Kshara sutra therapy: Frequently asked questions

ANAL FISSURE/FISSURE-IN-ANO - Causes, prevention and treatment as per ayurveda


Author: Dr. Naveen Chauhan, BAMS, CCYP, ROTP, CRAV (KSHARA SUTRA)




इस लेख को हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

Q. 1: What is Kshara sutra therapy?

Ans.: Kshara sutra therapy is a modified and standardized version of an Ancient treatment procedure, originally described by Ancient Indian Ayurveda Sages like Sushruta, Vagbhatta etc. for the treatment of Naadivrana (Sinus) & Bhangadara (Fistula in ano).

Kshara sutra is an Ayurvedic medicated thread which is prepared by smearing a special Linen thread with Ayurvedic drugs. It takes about one month to prepare it.

It is used for the treatment of anorectal diseases like; Bhagandara (Fistula in ano), Arshas (Piles/Hemorrhoids), Parikartika (Chronic fissure in ano), Pilonidal sinus, etc.

Q. 2: What makes this therapy so special?

Ans.: When you will go through this questionnaire, you will know the answer of this question.

Q. 3: Is kshar sutra a surgical operation? Does the patient need hospital admission?

Ans.: Kshar sutra treatment is a minimum invasive procedure in which ligation of Piles, Sentinel tags and Threading of Fistulous track is done under local anesthesia (generally) or no anesthesia at all. So, it will not be suitable to compare it with surgical operation.

Normally the patient doesn’t need any hospitalization but in few cases where the procedure is carried out in spinal or general anesthesia, a hospital stay of about 24 hours may be required.

Q. 4: Is kshar sutra a painful procedure? Does the patient need anesthesia? Is there any risk?

Ans.:  The feeling of pain can’t be generalized for all individuals. Some people feel more pain even in minor injury while a few can tolerate much more pain. So, it is not possible to say that how much pain a particular patient will feel? However, some pain can be felt as in other procedures.

Generally the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. But depending upon the case, spinal or general anesthesia may also be needed in a few patients.

As compared to other contemporary   procedures for anorectal diseases, kshara sutra therapy has minimum risk and possibility of complications.

Q. 5: When does the patient resume his job and daily routinely activities after kshar sutra procedure?

Ans.: Normally the patient can carry out his daily routinely activities from the same day.

Q. 6: How much time does it take to cure the disease completely?

Ans.: The complete cure of any disease depends upon the condition of patient, stage of disease, Prakriti (Body constitution) and many more factors. So, it can’t be generalized.

Generally it takes about 10-14 days to cure Piles and Fissure and the healing time of Fistula in ano can be estimated only after a thorough examination of the patient.

Q. 7: Is it true that in Fistula in ano, the kshara sutra needs to be changed every week? Is changing of kshara sutra a very painful procedure?  Is there  need of any anaesthesia during the kshara sutra changing?

Ans.: Yes, depending on the length of fistulous track, one has to undergo several sittings of weekly kshara sutra change. As far as pain is concerned during the kshara sutra change, I would like to tell you that if kshar sutra is done by skilled doctor, the pain during changing of thread can be minimized. As far as anaesthesia is concerned, it is practically very much difficult (almost impossible) to give anaesthesia every time while changing the thread because the number of sittings of thread change are quite much. However when threading of fistulous track is done first time, local or spinal anaesthesia can be given for patient’s convenience. It’s all depends on surgeon’s skill. If a surgeon is having a good experience, he can change the thread with minimum pain and inconvenience.

Q. 7: After kshar sutra treatment can the disease reoccur?

Ans.: This is the main feature of kshara sutra therapy that chances of recurrence of disease after the treatment are only 2-4% which is practically nil as compared to other surgical procedures employed for fistula in ano, piles, fissure, pilonidal sinus, anorectal abscess etc.

Following the surgical procedures like Fistulectomy and fistulotomy, for the diseases like Fistula in ano the recurrence rates are very high and there are chances of complications like anal incontinence in High anal fistulae. In such cases kshara sutra therapy is an excellent treatment option.

Q. 9: What are the precautions to be followed during and after kshar sutra therapy?

Ans.: The instructions of the doctor should be followed strictly. Patient should take adequate fluids, diet rich in fibers to avoid constipation. Sitz bath with Ayurvedic drugs warm decoction should be taken as per the physician’s instructions.

Q. 10: Does the patient need to swallow many medicines during kshar sutra therapy?

Ans.: Only a few medicines a patient needs to take during the therapy.

Q. 11: Is kshar sutra an expensive therapy or cost effective?

Ans.: No, Kshara sutra therapy is very cost effective. As compared to other contemporary surgical procedures, kshara sutra treatment is very effective, safe and cost effective.

Q. 12: Can ano-rectal diseases be cured by medicines only without any surgical or parasurgical procedure?

Ans.:  Practically it has been observed that only first degree piles/hemorrhoids and anal fissure in its initial stage can be controlled by Ayurvedic medication. But in 2nd, 3rd and 4th degrees of piles/hemorrhoids, Chronic fissure in ano and fistula in ano, abscess, pilonidal sinus etc. need surgical intervention. However people tend to refrain from surgery due to fear and/or expensiveness and wander here and there in search of medicine. Quacks take the advantage from such patients and finally lead to aggravation of the disease. Among various surgical and parasurgical approaches, the Ayurvedic kshara sutra therapy has been proved to be extremely safe and effective. It has been well established by premier institutions like AIIMS New Delhi, ICMR New Delhi, PGI Chandigarh, CCRAS New Delhi etc. that kshara sutra therapy is an effective way to treat anorectal diseases like Fistula in ano, Piles, Fissure in ano, Pilonidal sinus, Anorectal abscess etc.

इस लेख को हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

ANAL FISSURE/FISSURE-IN-ANO - Causes, prevention and treatment as per ayurveda


  • Hello doctor,

    i have undergone kshar sutra treatment for piles on 16th April and till date of 3 threads only 1 thread has got removed automatically.

    My doctor has asked me to visit his clinic and remove the remaining threads.

    I dont want to go as the kshar sutra treatment was very painful.

    Is there any other way by which the threads can get removed automatically at home only.

