Precautions to be taken during and after Kshara sutra treatment

Diet for Constipation, Piles/Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure and Fistula in ano (ano-rectal) patients as per Ayurveda
Piles/Hemorrhoids Injection therapy (sclerotherapy) facts in Hindi


क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सा के समय व बाद में क्या क्या सावधानियाँ बरतें !!! हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.

  • Avoid straining during defecation: It has been observed that people suffering from anorectal diseases (Piles, Fissure in ano, Fistula in ano etc.) generally do excessive straining during the act of defecation. According to Ayurveda, the root cause of these diseases is ‘mandaagni’ (sluggish digestive fire) which ultimately leads to ‘kosthabaddhta’ (constipation). An individual with constipated bowels try to strain while passing stools to expel the faeces but ultimately it aggravates the symptoms like bleeding or pain etc.

Thus an individual (even the healthy one) should not strain much during defecation. A better way can be to drink 1 or 2 glasses of lukewarm water and go to toilet only when there is feeling of adequate pressure for defecation.

  • Follow the dietary precautions: Take food items rich in fibres and easily digestible to avoid ‘mandaagni’ (sluggish digestive fire) and constipation.   For more details kindly read the author’s blog on diet management for anorectal patients.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting and/or standing. Be ambulatory. Do regular morning and/or evening walks. It promotes healing and leads to adequate drainage in fistula patients.
  • Though kshara sutra procedure is a minimally invasive procedure, a few patients may feel some pain after kshara sutra treatment like felt in other surgical procedures. Such patients should;
    • Maintain their mental strength, because just in a few days you are about to get rid of this disease permanently.
    • Take painkillers after consulting their physician.
    • Increase the frequency of sitz bath.
    • Maintain proper hygiene of the anorectal region.
    • Do the sitz bath with lukewarm decoction of ‘panchavalkal drugs’ regularly or as directed by your physician.
    • Avoid alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing, excess tea or coffee and excessive spicy or junk food items.
    • Avoid sitting on two-wheelers like cycle/motor cycle etc.
    • Avoid sexual intercourse during the kshara sutra therapy.
    • Take the medicines prescribed by your physician regularly and follow the instructions given by him strictly.


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Diet for Constipation, Piles/Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure and Fistula in ano (ano-rectal) patients as per Ayurveda
Piles/Hemorrhoids Injection therapy (sclerotherapy) facts in Hindi


  • malek mo.moin h

    hello sir i have just complet fistula with proctologist but i cant sit at bike or anywhere else so plzzz give me some advice

  • Sir I have kshar sutra for piles yesterday.. But in morning I have night there any problem

  • Tripurari kumar

    Sir mujhe piles aur fistula dono hai,mai 15 din phle iska operation krwya tha,blood nhi aata hai pr khujli rhta hai,kbhi kbhi pani jessa chip chipa rhta hai aur bhut weakness feel krta hun.
    Suggest me plz sir

    • Tripurari kumar treatment hone baad kuch zyada se zyada 4 week aisa ho sakta he or iska liya apko maal tyag ke hissa ko saaf suthra rakhna chahiya or jyada taklif he to apne dr. Ki salah le.

  • Sir Maine xarsutra se bhadndar ka oparatio karvaya hai. Mere 2 dhage badal gaye hai.muje kadi pain ho raha hai .aap muje bataye ki abhi muje aur kitane dhage change karvane pain ki vajah se kuchh kam bhi nahi kar pata .please sir aap jaldi muje jawab dena. Agar pain kam hone ki koi davai ho to muje batao.

  • Sir mujhe masse wali piles h jo mujhe 6 mnth pahle huii thi abhi wo massa as it as h mene alopathic medicine khayi h but unse koi relief nahi mila or kabhi kabhi masse m bhut pain n itching hoti h .. Sir mujhe kya krna chahye plss suggest me …??

    • Generally if there is no bleeding in internal piles or pain in external piles, it doesn’t need any treatment. Diet management is enough. But if it’s painful or having itching, you may need surgery to remove it. There are many methods of surgery. Among them Agnikarma or kshar sutra ligation are good options.

  • I have completed my kshara sutra treatment for piles and fissure but 1) i got small wounds on outer skin and 2) i get pain after passing stool which gradually decreases and also 3) i have a bump like thing but doctor said it is just skin iam feared to go to stool please give me suggestions to overcome these pain and wounds

    • Same problem is with me I got Kshara sutra treatment done but I feel lot of pain after passing stool even blood stains can be seen with stool , it’s now third day post my treatment is pain normal till removal of treads or is there something to worry about

      • Pain may be there especially if you are having constipation in post operative period. But it’s manageable by stool softners, Sitz bath and some minimal pain killer medicines. There is no need to worry about it.

