small blister like thing in anal opening from last 8 months..but there is no pain no blood no pus ,,just itching only when i am bloated ,…and sometimes constipation ,…constipation is the main problem,…plz advice

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