    • Hello Mr. Rajat,
      Post kshara sutra ligation pain is seen in cases of Hemorrhoids usually due to the inflammation process provoked by the procedure. For that sitz bath with lukewarm water along with Bhaang leaves’ decoction is recommended. Pain killers can also be taken after consulting your doctor. The threads along with the ligated necrosed piles mass get deteched automatically in 5-10 days. Your one thread has been detached automatically. The remaining will also fall off soon. Please have faith in your doctor. There is no way to remove them at home. Better you visit your doctor and follow his advice in this regard.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      M. 0918069989
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad

      • Dear doctor. I am suffering from fistulla with puss in left ass I take already homeopathic myritca medicine but not cure please give me suggestions

      • hii doctor
        m yaseer ather..during initial stage of fistula i took the kshara sutra bandage therapy..the day u found some its symptoms i consult the doctor and get treated by bangade therapy…how much time it eill required for complete process ..and in my case will it reoccur???pls reply me fast

    • Hi Rajat,

      How are you now?
      Is fistula cured by kshar sutra?
      Please share your experience it will be very helpful to get rid of the curse of fistula suffering patients.

    • Sir you told me about complication which may be arise due to kharsutra application and their management

  • A Hameed Yousuf

    can i know how much does a thread cost? can i know someone who can do this treatment in Gorakhpur, Lucknow? will be much thankful to you? is it different from Seton treatment?

  • Dear sir,
    i have a problem of going to pass stool 3-4 time in a day for that reason my surgen has recomended me for kshar sutra. but will the dr take care of my stool problem

  • Please reply to this.

    Hi Dr.,

    I would like to know if post surgery is very painfull in Kshar Sutra?

    Also would like to know about other process in Kshar Sutra like directly cutting piles in the operation instead tieing with thread and it falling automatically. Could you please let me know the difference in these two process and which one is safe and less pain.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Post procedure pain is there like other surgical procedures and is felt more is there is constipation or excess straining during passing stools. Usually the post procedure pain is easily manageable by common anti-inflammatory medicines, sitz bathes and by bowel regulating medicines.

  • can u suggest any good clinic for kshara sutra treatment in mumbai. preferably a lady doctor if possible. pls mail me the same.

  • Respected sir
    can you tell me kashar sutra center in ambala and yamunanagar.
    i am sufferinig from fistula in ano last 6 years. I take many medicines from baba ramdev center, but i am not feeling well. A ball is occure in my annal after few hours ball is leaking a push. Please suggest me treatment and tell me the cost of kashar sutra treatment. Thank you .

    • Kindly contact Dr. Dharmatma Singh at Ludhiana Mobile no. 8968655339 and give my reference.
      I think your problem will be solved.

    • I have taken kshar sutra tharpy last week during passing stool and after I feel very pain and after how many days the healing cover is it hindered persent curable sir let me know

  • Sir ,When can we meet the earliest….(preferably Saturday or Sunday).
    What is the approx cost of Kshar-Sutra treatment.
    What is the cost of per sitting for thread change per thread.

    • Dear Mr. Kunalji,
      I can meet on weekends (Sat. and sunday) at Dharuhera (a place in Haryana about 1 hour distance from gurgaon), while you can come at Ghaziabad clinic on any Monday after giving me a call at 09536909883.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Dear Doctor,

    Can you suggest any hospital or doctors performing this ksharasutra treatment for piles in kerala…? Is there any clinic associated with you in kerala ….?

    Thanks in Advace sir…….

    • Dear Mr. Binesh
      At present we don’t have any clinic associated in Kerala. If you want Kshara sutra treatment, you can go to any nearby Govt. Ayurvedic College. Every Govt. Ayurvedic college in its surgery department has kshara sutra procedures facility.


      RANJITH. 9400016777

  • Hi Dr.,

    Any good surgeon at Bangalore, for fistula Ksharsutra?


  • How it is going to help in early anal fissure.

    • Early fissure don’t require kshar sutra treatment. Only Ayurvedic medicine and proper diet intake is sufficient to cure them completely.

      • sir chronic fissure hey . doctor ney bola operation karwane par uske complications se dara hua hu.
        karnataka mey koi recommend kar sakte ho kya kshar sutra ke liye.

  • Hi – any good hospitals in chd for this treatment. I hv anal fistula

  • Hello Dr
    Is your clinic available in Delhi?
    I have been operated for piles in 2000 but problem recurred again with 3rd degree piles at 3,7,11 o’clock position prolapse during defection and requires manual intervention.
    I had gone through Ksharsutra done at Tibbia ayurvedic college in delhi. But my bleeding is not stopped after 24 hours of operation. I am undergoing acute pain supported by pain killer. How much time it takes to fall off the pile masses and recovery of wound. What diet should I take?

    • Shri Dhanwantari Clinic’s services are available in Ghaziabad. I am available there every Monday. You can call at my cell 09536909883 for rest of your queries.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist

  • Please recommend good Ayurvedic clinics in Pune for kshar sutra

  • HELLO Doctor
    i need your valuable suggestion,i suffered from fissure at 12 o clock from last 1.5 yrs after giving birth to a baby.The disease occured after delivery & was unknown to me for two -3 months as i feel it was my stictchs paining.But i want to know whether this disease can be permanently curable with kshar sutra therapy?& how this therapy cost to me for the above said problem.kindly suggest me.

  • hello sir,

    i am 37 yrs old suffering from 2nd degree piles i consulted local piles clinic in my area he suggested me to undergo Khasrasutra and got some blood tests done (surgical profile) my reports are normal except ESR Result 1ST HOUR: 21 2nd HOUR: 40. The Dr. said theres nothing to worry due to pain in piles cases its common to rise in ESR. MY WORRY IS IS IT A MATTER OF CONCERN PLS DO REPLY.I AM PLANNING FOR KSHARASUTRA NEXT WEEK.Will the ESR NORMAL AFTER THE TREATMENT.

    • You can go for it. ESR is not a matter to worry if other parameters are normal.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

      • Hello …. Doctor my mother is suffering from haemorrhoids since years she’s consulted many doctrs but nothing is working …. and her haemorrhoid grade is 4 …. and no1 is giving a assurity that after surgery it will never occur again it bleeds whnvr stool is passed 😢😢😢 plz doctr rply me she’s in a very bad condition …

        • hello…. see , there are a lot of things which need to be inquired before confirming you anything… what is her age, is she diabetic, what is the exact condition of her disorder…. also if she is having the problem since a long time…then what is her haemoglobin count…. it would be better if she meets us face to face… You can call at 9818069989 for having an appointment. Thanks.