  • hi sir i had anal fistula and its cured 100% aftr kshra sutra its been a year but i get rare pain if i eat chapatis and if i workout in gym..!! OR if i go for a High fiber diet!! am scared that my fistula might reoccur!! Help me out with it.. will we have pain even after a year? not when i touch or sit only when my diet is changed..

  • Sir, why sexual intercourse is prohibited during anofistula treatment with ksharsutra.

    • Some instructions are given by Ancient Ayurveda Sages like Sushruta and avoiding sexual intercourse in Fistula patients is one of them. There are chances of contamination of female partner if male is suffering from fistula and in some patients there is increase in pain after having a sexual act. So, keeping these things in mind it’s advised to avoid.

  • Sir,is it common to become nodules around anal region during treatment of anofistula with ksharsutra.

  • Sir, I am done with kshar sutra surgery and 3 threads were removed by doctor and one thread was removed automatically.
    As it is said that it is a healing thread and it gets off automatically but in my case doctor has removed the thread so does that mean that I will be cured by medicines coz thread was removed by doctor and it did not get off automatically.

  • Hello ,
    My fistula is about 6.5cms. .how much will the entire ksharsutra treatment cost.. till end of the threading process. Does the cost factor depend on length of the fistula ?

  • Sir
    My fistula thread has almost cut away last night..Bt stool and gas leakage is there a little it normal and healed after some days? Plz sir…

  • Hello sir,
    I’ve been reading most of your comments and I felt like I should share and ask what I’m through as well.
    So, I had the ksharsutra for piles done on Oct 16, about four weeks from now, I’m taking the medications given by my doctor and as I’ve read and known that the wounds would heal in about 2 weeks after the ksharsutra, but i can still feel the lumps after I defecate followed by a slight pain and discomfort for 3/4 hours even when I push the lumps inside. I can even see blood passing with the stool for few days now. I am on a fiber diet(consumed some sweets and some oily food cuz of the diwali) and don’t suffer from constipation.
    The doctor had called me for a follow up in a week now but I’m just so worried as I’m concerned why the lumps are still there and the bleeding again and off course the discomfort and the pain, I really hope to get a reply from you, thank you!

    • There may be swelling of anal verge post kshara sutra if constipation is present. Stool softners, sitz bath and diet management will reduce the swelling but if there is some lump coming from inside, it may be some secondary pile mass that has not been ligated by your doctor during the procedure. A check up is necessary to find out the underlying cause and to manage it then.

  • I did Masterbation after 6 days of ksher sutra. Is it a problem

  • Are multiple/complex fistulae curable through Kshar Sutra?

  • Are complex / multiple fistulae curable through Kshar Sutra ?

    • Yes Multiple as well as complex fistulae are curable through kshara sutra treatment. You may call our helpline 7861888100 for more details and to speak to our doctors. Thanks.

  • Hi Doctor,
    I had piles issue for almost from 4-5 yrs.. I went through the Ksharsutra treatment 15 months back. After that I have not been facing the pain and issues which I used to but I am not able to do any kind of heavy activities. I feel quite weak if I lift any heavy weights or do exercise. Also I face issues with my stomach, many a times I don’t feel satisfied when I go to toilet. Many times I need to go twice in the morning and thrice in a day. Sometimes it pains if I drive on my bike for a long time. How can I get rid of all these problems?
    Can you please suggest?

    • There may be an unhealed fissure that is causing trouble. Anything can be told precisely after examination. Feel free to call our helpline 7861888100 for speaking to our doctor.

  • Sir, my mother had a fistula problem, previously she done with 2 surgeries. Again it come back.. Using homeopathy medicines but it was not giving permanent cure.. She had totally 7 surgeries for different problems including the above.. So is it safe to take ksharsutra treatment and any side effects will be there after treatment?

    • The decision for kshar sutra treatment for your mother’s fistula can be made after proper check up. Kindly meet an experienced kshar sutra specialist doctor with your mother and previous papers for having the right treatment. You may call our helpline 7861888100 for having an appointment with our doctors.

  • Hello Doctor,
    I have done my Piles operation through Kshar Sutra nearly 2 months ago, daily I have to go to stool some 3 times and all the times bleeding happen, I am very much tense, please show some way to get rid of this bleeding….any medicine?

  • Sir Mujhe fistula kshar sutra karana hai. sir isme kitna time lagega and sir m web designer hu mujhe beth k work karna padta h kya m work kr sakta hu.

