Kshara sutra its ingredients and preparation

Preparation of Ksharsutra and the Drugs Required   Author: Dr. Naveen Chauhan Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist, Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad Preparation of Ksharsutra Preparation of Kshar-Sutra is no doubt, a lengthy and difficult task and the collection and preparation of required drugs is still more cumbersome. A number of different drugs are used in various combinations for the preparation of the Kshar-Sutra. The ksheer (latex) generally used are of Snuhi, Ark, Arendakarkataki, Udumbar etc. The Ksharas used are Apamarg Kshar, Ark Kshar, Kadali Kshar etc. We have here used the following drugs. Drugs Required •    Snuhi Ksheer •    Apamarg Kshar •   […]

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