  • Hello Doctor,

    I am 25Yr old male, in aug 2013 i undergone Kshara therapy for anal fistula it got cured. After that in Dec-13 due to excess of heat at anal region a small pimple formed my doctor removed it through this therapy only.
    From 1 week ago little pain is developed in that region so i took antibiotics as prescribed by my doc.
    My question is how many months it takes to completely heal the wound by this therapy, whether little amount of pain is common if we sit and work for hours. please help.

    • Hey kotresh i was looking for the patient like u.
      I also want to cure my piles with kshur sutra so can u pls guide me should i go for it..
      Is it too painfull?
      Rply my brother

  • Dear sir,

    I have been suffering by haemorrhoids for last two years. It occurs
    frequently during bowel movement. During bowel movement, round flesh
    comes out of anal sphincter. But it is not that big as i have seen in
    other patients. It goes back on a gentle push.
    Please suggest any kind of treatments for it. Is kshar sutra
    appropriate for it? Or its too early to go for surgery as my age is
    only of 22.
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

  • best ayurvedic medicine for 1st degree piles.

  • Hi dr. Pls advice if I need kshar sutra for centenial piles and internal piles
    I wiil be very obliged for ur help

  • Sir i recently devleoped multiple pilonidal sinus’. Can ksharsutra cure it? What about pre and post operation pain?

    • Yes, you can go for kshara sutra treatment. There is very little pre and post operative pain during the treatment.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

    • Yes pilonidal sinus can be cured effectively by Ayurveda Kshara sutra therapy.

      • Sir,
        I am undergoing kshaar sutra treatment, my 4 threads are changed but Dr says that I may require another 6 threads as my tract is about 6cm. Also I have Tuberculosis. I am taking Akt4 .Pus is coming out from the wound opening but it has come down. I want to know how much time it will take to heal.

        • Your doctor who is looking after your case can tell you better. We can tell only after check up. If you wish to have a check up with our doctor you may have an appointment by calling our helpline number 9818069989. Thanks.

  • Dr
    Is anal dilation necesssary
    in ksharsutra treatment for anal ftissure?
    I got the ksharsutra done in january.There was
    pain for 12 days after that there was no pain for
    for week but after that sometimes there is pain
    during passsage and sometimes no pain
    please help

  • Hi,

    I am 24 yrs old. I am suffering from fissures and hemmoroids from past 6months. There is no bleeding. Just burning sensation. I have constipation from many years. There is small round flesh at anus which swells when constipated and causes lot of pain. I have tried allopathic and homeopathic both but no result.
    Please help me. It has affected my professional life alot.


    • Have plenty of fibers and fluids including water in diet, to avoid constipation. Take sitz bath once a day preferably in morning just after going to toilet. Call us if you still have problem.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Hello sir
    I am diagnosed with pilonidal sinus and i heard that normal surgery wont give 100% results, so i want to know how can i cure this? i am staying in visakhapatnam, do you know any good ayuvedic hospitals here in vizag and i also want to know if i go through kshar sutra how many days it will take to cure because i only have 2 months holidays. sir please help me

    • Dear Mr. Arun,
      Kshara sutra therapy can cure your disease Pilonidal sinus completely. Duration of treatment can be told only after check-up. Better, you please consult some Ayurveda Doctor nearby you for check-up and treatment.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Hi
    i got abscesses before two months and it is not healing so doctor said it is fistula and will take 3 months to form full track and then surgery. Now i want to know if this kshara sutra heals??? and i cant tolerate much pain so tell me if any option of doing it by giving anasthesia.

    • Hello Karishmaji,
      Ano rectal abscess and Fistula in ano can be successfully cured by Ayurveda Kshara sutra therapy? Surgery has high recurrence rates in Fistula in ano while Kshara sutra has almost nil recurrence rates. We at our centre do cases in Local as well as spinal anaesthesia. Better you visit here for proper check-up and treatment plan. You can go through various articles in this site for more information.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad
      Ph. 09818069989

      • hi sir,
        Thank-you for giving me reply.
        so many people are making me feel afraid that , they will not give anasthesia and even if they give while changing the thread it pains like hell. so i wanted to know if this can also be done giving anasthesia. and tell me when is the right time to do this operation.

  • please suggest a good clinic in banglore as iam living here.

  • Hello sir,
    I went to ayurvedic doctor in Kolkata, he told that depth of sinus tract is 6-9 cms. and duration will take around 6-7 months for complete healing, and recently I went to general surgeon and he told that he will do Limburg flap surgery and it will takes 15 days for recovery. So which is best one, don’t know what to do please help me.

  • Sir,

    Can you please recommend a good dr or clinic in Mumbai for khar sutra treatment. I have a complex horse shoe tract and need treatment from competent surgeon. I cannot travel outside of Mumbai as I have a very small child.

  • Dear sir,
    I am suffering from just one external hemorrhoid grade 1.
    It usually does not get thrombosed and sometimes it pinches but does not pain much.
    It only pains during bowel movements and there is burning sensation. I completely want to get rid of it. What is the permanent treatment for it. Do i too have to undergo kshar sutra treatment or is there a other way to tackle this single hemorrhoid. Please suggest me a permanent cure for it. I want to be free from it. I live in mumbai.
    Waiting for your reply

    • Dear sir,
      You can go for surgery or Kshara sutra or Agnikarma for removing this external mass.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • I have been treated for 4th degree piles through kshar sutra therapy.My last hemorrhoid was removed on 23rd april.I was on fibrous diet since then, m completely fine now but when i pass stool, i feel little pain after that(specifically when the stool is little hard) which sometimes last for few hours.Pls suggest me how can i get rid of this and can resume back normal life.
    P.s. I drink 4-5 litres of water

    • Dear sometimes it takes about 1 month to heal the wound completely. But in your particular case it has been more than 02 months. Well anything can be told only after proper examination (Check-up). Please consult the doctor who did the procedure.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • hi Dr. your any branch in agra ???? and how many treatment cost for piles

    • Dear Mr. Rajat,
      So far our service is available in Ghaziabad but we have a collaborating center in Agra. For more details please call me at my cell 09818069989.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

      • Sir
        I am suffering from anal fistula for the last one year and was undergoing homeopathy treatment but not cured
        & want to know about Kasar sutra
        Treatment is it painful or not and also
        suggested the Dr. doing this in Jammu.