    Pls sir reply jarur krna


  • Sir i have did ksharsuta before15 days then also blooding after toilet. Hevey paining. I am doing dreesing daily and taking size bath as well as medicines. Also taking diet accordingly. I am really worried. Sir when blooding and paining will stop. How much time required to stop blooding after surgery. Plz guide me

  • i am having tobacco my operation done before 18 pains lot what shoud i have to do sir

  • Sir, I had undergone ksharsutra treatment in the month of February 2017. My last thread was remove in the month of April first week. Doctor prescribed me antibiotics for 5 days but still there is some pain in anus as well as little redish discharge from external opening. Sir My wound is not healed till now and doctor prescribed me antibiotics for another 3 days. I am worried to see this. What to do sir

    • In your case it seems to be recurrence of Fistula. You have to visit our center for a check up and treatment. Our helpline number is 7861888100

  • I was operated for fistula through ksharasutra. 3 threads was changed. It’s almost since 50 days there was some small opening through which puss and blood will come. One day the opening look like it’s going to heal tomorrow. Another day wound looks big. My doctor says healing is good. Don’t know whether fistula re occurred or what I am tensed. Please help me.

    • After conclusion of treatment NO pus comes or NO opening remains. If opening and pus discharge is there, it’s not a good sign. It may be Recurrence or treatment failure.

      • I am having similar situations from past 8 months , please suggest me the next action.

        • I am facing the similar problem..thread has been fallen automatically 2 weeks back but I still see the pus discharge at 12’0 clock position.please help me sir

          • There may be some branch of main track or pus pocket which left unhealed. Check up is necessary to assess the problem and to plan treatment.
            Feel free to call us at +91-9818069989 to have an appointment with our doctor. Our address is;
            568 HARSAON ENCLAVE
            GHAZIABAD, INDIA

  • hello sir ,
    I had grade -1piles and I was suffering from burning problem during and after passing stool. I was undergone kshara sutra by experienced doctor.but the problem is I have to pressure while passing urine . Will this be a problem ??
    How many days or weeks it usually takes to get rid of this threads ??.

    • Grade 1 piles don’t require any surgical procedure or kshar sutra. Threads usually gets removed within 02 weeks after kshar sutra ligation in piles.

  • Sir it’s my first day of treatment and doctor tie threads. But after this I have continuous ergue of pee. Sir please help me

    • It’s a common complaint. Will go soon. Drink plenty of water and fluids.

    • Sir there are 12 days passed out, and doctor removed all piles masses. But I feel pain when passing stool and pain get reduced after sitz bath. Sir can you tell me how many days will occur for complete cure of this disease.

  • Hello Dr. I’ve had kshar sutra ligation for piles 2 weeks ago and now need treatment for fistula as well my doctor J. Biswas in goa tells me he will use the cut open and tape method. I have faith in him but unsure of how the procedure works. Is it a better alternative and less problematic to kshar sutra? Please advise and explain. Thank you.

  • sir im suffering from anal fissure from past 6 months. ive tried alopathy but not cured at initial.
    now want to get operated by kshar sutra .
    do u know anyone in karnataka who can perform kshar sutra.
    will be thankful to u.

    • We don’t have any branch in Karnataka. You may visit our centre if you wish to have complete cure by Ayurveda therapies. Our helpline number is 7861888100. Thanks.

  • I had my ksharsutra surgery of piles 3 days ago
    But it pain so much during bowel movement
    And i have a swelling outside the anus. Is it due to the surgery?

  • Mera 5din pahle external piles ka sharshutra se operation hua h par tabhi se mujhe fresh hone k baad pain hota h or Kabhi Kabhi blood bhi aata h or kuch pila pani sa nikalta rahta h Iska Kya Karan h or ye dhage ka nikalenge. Please meri problem ka solution bataiye… Dhanywad

    • We have to examine the wound site for any solution. You must keep it clean with antiseptics and have sitz bath and follow the instructions of the doctor who has done the kshar sutra procedure.

  • Hello sir,
    I had internal hemorrhoids (grade1)my age is 22 . i had undergone kshara sutra treatment with 30 years experienced doctor. The thread has fallen 20 days back .Now the problem is some little puss is present in the beginning of stool . I don’t have any pain while passing stool. But I have slight pain if I sit on chair for more time. I consulted doctor he gave me antibiotic called ORNOF. And told that wound has healed up to 80 percent . Even after taking tablets the puss is still present.i am doing sitzbath twice in a day . I am afraid of this sir. Is it any kind of infection. Please reply me sir .
    1) why that puss is present is it because of wound ?? In general how many days it takes to heal the wound ??
    2) I am afraid that it would lead to some kind of fistula or any other disease ?
    Thank you for spending your time. Pls reply me sir .

    • Grade 1 hemorrhoids never require any surgery or kshar sutra treatment. Coming of pus is not a good symptom. There may be local abscess formation or infection. Anything can be told only after a check up. Thanks.

    • Hello sir ,
      Kindly please reply me sir, I had internal hemorrhoids . I went through kshara sutra . One month back my threads have fallen.the problem is I am getting little amount of puss at the begining of stool.i don’t have any symptoms of pain as I had before. But this puss is giving me tension. I met that ayurvedic doctor he gave me some Ayurvedic medicines (brown colour tablets ) along with ORNOF.i took the tablets for one week till Now. But I can’t see much improvement.Should I meet other experienced gastroenterolist? . I am really worried sir . I don’t want to undergo surgery. Can this be controlled by tablets if it is infection?? Daily I am applying pilex ointment and taking sitzbath twice in a day with betadine lotion .as it’s already been a month. I am fearing that it leads to surgery . Should I wait for few more days by taking tablets ?? Please suggest me sir. Please reply soon . I am really worried sir . Thanks for spending your time .

      • You should wait for at least 20 days…. If day by day your pain is decreasing, there is no other problem like bleeding etc., you are on the right track otherwise you may go to some senior doctor for a check up.

  • Hi Doctor,

    There is a small fissure which was not getting healed permanently.I used Ayurved medicines for 6 months.
    Whenever i eat spice or outside food i will get pain back.It really painful one whole night.
    For 3 months i do not feel any pain but suddenly i start feeling burning sensation and pain and suffer for 3 to 4 days ,there is a small bump of half pepper size if i touch it there is a little pain.

    I consulted 3 doctors 1 say better to go for kshar sutra as iam facing this from last 1 year on and off and 2 doctors say there is no need just use medicines.
    I have been using medicines like Abhayarista+Dhantyarista, Chiruvilwadi kashayam,Guggulu Panchapala choornam, Varasuranadi lehyam for last 6 months, iam in total relief but no cure.

    The less than half pepper size fissure is still irritating me.I am a pure vegetarian and Being an Andhraite i use to eat lot of spicy food but cut down eating spices completely in last 6 months and stopped eating outside food.
    Only to check if the problem still exits i eat once in 4 months and i suffer immediately.
    Please advice.

    • The need for surgery is there or not can NOT be decided by just knowing your symptoms. Proper examination is necessary to comment. You may go for kshar sutra procecure or agnikarma if there is need for the surgical procedure.

  • Dear Sir,
    My brother got operated 5 days back through kshar Sutra technology for fistula.
    He is still having severe pain and pus, blood and stool discharge for the hole where kshar Sutra is applied.
    Is it OK?

  • sir mera may ko fistula treat ment hua tha may ko ,aur 12 din pehle thread nikal gaya ,sir external wound pura heal ho gaya bt anus se abhi v dried pus jese thoda thoda nikal raha hai. pus gadha pus nahin bt dried pus nikal raha hai. sir ye kya normal hai aur fistula track reh gaya hai. sir please suggest..

    • कोमल जी यह बिना चेक अप के नहीं बताया जा सकता की ज़ख्म पूरी तरह से भरा है या नहीं। सामान्यतः 15 से 20 दिनों में ज़ख्म पूरी तरह से भर जाता है. आप अपने डॉक्टर के संपर्क में रहें और यदि आप हमारे विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टरों की राय लेना अप्पोइंटमेन्ट के लिए आप हमारे हेल्पलाइन नंबर 7861888100 पर कॉल करें।

  • Can a recto vaginal fistula be treated by Kshar sutra treatment ?? Please give me more informations on this

    • Yes, rectovaginal fistula can be completely cured by kshar sutra treatment. Duration of treatment and other details can be told after check up. For appointment with our specialist doctors please call our helpline number 7861888100. Thanks.

  • Sir,I have done ksharasutra treatment for pilonidal sinus from upside to downside before month and four thread changings are over but recently there is another 3mm track
    form from upside of the thread and my doctor said it needs another thread to heal.sir it will be cure sir.How many days it take Sir.
    Why it is form another small track from upside of the thread Sir.

    • The question Why is quite difficult to answer. It’s due to growth of bacteria upside of main track. Have faith in your doctor. It will be healed if you are in experienced hands.