  • Hi all,
    i was suffring form pylondial cyst from ong time, i had two openings on heap.
    however there was no pain, only liquid used to come.
    my cyst was around 3 cm -3.5 cm as told by doctor to me.
    i went through kshar sutra therapy in feb 15 and it got completely cure in June.
    last one month was to heal the wound no threading done.

    the therapy was painless, doctor used local anesthesia and inserted the thread.
    i went for 7-8 weeks for thread changing, i was not painful,
    and i was going office and doing all my daily routine activities as usual.
    once i was also so affraid of cyst but it got fine and i hope it dont come back again.
    i recomend kshar sutra to all.


    do u know anyone who can do this procedure in Sydney, Australia.


    • Sorry sir,
      You have to visit India for the procedure.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad

  • I underwent kshar sutra procedure and it concluded in October last year. I am 24 years old. It was a fairly small tract and the procedure had taken around 8 sittings. I have been going for yoga and brisk walks on a hilly terrain for the past one month. I have recently also started consuming Apple Cider Vinegar. Since a day or two a slight pain has developed around the area where the incision had been made. I am worried that there is a relapse, although I am not constipated and other than the pain there seems to be nothing out of around in the area. Kindly tell me whether such pain is normal. I am also wondering whether it could be because the ACV or yoga or walk on a hilly terrain. Could stress be a reason. Thank you.

  • I have undergone surgery for pilonidal sinus 2 years before,and now iam feeling pain and swelling around it since 3 days….is it possible to undergo ksharsutra now..the abcess is not broken yet…can u suggest a hospital in kerala??

  • hello sir,
    mein army mein job karta hu. Dec 2013 mein mera parianal abscess ki. surgery hui thi par uske bad Dr ne bola fistula in ano hai maney fir se surgery ki before 3 months , fir bhi cure nahi hua , abhi bhi pus disch hoti hai. abhi mere ko khasar sutra ke bare mein pata chala. aur mein Jammu ka rehne wala hu .baha par koi centre hai iska .aur mere ko 2 mahine ki leave mil rahi hai kya fistula in ano cure ho jayega within 2 months pl help me

    • हेलो राकेश जी,
      आप जम्मू में प्रोफेसर कुलवंत सिंह जी से संपर्क करें. वे आपको जम्मू इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ आयुर्वेद एंड रिसर्च में मिलेंगे……. धन्यवाद.

      • Hi sir i m from ladakh now i m in jammu for my studies . i have anal fistula since from 3 years …can u plz tell me proper address or contact no of jammu center …and plz tell me approximately cost of treatment so i will inform my parents for cost

  • hello doctor, i am from bangalore and im suffering from stage 2 piles and fissures….im bleeding heavily while passing stools….i went to an ayurvedic clinic near my home and he suggested the above mentioned thread procedure….he also gave an other option where he’ll give some injection which melts the fissures….he also side the injection method is less painful…which one do u suggest ?? is it possible to control my problem only by diet and medication ? can u tell any better ayurvedic treatment facility in bangalore…urgently need your help…thanking you in advance.

    • Dear Karthik ji,
      Bleeding in piles can be controlled by ayurvedic medicines. Before going through any surgical procedure or injection etc,I will suggest you take medicines. We can provide you the customized medicine package (pure ayurvedic). Please write us a mail consult@ayurvedapilescure.com if you to get it through courier. May your surgery be avoided.

  • Hi… I am 31 years old male..i am suffering from chronic anal fissure and i also feel skin tag on my anus…i generally take very much care of that…but whenever i consume something spicy, the other day i experience pain after bowel movement…i want to get rid of it….i very rarely experience blood in the bowels….i want to know the minimum painful procedure to get it done….

    • Dear Mukeshji,
      For permanent treatment you should go for Kshara sutra or Agnikarma. Both methods are quite effective in removing the sentinel tags; thus helping in permanent cure of Fissure in ano.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      SDC, Ghaziabad

      • Sir , but i have heard that it is no less painful than conventional surgery ?? Is it so ??
        how much time does it take to resume normal working schedule after operation ??

        • Fissure and tag removal is not so much painful and comparitively safer than modern surgical approach as Ayurvedic procedures are knifeless i.e. there is no cut made as in conventional surgery for fissure (Lateral sphincterotomy). Go for Ayurveda Surgery confidently but select your doctor carefully. Thanks.

  • I had ksharsutra treatment done at 16th of july 2014 got 4 threads at dat time…after a week doc removed 3 threads…i asked about the remaining thread doc said it willl fall down automatically no need for the next visit. but after dat 2-3 days thread was out of ano but afrer dat i was not able to track that thread now is almost a month and today i got very less red blood should i consult my doc again? ….plz suggest

    • Hello Shivaniji,

      You haven’t mentioned the disease. Was it Internal piles? Have you undergone Kshara sutra ligation for 04 piles masses? Kindly clarify. Better you please consult and have a check-up from the doctor who has done the procedure.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Sir….I have heard that when kshar sutra makes piles mass fall of that time there is profuse bleeding coz of veinous breakage…is this true…how can it be managed?

    • Dear sir,
      There is nothing like profuse bleeding in kshara sutra treatment. In a few cases there may be some bleeding and that can be easily managed by Ayurvedic medicines.
      Thanks and Regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Hello dr
    I have anal fissure with a very small skin tag from the past 2 yrs. for the first time i bled slightly. Im scared of surgery and post operative pain. Please suggest me the treatment for this fissure. And will it pain after the treatment. ? How much time will it take to heal

    • Dear Mr. Harsh,
      You can go for kshara sutra ligation or agnikarma for tag removal.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

      • Thanks a lot for your reply sir. But im afraid of the process and the post operative pain. Is there a lot of pain. And how much time will i take to recover.