  • Hi sir,mujhe fistula hi 19 June ko mera operation Hua aur uske 7 din bad pehla kshar sutra laga Abhi tesra kshar laga hi lkin abhi tak mujhe regular pin bana hua hi.kya ye normal hi.mujhe pen se rilife kab tak miles.. pls rplay

  • Sir i got Kshara Sutra done for my first stage of pile and thread has now fallen but their is a wound kind in the place where thread was been tied and i feel immense pain when stool gets in contact with the area of wound please help me with your suggestion

  • Hello sir..mene abhi 15 day pehle fistula in ano ka surgery karvaya tha ..lekin pus nikal raha raha ye complaint doctor ko ki to doctor n dubara surgery ko kaha ki thoda sa pus he nikalna padega abhi 2nd surgery ko 5 din hue he lekin ab bhi thoda pus jaisa nikal raha he..piche gilapan mahsus hota he to ye abhi fistula ander rehe gaya hoga ya ye pus kuch dino tak nikalat rehta he surgery k baad plss help me doctor i m confused…pls

    • हिरेन जी फिस्टुला का ऑपरेशन यदि आप चीरे वाली सर्जरी (fistulectomy) से करवाते हैं तो दोबारा होने के काफी चांस रहते हैं और सर्जरी असफल हो जाती है. बेहतर होगा की आप किसी अनुभवी क्षार सूत्र विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टर से जाकर मिलें। यदि आप हमारे यहाँ आना चाहते हैं तो हमारी हेल्पलाइन 9818069989 पर कॉल करके आ सकते हैं. धन्यवाद!

  • Sir mane abi ksarsutar se fissure ka treatment karwaya hai ek do din blood nikla fir band ho Gaya par after 15 days bleeding suru hai kya abi jakam barega ya Ni kitna time lag jata hai normal hone Mai .kya Mai pahele jasi life wapis jii pauga

  • Hi Sir
    I ahve fisthula for 5 years recently did scanning and its shows oto go ne track for fisthula
    Now .. I am scary to khara sutris a because of proceudre putting thread fully worried
    Can i go to homiopathic treatment because i have a slip disk and lot of pain in the lower
    Can i wait for some time with homio med and go then after 3/4 months with core excersizes .. then go for kshara sutra

  • Hello sir,
    I have gone for kshara sutra treatment for Fistula and around 15 times of tread changing has done.And doctor is suggesting for virechana also to avoid future recurrence. Kindly guide is it is good move.

  • R/sir, I have bleeding piles long time back in 2005 and after taking lot of medicine i had gone for injection therepy in 2009 after that i have no bleeding and also take ayurvedic medicines and taking till today like aloe vera juice arshkalpvati. i travel lot but now from last 4-6 months during defacation bulky thing come out and reduces itself after some time. There is itching and mild burning for some time. can i go for kshar sutra or not or it may cure by medicine.


    • Injection sclerotherapy is indicated only in first degree piles. When piles get larger and prolapsed out surgical excision or kshar sutra treatment is indicated. You may go for kshar sutra or surgery as per your choice. It is almost impossible to cure it by medicines only. Call our helpline 9818069989 if you wish to have appointment with our doctor. Thanks.

  • Helo doctor I jus had my second grade piles surgery yesterday. Is it safe for me to pass out the stool m jus scared that the thread might come out n while passing stool can see blood on it m jus scared if the thread might come out while passing stool n its hurts as well while passing stool after the surgery

  • I have been suffering from anal fissure for the last 7 months and taking homeopathic medicine for it. But in between my stool tip becomes hard and again make my condition worse like burning, cutting n itching sensation. And now it has formed a sentinel pile small in size and there is lot of cutting, burning, itching sensation while passing stool and it lasted for 3 to 4 hours after passing stool. So sir what should I do?

  • sir
    i am having fistula aobout 2.5 cms away from anus. please suggest.

    I had abccess peri anal and got I&d on 16 June 2017.

    It turned into fistula and proctoscopy done on 21 july showed “Internal opening felt in anterial wall of the anal canal”.

    Now having pink/ red induration about 1 inch away from anus which gives discomfort when sitting.

    Which surgery will be best for me, with no chances of recurrences?

  • Hello Dr

    I am taken Kshara sutra treatment .but in night time getting lot of pain and unable to sleep holnight

  • DOC pls help me..i am going through Ksharsutra Treatment for Fistula..only 2-3 cm is lleft..Doc tonight for the very first time blood started coming from my buttobuttocks..bleeding heavily..doc
    Pls tell me is Bleeding Normal..?during Ksharsutra therapy for fistula

  • Hello,
    I have just done my fissure treatment via ksharsutra procedure…. its been 6 days it is still paining me badly and also the thread got removed automatically from my anus… next day when i went to the washroom it was bleeding too much. nw i see there is a small hole on my anus and it becme red… what hole is that.. half is hole nd half is my proper anus… help me what to do as it hurts a lot

    • I think you should ask this question to the doctor who has performed the procedure. It is quite difficult to give any opinion without proper check up of a case like you.

  • Sir,

    I am 28/M undergoing Kshar Sutra treatment for fistula-in-ano. My doc has advised to do mild bike riding for short distances within city as it will help in quicker drainage of pus due to pressure. Should sitting on two wheeler be avoided ? Please advise.


    • We don’t recommend bike riding for drainage rather brisk walk or jogging will help you in a better way and is advisable. I don’t know but hope your doctor is qualified and you are in safe hands. Such suggestion is absolutely against the normal guidelines advised in Ayurveda literature.

  • Sir I have done kshar sutra operation. I have drinking habit 1time weekly.How much time after this procedure I should avoid it??

  • Had undergone kshar sutra for fistula.

    After last Thread fall out about 5 days ago, some pus comes sometimes.

    And, there is a deep wound at the place, where earlier (before kshara sutra) abccess used to form due to pus collection.

    No pain, no blood during defacation.

    Is it normal for pus to come from the wound after last Thread fall out from fistula track.

  • Does pus comes after last thread falls out from the loop of fistula.

    • May come for a few days. But if pus comes even after 20-30 days of last thread, there is treatment failure. You may require kshar sutra insertion again after having an MRI.

  • Hi doctor, I have undergone ksharsutra one week back for fistula and I had the push type of piles from long back.. It was not a problem to me until I undergo ksharsutra treatment for fistula.. Now after a week I’m unable to pass bowel due to pile sticking out.. I am having a constant because ksharsutra increased my piles.. Please suggest what could be done..

    Thanks in advance..

    • kshar sutra do not have any effect in increment of pile mass.. it may be due to reactionary sphinctoric spasm, that leads to increased pressure on the hemorrhoids .. contact your doctor . thanks

  • Sir, I am having so many doubts regarding kshar sutra… Is this safe? My dad is suffering from both fissure and piles… Doctor adviced to do this treatment… But he is not confident… Is this painful? He had meningitis a month ago, doctor says that it is due to large intake of medicines and as it side effects his piles has increased…. Don’t know what to do? Confused about the treatment…. Give me a reply as soon as possible

  • I had a kshar sutra treatment.Can I do gymmin after 3 months ?

  • Hi Dr,

    How much time will it take for the wound to heal, when ksharasuthra along with a pile mass removal is done?

  • Doctor i think around 45 days are completed for my kshar sutra operation . Doctor advised me to come for dressing once every week. Today I came back to home after dressing and I feel sudden pain. So I removed the cotton and found blood stains. I eat food along with fibres still I didn’t get blood in stool. Im afraid that it will reoccur again. Please help me

  • Doctor i think around 45 days are completed for my kshar sutra operation . Doctor advised me to come for dressing once every week. Today I came back to home after dressing and I feel sudden pain. So I removed the cotton and found blood stains. I eat food along with fibres still I didn’t get blood in stool. Im afraid that it will reoccur again. My doctor is now abroad.Please help me

    • You haven’t mentioned that for which disease you took kshar sutra treatment. If bleeding occurs after surgery, it can be due to some secondary pile mass or fissure. Without check up nothing can be said.

  • Does this ksharsutra treatment lead to fistula….bcoz 20days back i did kharsutra treatment on piles ( painful as hell) now in had got heavy dark brown pus on the wounds ….is it common…my wounds are not healing…what to do

  • Respected Sir,
    My ksharsutra treatment for fistula is over and only 1.% wound is there to be cured..Sir I want to ask you that as I am a bengoli nonveg is essential food of our life..My doc said not to eat nonveg during treatment. .so for the last 6 months I didn’t eat nonveg..but now that the treatment is over can I start eating nonveg? Or should I wait for sometime. .how much duration one has to wait after treatment before one can resume eating nonveg and it won’t affect me na? THANKS

    • Dear Neeleshwar, as i haven’t seen your case personally, i do not know about the condition of your disorder. But as your doctor advised you, you should stay away from having non-veg.. but you can take it occassionally.. but while consuming non-veg , make sure that you are taking plenty of salad with it. also do not take it on regular basis. stay healthy.

      • Thanks a lot Sir for valuable advice..sir as we know if we eat any food made up of maida (White flour) we can’t take it during thea treatment bcoz it leads to constipation. .but now can I take it occasionally. .like plaim cheese sandwich…?

  • Hi doctor,

    I am atul and i m suffering from fistula since last 3 months. i am going through a treatment . After MRI doctors found that i have external openings only which are 2 in number which are 2.5cm long approximately. After a minor operation the created the 2 internal opening too and put 2 sutra in it. It pains a lot for that they suggested me vovron 100mg SR. They don’t suggested any ointment. Also, plain luke warm water sitz baths only. Could u please suggest if any additional medicines and ointment to mix in sitz bath for faster treatment. Also, its paining a lot and I continuously feel urge for motion but it hurts a lot. I am on complete liquid/semi liquid diet. Please suggest what all needs to be done any when can i resume my work as i have a sitting job.