  • Hello Dr. Naveen,

    My local doctor has confirmed my fistula and has recommended me to go for a surgery. However I would prefer to go Kshara sutra way. I have ben having this problem for just over 3 months now and my track has been fully established yet. Can we go for Kshara Sutra without complete establishment of track? Please advice. Thanks much.

  • Hello sir
    i just do sharsutra for anal fistula and i want to know that if thread change after 10 days it is prolem for me
    and what happen at last thread change

  • Dear Dr,
    Im sufferring from chronic anal fissure which has got a very small skin tag. It bled recently but never before. I have it from the past 3 years. I want to get comepletely rid of it. I think may be u will say that kshar sutra or agnikarma will be helpfull. But dr i want to know whether will they be painfull. How will the post operative pain be? Will it be painfull and will there be pain during bowel movements. I dont want much pain but want to be completly free from it.

  • Hello dr
    Im suffering from anal fissure with a very tiny skin tag( size of a dot or a small beauty spot) from 1.5 years and besides that i have one external hemorrhoid which has never got thrombosed. I want to know if i undergo kshar sutra ligation for these then how will they tie the thread. With a needle piercing the tag ,fissure and external hemorrhoid ?or just without piercing by tying it at the base of them?
    Please let me know dr.
    Thank you

  • hello dr
    Im suffering from anal fissure with a very tiny skin tag(size of a dot or a small beauty spot) from 1.5 years and besides that i have one external hemorrhoid which has never got thrombosed. i want to know if i undergo kshar sutra ligation for these then how will they tie the thread. with a needle piercing the tag, fissure and external hemorrhoid ?or just without piercing by tying it at the base of them?
    Please let me know dr.
    Thank you.

  • Dear Sir ,

    I am suffering from Pilonidal sinus which is on my back .
    please share your experience .

    How to treat this disease .

    any branch In indore or Bhopal

    I am doing job In Madhya Pradesh Indore .

    Regards –

    • Dear Rajeshji,
      Kshara sutra treatment is an ideal approach to treat pilonidal sinus. You may visit our centre for Kshara sutra treatment.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Director, SDC, Ghaziabad

  • Dear Sir ,

    you have any branch in Indore (Madhya pradesh).how much the cost of Pilonidal sinus treatment and how many days need to be admit in hospital .

    after Kshara sutra treatment its necessary to come weekly at your clinic .

    how much time require to recovery from Kshata sutra surgery.

    will you please provide me your contact details mob.no.

    Regards –

  • Hello doctor I am from ghaziabad suffering from fistula confirm by you I visit your clinic twice time 1st time you say that is not a fistula but after that I came back in your clinic you confirm that its a fistula please conferm me whats the cost and how much it pain mujhe bahut darr lagta he dard se.

  • Hi Doctor

    when you available in gurgaon location..

  • I am having anal fissure for nearly 6 months I am also having one small pile as diagnosed by Ayurvedic Doctor. No bleeding during passing stools.

  • Dear sir, can i see any comments who has success from this treatments

  • Doctor,
    I have formed peri-anal abcess which turned out as Fisutala. undergone VAAFT surgery two weeks back. after one week stool is leaking out from the fisutala opening. severe pain after each bowel moment. will kshar sutra will fix the problem?
    4 months back I have undergone stappler hemoroidectomy also. As stool and gas leaking from the opening, the opening might be above the stappled line. if any staples left, kshar sutra still solves my problem?

    Thank you very much in advance

    I am from the hyderabad. Could you please suggest any good hospital?

    • Dear Mr. Ravi,
      You should go to Surgery department of any Govt. Ayurveda college nearby you. They can help you. If you wish to visit our centre, you are most welcome.

  • Please advise where i can get treatment for piles in chandigarh

  • Hi,
    I have done Kshara sutra treatment but after 3rd day lots of bleeding done, Can u tell me is my operation is successful or still i need to do some surgery?.

  • Sir I got ksharsutra therapy done. I have a lot of pain after 10 days of treatment.Is it normal? I had piles and fissure.

    • Dear Mr. Yadav,
      Pain can occur if stools are hard in post-procedure phase. Try to avoid constipation by diet management and laxatives.
      Thanks and Regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Hi. Dr I am suffering from annal fistula I have done sara sutra operation dr is said me only 4 thred change is require and 4 thred automatically droped within 2 to 3 days but after7 days it not droped can i have to wait or ny other procuder is require to drop thred out or ny othe please suggest dr

  • Doc. Mera treatment 2 din pehle hua tha kesar sutr s nd uske bd stools pas krte wqt bleeding hoti h n pure time ek fluid niklta0rehta h

    • किस बीमारी के लिए आपने क्षार सूत्र ट्रीटमेंट करवाया है 2 दिन पहले दिनेश जी ?

  • Internal Piles n fissure k liye

  • Plz reply digiye

  • Ty doctor nd hw much time it take to cure completely?

  • Can uou suggest clinic in ahmedabad

  • Can you please share the hospital where Kshar Sutra
    treatment is available in vellore- Tamil nadu…

  • For pilonidal sinus , Kshar Sutra
    treatment is best way to cure or I can go with surgery..

  • Dear doctor is there any kshara sutra clinic in siliguri, west Bengal.

  • sir mujhe kafi time se kabj ki problem h ….shauch karte time mujhe force lagana padta h jiske karan mere mull isthaan se kuch maas bahar aa gya h mujhe isse koi pain nhi hota but bahut ajeeb lagta h jaise kuch bahar nikal aaya h …..sir agar iski koi medicine ho to plz mujhe refer kare ….

    than you sir

  • Hello sir,

    I had kshera sutra trraemt for piles done this Sunday. My case is a severe one. I had about 6 piles. After 3 days the pain has reduced but I have severe burning sensation from
    The skin peeling off. I am unable to bear that burn sensation. What cream or ointment or remedy would you suggest for this problem ?

  • Sir, Namesthe. I am suffering from anal fistula. Surgeon advised for surgery. I want to take treatment kshar sutra.
    Is there any surgery centre in Chennai?

  • Could you pls suggest a doctor to perform kshar sutra in chennai ?
    Preferable female.

  • Sir is there any hospital For kshar sutra treatment in yamuna nagar haryana for pilonidal sinus

  • Sir, any hospital’s in Bangalore for kshara sutra..