    Please help

    • dear atul, in ayurveda individual patient require individual post operative care and management depending upon his/her prakriti. it would be good if you contact some ayurvedic physician or ano rectal specialist.

      • Sir, can you please suggest me any specialist to whom i can consult and can proceed accordingly. As, it 5 days now after my 1st thread insertion but it still pains a lot and i can not sit and stand properly. I am taking vovoren+ultraset both together for pain management which is i know not going to be good for health.

        Please suggest me some good doctor near palam, delhi.

        Looking to have a reply from you soon.


  • Respected Sir, My ksharsutra treatment is over and fistula is cured..Doc I am feeling pain on buttocks and back thighs Since long time when the last two thread tying procedure was done..Doc saying it has no connection with the treatment or fistula. . Sir I want to ask does this treatment leads to sciatica or piriformis syndrome? I am very much disturbed…bcoz this has started after this treatment I dont feel pain inside the buttocks anymore but it is paining on my buttocks plz Share your views..Thanks

  • Hi sir
    Im in ksharsutra treatment, it’s just 5 days still my thread has not been fallen, I feel very painful when I’m passing motion and also wanted is this treatment needs complete bed rest please suggest

  • Sir,

    I am in ksharshutra treatment for fistula.

  • I have done ksharasutra treatment for fistula in ano. Total 5 cms has found after primary threading . Next week 4 m , next 3.5 cm and next suddenly 2 cm . After that within 3 days the the thread fell down. Then there was a small wound . The pus is still coming from the wound, it has been done since 2 days ago. Should I worry for this?

    • hello rohit… you need not worry for that… it is common observation after cut through….continue sitz wound will take its time to heal completely

      • Thank-you very much for your prompt reply. I was worried because the smelly puss continuously coming after the full treatment completed, please let me know how long it will sustain……rohit

  • Thank-you very much for your prompt reply. I was worried because the smelly puss continuously coming after the full treatment completed, please let me know how long it will sustain……rohit

  • Sir I had , pilonidal sinus and kahar sutra is done for it before 10 days but now after first thread change …just beside kahar sutra on my right butt swelling has came and plus no pus pain is there on the swollen part
    Is it normal due to healing of hole or another cyst has formed..

    • It is sometimes normal and it resolve gradually, but if pain and pus is observed, there might be chances of some other abscess formation… Also try to remove hair from the nearby area frequently, as hair density is usually high in people suffering from pilonidal sinus..

  • Sir i have 3 fistulas in ano. 8cm,6cm,2cm. Two times thread changing is over sir .but i have too much pain sir. How to get out of this pain sir please reply me sir.i have very too much pain sir

  • Sir, i have done kshar sutra treatment 4 days back but it’s still very painful. At the time of passing stool pain increases and some blood discharge. i am feeling some swelling near to anus are. is it normal?

  • Sir, maine fissure ki treatment ksharsutra method se ki dawai bhi time pe li. abhi 1 month ho gaya hai ,lekin ghav( (wound) abhi tak cure nahi huyi hai? toilet ke time jada pain bhi nahi hota.lekin jab muze khasi aati hai ,sans leta hu ,tab toilet ki jagah pain hota.
    Plz reply me sir

  • What will happen if I eat nonveg while I am on kshar sutra treatment for pilonidal sinus??

  • I have fistula in ano

  • I have done Sara Sutra for fistula in ano since one month ago still pus is coming but no smell and no pain the doctor said the wound will take time to heal until the pus is coming is it common observation?

  • Sir I have 3 fistulas sir. Surgery is done 2months back.i have too much pain in every thread changing process. How long time this pain will come.

  • राजिंदर

    sir, मैंने 25 दिन पहले KS Mehod se piles ka treatment करवाया था । अभी मुझे सुबह toilet जाने के बाद 4/5 घंटे दर्द होता रहता हैं और थोड़ा थोड़ा पानी जैसा निकलता है blood भी आता है anal track Narrow गया है
    मुझे उंगली से तेल लगाने को कहा है वो भी करता हूँ sitz bath भी 2 बार
    अभी भी wounds ठीक नही हो रहे और Anus के बाहर मास है Dr बताया कि मास सुख जाएगा
    treatment जम्मू से करवाया था और अभी में GUJARAT हूँ

  • Hello. After 2 years if rectal fistula i was never sexually active. I am now in second week of recovery post thread removal. When can i have sexual intercourse? If it is gentle enough will the healing tissues be ok? I had threads through sphincters and finally end of tract was cut out leaving a cut into the anus if which i keep cleanand disinfect each day. This section is to last about a month total….for the wound tissue to change into regular skin. Thanks

  • Hello sir,
    I have 3 fistula tracts of 7,6,6, kshar sutra treatment started on 24 March 2018,
    Last week 1 more fistula created and doctor asked for mantoux (came positive),tb gold( negative) so dr concluded no tb.
    Pus is still coming out, so when it will stop and what would be the aprox time for complete cure because tract is now 7,5,4.