  • pratiush pathak

    Sir Maine apna operation kshar sutra se krwaya hai aur 4 mahine ho gaye aur last thread nikaal diye but abhi bhi pus nikal raha hai hai so is it normal

  • Hello Sir,

    I had gone through kshar sutra treatment on Jan-2014.
    After treatment all was good .
    But from two days the blood was coming from stool and little bit it was pain.
    (the pain was negligible although).

    I had gone through kshar sutra, because the reoccurence of diseas was very minimal.
    But now I dont know why again it is happening. Or this is something natural ?
    Can you Please help me in that case.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Mr. sunny,
      You haven’t told that for which disease you have taken kshara sutra treatment. It will not be possible to give any opinion without proper diagnosis.

  • is there any kasar sutra treatment center in Vadodara… I am suffering from 2nd or 3rd degree piles. though bleeding stopped from

    • though my bleeding stopped from ayurvedic medicine but I still feel uncomfort at times after passing stool for 1 hour after that

  • hiii doctor.i m suffering from high fistula in ano.5 threads have been changed weekly but puss is comming out.is 5 threads normal.

  • I had undergone piles operation on 29th April and my piles issue have cured. But I still have bleeding while passing the stool. My doctor advised that there is surgical wound and that is still bleeding. He prescribed couple of medicine like Zoecef cv 200 and Ruth flam for 5 days but it did not cured.

    Please advise how to cure it quickly?

  • Hello,
    I am Rasheed From Andhra Pradesh. i am 33 yrs old ten days back I had some discomfort , itching and burning sensation outside my anal region.and I also noticed 2 small lumps just outside my anal in opposite
    to each other.there is no bleeding. I went to doctor and he gave me anti biotics, pain killers, stool softner plus pilex ointment .I am having relief with itching but still there are lumps and burning sensation after evacuation.I want to get rid of it permanently. may i know what is it?please tell me is there any permanent treatment ?

    Thank & Regards

    • Yes there is permanent treatment but without proper check-up nothing can be told. So, better to have a check-up by a qualified Ayurveda Kshara sutra specialist.

  • Dear sir

    I had peri anal abscess I went for surgery but it didn’t cure puss still coming after 4 months I visited one surgeon he told me it’s fistula I went for colonscopy it find no internal opening they told it’s low end fistula I always have pain after bowel I’m very afraid of pain I can’t tolerate pain at all sir please tell me it can be treated by kshar sutra how much pain there is after kshar sutra and how long I need rest after this procedure I’m very afraid I m on BP medicine also I don’t want spinal anesthesia sir m very afraid please help me docter.

  • Hello sir,
    I’m 22 yrs old engg student.Dr vivek lolage,Thane said me that 3 piles mass are there
    I had gone through the ksharsutra on
    9 June,2015 for fissure and piles,after ksharsutra I had seen that there’s one hanging little pile like mass is there ,is it harmful ? Can i live wid it ?
    it will fall automatically or not ?
    Pls tell me or should I go 4 laser surgery to remove it

  • Dear sir

    Please tell me how much pain there after procedure because I heard there is lot of pain after procedure sir is there is any blood loose in it and how long I’ll have to rest please tell sir

  • dear sir
    is any good doctor for fistula (kshar sutra treatment ) in gorakhpur U.P.

  • Hello docter

    Sir I have lower end fistula with 6 o clock internal and external opening I heard that it is very difficult to cure is kshar sutra is good treatment for this and how complicated is this is really it’s very difficult is this treatment is very painfull please reply sir m so worried

    • Dear Mr. Amit,
      You need not to be worried about the pain. The main procedure is carried out under anesthesia, so no question of pain. As far as routine dressing and thread change is concerned, it’s not intolerable pain. It is easily manageable by common pain killers and sitz bath. And most importantly the pain and patient’s comfort level depends mostly on the concerned doctor who is doing the treatment.

  • Hello dr , i am going through ksharsutra for 8 days now for fistula in ano and my doctor told i have 6 cm long track ,i have change 2 threads in 4 days and 1 in 3 days is it normal? My wound is open how long will it takes to starts healing and some blood also comes out .. and i take sitz bath twice a day n take all veg foods n lots of fluids

  • And theirs lots of pain which im bearing n if i cant then ill take a pain killer and i cant sit normally .in any where i only stand or lay down .. how long will i have to do like this ? Doctor please give me suggestion

  • Dear akash what’s your phone number I want to talk or please call me on 8059700040

  • I have undergone Kshara sutra for Fistula. From past 3 months, thread is changed on weekly basis. How to know that kshara sutra has completed healed the fistula, what are the signs which doctors analysis to confirm that it has healed 100% ? please reply

  • sir i have stage 2 piles from 4 years. will kshara sutra cure it permanently how much pain it wll be and how many days pain will continue post kshara sutra snd please recomenend any hospital for kshara sutra in nagpur

  • Sir i am suffring from piles since 2 years
    There is presesnce of something ball like at my anal after bowl movement and sometimes bleeding also and i have to pushed back the ball to inside can you suggest me which treatment is helpful for me and can i go for kshar sutra is there any bleeding in this treatment or how much time and pain occur please help doctor…

  • Dear doctor my fistula treatment is done by thread doctor say that due to long track it take about two month treatment now doctor remove the thread but still now the area of threading is heal completely after about 15 day . But i don’t have any pain

  • hii! doctor, i have fistula. my(ksha sutra)treatment is going on. but at every thread it is more more painful . so,can you please tell me any way to reduce this pain.i cant tolerate this pain.

  • After 15 days of kshara sutra surgery of piles I again
    feel swell around my anus after passing stool sir

  • munendra singh jadon

    Sir I have pilonidal sinus at Early stage. Can I cure it in aurangabad, Maharashtra or near by. Please give ur valuable suggestions…

  • Dear Doctor,
    My age is 59 and I am suffering from fistula ( say for last one year) . CT scan signogram was done in April 2014. Test concluded that I am having fistula, its 2mm and 12mm (at that time ) . There was no problem so I didn’t go for any immediate treatment.Took some antibiotic and it was OK for last one year.

    Now, from last month I can see one opening at 6 o’clok. Still no severe pain but sticky substance is coming out these days( very small in quantity).

    Is kshara sutra be helpful to me. Please suggest some place to get it done in eastern India. I am from Kolkata but I can’t come to Gazibad, I would have loved to do that.


    • Kshara sutra will be an ideal treatment option for you but it must be done by experienced hands. I suggest you to go some government Ayurveda institute in your area.

  • Dear Dr.

    I am suffering from Fissure since last 10 months. I am also getting treatment for it from Sushruta Anorectal Institute since last 3 months. But nothing is getting improved. Everytime i visit there they apply some spirit + medicine but no improvement. Not sure if i am getting the right treatment. It pains a lot when i go for stool passing and heavey pains remain till 1-2 hours, with acute pain whole day.

    Can you please advice. Please !

  • Dear Dr.,
    I am 32 years old and suffering from Piles. In a year time , 3 to 4 times I suffered from pain of piles. I am sufferung from this disease since 3 years. When ever I eat any ayurvedic medicine of piles I get releived in 4 to 5 days.
    Please suggest forward path for total relief.

  • Dear Doctor

    I did laser treatment for fistula 3 months back.Now for last 1 week I am having itching and discharge of pus through anal canal.no wound or opening visible from outside.what could be the reason?

  • Sir is there any kshar sutra treatment in siliguri

  • I was able to find good information frolm your blog posts.

  • please suggest any good operation point by kshara sutra at lucknow

  • Respected Doctor,
    I am suffering from hemorrhoid since from early age. On February 09, 2015, I have done Kshar Shutra treatment for it. And completed on March 05, 2015. Because of the problem of constipation, I suffer from bleeding So again I visit my Doctor. He told me it is due to the problem of gastric so I have to visit the gastroenterologist. But nowadays, sometime I feel like exerted paining on the rectum. What may be the reason of it? It may be due to lack of accurate treatment. Please Doctor, Kindly provide me a location of Ayurvedic Hospital for the accurate treatment or appropriate test to follow up recently.
    Thank You
    Dalbir Thapa Magar

    • You need a check up to find out the source of Bleeding. Kindly visit some specialist doctor nearby your place. I’ll suggest you to go to the doctor again who has performed kshara sutra procedure.

  • Hi,

    i am sufferring from fissure and have 2 tags around the region

    Please could you suggest a doctor in mumbai who am i can consult

  • Sir I have done kshar sutra treatment on 18th September for piles and fissures. Dr removed the threads after a week.but one thread is remaining. Dr said it will fall of soon.or I need to visit once.but I am afraid as it was very painful.as 21 days have passed , how long it takes for the thread to fall of generally?please let me know?

  • Thanks for your reply

    Please could you provide me the conact no for Dr. Monica at R.A. Poddar Medical College

  • Suffering from anal fissure and unable to bear the pain. need your suggestion for immediate relief

  • prakash ningadali

    sir i m suffering from internal piles no bleeding i have to go 3 4 times to clear the motion after passing motion burning sensetion itching burning sensation in stumock gastric trouble pain in stumock occurs

  • I m suffering from fistula since last 8-9 years. I m really sfraid of the painful procedures. Should I get an mri done of the anal track before coming to u?

  • Sir, I m 27 yr old girl nd live in Kolkata. I m sufferring from pilonidal sinus problem from last 3 yrs. 3 yrs back I had joined zumba classes i.e. dance cum workout class to lose weight..aftr tat a cyst has been formed between my buttock nd i was diagnoised by antibiotics and pus was released nd thereaftr i shifted to homeopathic medicines nd also continued my zumba classes as i was not aware it was occurring due to this its been more than one nd half yr medicines only gve me a temporary relief…nw i hv stopped all d medicines and fr a tym being i hv also stopped my zumba classes..bt aftr few mnths again i rejoined my classes nd at present i have again got three tracts opening at my back nd d pain has started…so ths tym i got sure ths s due my workout problem reoccurred..
    So at ths stage I need ur advice…if I go ny treatment may b kasha sutra aftr healing also I cn nvr join bak my workout classes cz some how the othr it vl affect tat area??
    Sorry for such a long post…bt seriously need your advice on ths
    Thanks in advance

  • sir,i am 20 yr. Old and mujhe fistula hai 3 months ago,to maine kshar sutr se treatment kraya hai.to again to nhi hogi ye problem

  • Hello sir,
    Can you recommend Kshara Sutra surgeon who is good at treating the patients with Kshara Sutra method.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Dr,
    I am 26 years. I am having problem in passing stool since 2 years,sometimes feel constipation , thrice I have observed spotting from my anal area since last year..now consulted two doctors for it..one is saying piles and he is advising for some infrared rays treatment..other is ayurveda doctor ,she says for kshara sutra treatment and said it is not piles but fissure..I stay in rohini Delhi..what should I do..what exactly I have .Please suggest..

  • Hi sir Muze 6 manth se pilonidal sinus huwa hai lekin uska uska nidan Muze kal huwa hai holl me se pani ata he sit pe treatment late to nahi huyi or dr surgery karneko kahte hai kay karu samj me nahi aaa raha hai plz give me advice mi kashr sutra treatment lena chahta Hu m from aurangabad mahrashtra plz help mi any side effects plz

  • i have done khsar sutra treat ment but my job is standing will this affect me and 1 more question i have after day of treatment i have not gone to toilet what happens i think i have to go to toilet but when i go it does not come

  • dear sir

    i am suffering from fistula at primary stage as per examined by the doctor.but the doctor called me for further treatment and the cost is 70000/- which is not affordable to me.

    please help.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am 21 yrs old living in Jind, Haryana. I had surgery of Pilonidal Sinus by wide excision in August 2015.My wound has healed and there is no any pain. Now, I am maintaining proper hygeine in that area. Still, I am worried of its recurrence in future. I want to ask, if at present, any ksharsutra treatment can be done so that it will not recur in future.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Prateek Kohli

    • You don’t need to be worried if wound is healed completely and there is no pus discharge. If there is recurrence Kshara sutra can be done but it’s a matter of examination.

      • Sir,
        After Ksharsutra, can we do exercise or workout ?
        Should Hairs be cleaned regularly after ksharsutra in case of Pilonidal sinus?