    • See on and off discharge of pus, or small amount of blood is normal… Do not worry for that… Time period for complete heal varies from person to person… Follow the instructions patiently… Walk alot… Stay away from constipation

  • I have 3degree piles and severe ulcer is there in anas area..can I go for kshara sutra??
    In west Bengal is there any branch of yours??

  • Hello sir,
    I have ksharasutra started 4 days before for my anal fistula . internal opening is 5cm above anal verge.
    I have pain during night time and could not sleep well for last 3 days because of this .Surprisingly But I have no or very less pain on after noon time.
    Doctor , could you please help me to understand why I am having pain only in night and before noon and no pain on after noon..
    From the comments above one more patient have a similar symptom of pain during night time
    I do warm sitz and dressing daily morning and evening and taking medicine from dr

    • Pain at a particular time like in night can be due to inflammation by collection of pus in the fistula track or cavity or at surrounding tissues. In day time pus usually drained out due to walk and movements which are lesser when you sleep.

  • Sir, in the MRI report i have multiple tracks but only one is having external opening .Now started the ksharasutra for this one. Is there any way to do ksharasutra (or any other ayurveda means)for other tracks also?

    • Sir kindly dr told ksutra can be done only if there is an external opening outside or around anal verge….

  • Sir… 4 days back i had done thre of piles. The doctor told me there were 3 inside n 1 outside. There is lot of psin in anus while passing stools. It is unbearable. Pls advice me after how many days the pain wil disappear n r there any chance of getting it one more time. I dnt have patience to undergo one more time the same treatment. Pls advise me.

    • It will take near about 10-15 days for your threads as well as pilemass to come out… Try to keep your stool as soft as possible… Also do sitz bath and oiling as directed by your doctor properly

  • I done KS treatment. But this is horrible dieing pain after every stool pass. If any heart patient or old patient may their perhaps die. I take pain killer after my morning stool pass for quick relief n afraid of going again for stool.
    There should be instant accurate solution for this.
    Plz reply.

  • sir after how many days I can ride bike after having KS operation after 1 thread change

  • Hi Sir,
    I had gone through internal piles or fissure treatment through kshar sutra. It is been 20 days. It is bleeding from last 2 days. It happened also 1 week ago. So, doctor gave me blood stopping medicine. Now I feel also a bump outside of anus which I can see easily by putting mirror. I feel itching around it. I am worried about bleeding small bump ( which was earlier bit big after 1 week of treatment but now it is lower in size ). Tell me what to do.. I am really worried and frustrated.


  • Sir, Maine kharsutra tratment 2 month pehle khatam ho gaya tha par mujhe bar bar niche waley hisse me purane ghao me cut pad. Ja rahe hai or thik nahi ho pa rahe hai, blood bhi aata hai , plz mujhe koi salah den..

  • Sir I have undergone ksharsutra and changed 2threads by now but I have tremendous pain unable to resume my job and there is very high flow of pus doc had mentioned that after 24 hrs of thread changing there will be pain but I m jus worried about the quantity of pus as it is very high kindly guide me

  • Sir mera 5 month ho chuka kcharsutra karaye huye…pr chota sa mans ja ni raha..Dr ne bola tha ye chala jayega kvi kvi wo chil jata..kya mujhe fir s dr. K pas jana hoga

  • Dear Doctor,

    am taking kshara sutra treatment from last 2 month for fistula in ano. Undergone a surgery under GA with partial fistulactomy, Kshara Karma followed by Kshara sutra. Already 7 times thread was changed under local anesthesia.

    My Fistulogram says 2 external openings at 6’0 clock which is piercing the external sphincister on left side at 5’o clock, distance 2.8 cm. with internal opening at 1’o clock.

    My doubt is after changing thread i have pain for 2 or 3 days, later no pain. doctor says internal opening is closed and healed. but external opening track is not healed, some time external opening place seems oozing and some time dry. Night time i have burning and pain.
    My doctor says it still need 4 to 5 times thread changing. Doctor am I in the right way of healing. Is my symptoms are common during these treatment.

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