  • can u suggest me any hospital in hyderabad

  • Dear sir-Kindly advise me for an kshara sutra expert in Bangalore for complex fistula treatment.

  • Respected Sir I have suffring from piles last 12 years it is internal hamorohoids grade 3 I was getting treatment from national kshar sutra center BHU VARANASI but now I am living in Gujrat so I want to treatment in national institute of Aurveda Jaipur because it is near please.suggest me which hospital is best and where I should go bhu or nia Jaipur thanks of regards

  • Sir i have done my treatment for second degree piles from dehradun by a kshar sutra specialist after completed eight day its little blood comming and some strain i feeling in ano its is normal or docter left any lump inside ano

  • Dear sir,
    My question is, is there any chance in future that piles or fissure re accor after kshara sutra treatment. Does kshara sutra cure both piles as well as fissure permanantly.

  • Doctor,
    I have done my fistula surgery last year in Oct and now still not been healed. sometime i get abcsess formation. Is there any option of taking medicine to get it cured? or do i have to go for kshar sutra?
    Pls advice
    Raju Tamang 9884163755 from Chennai

  • Doctor,
    I have done my fistula surgery last year in Oct at MMM hospital and its not a kshar sutra treatment …its alopathic treatment and now still not been healed. sometime i get abcsess formation. Is there any option of taking medicine to get it cured? or do i have to go for kshar sutra?
    Pls advice
    Raju Tamang 9884163755 from Chennai

  • Sir I have operated my 3rd stage piles on 20/4/16 at ayurvedic university jodhpur Rajasthan. they told 3 thread are tied but till date only one has fallen and 2 are remaining inside and its very painful till date. Will the 2 thread will automatically fall soon since its 14th day or will I must consult the doctor again .plz tell how many days thread take to fall. Waiting for ur reply soon .

  • Dr. I have done piles operation by khsar sutra method by experienc Dr. After 1month of surgary I am suffering from pain after passing stool.I am taking laxative and fiber food.Dr. how much take time for complete recovery.

  • Dr.I have done piles surgery through kshara sutra on April 4 . Still I suffring from morning stool pass pain my Dr told me its due to wound is not heals so it’s take one week time.Dr I am worry due to pain not in decrease in order ..is it any thing to worry.
    pls guide me Dr.
    I need your suggestion.

  • Sir,
    I am a 25 year old guy who has a fistula of sixe 2.4×4.6cm in my left buttock near the anus. Should i go for kshar sutra treatment? If so where ahould i get it from? I stay in kanpur. It would be good if it can be done in kanpur.

  • doctor i have gone throug kshatra sutra process for piles,1out of 3 is removed in 5 days nd its sixth day there is still pain Doctor advice me to continously go to toilet for passing stool itwill help removing other two … but its paining like hell how many days will it take .

  • Is it risky for diabetes patients to go for kshar sutra?
    Does it take more time to heal?

    • Blood glucose levels in a diabetic patient are to be kept within normal limits by having medication and diet management. Healing is generally delayed in diabetic patients but kshar sutra can be easily done in them.

  • sir i had undergone piles kshra sutra treatment 9 months ago but im feeling swell around the anus again. what should be done ? im worried

  • i am suffring from fistula in ano since last 2 and half month.
    My agr 26.

    May kindly tell me the ayurvedic treatment centres. I am presently in shahjahanpur bt i wil live panipat after june. My home town is

  • Hello Sir… I am suffering from fissure for the last 8 years… Have undergone surgery that time and it got cured. However now it has relapsed. Can you please suggest a good doctor and ayurveda clinic in Pune. I am suffering from a lot of pain. Please help

  • Hello dr.
    I m suffering from fissure…nd also having sentinal pile as result of fissure..one dr suggested me some medicines nd lidocaine ointment..if it all does not work..he will go through surgery …but i m afraid by name of surgery..can u tell me good ayurvedic center doing best kshar sutra treatment in vadodara city..?nd cost for kshar sutra treatment?
    Waiting for ur reply.
    Thanks sir

  • will there be little discharge for a few days after completion of ksharsutra?

  • Mai 30 saal ka hu aoor lagbhag 2 mahina pahle bike se lamba safar kiya tha phir mere mal dwar per kuchh sujan aa gai thi mai mere local Dr surgeon k paas gya to wo check kar k bole ki infection hai aoor kuchh antibiotics aoor painkillers de diye aoor problem kuchh kam to hua per mal dear per 2 phode jaisa ho gya hai aoor rah rah k pak jata hai mawad aoor aata hai tab se 2 surgeon ko aoor dikhaya wo bol rahy hai ki preano fistula hai surgery karna hoga …..

    Mujhy kya karna chahiye ?
    Kya ye puri tarah curable hai ?

  • Hi Dr,

    My father got BHAGANDARA medicated thread treatment and it is cured. He has undergone the surgery for thrice before identified as bhagandara. Now the place he undergone the surgery is not able to re-produce the flush. My surgeon told that this place is not going to re-produce the flush. can u please suggest me the solution if any..

    CR reddem

  • My father is undergoing kshar sutra therapy for in ano fistula past two months.
    He had 4 thread change since then. However, he says the pain and pus is more now.
    The fistula tract have become larger , swollen and reddish. Even the skin is peeling off.
    The pus stinks too.
    Please suggest a cure

  • One year back I was operated upon due to peri-anal abscess.But a small wound is not healing.My MRI report suggests the existing of multiple fistulas.The doctor advised for Fistulactomy. Ayurvedic doctor recommended for Kshar sutra. But while I went to ayurvedic surgeon , he examined me and suggested that kshar sutra is not needed because,as per his version,it is dry fistula.I am confused.Kindly give your kind opinion.

  • Hi Dr,

    I have been diagnosed with lower fistula and as per doctor , it is in the initial stage around 1.5 to 2cm.I feel no pain but there is slight discharge of pus.The doc has suggested khsarsutra and laser treatment ..Can you please help me out with the advantages and disadvantges of both the techinues. And also the chance of recurrence post treatment. What kind of precautions one should take to avoid recurrence post surgery. Also Can you please refer any of the doctors in Mumbai , whom I can consult.

  • I am from nagpur , and i have a problem of pilonidal sinus , please suggest me best doctor in nagpur.

  • Hello dr,
    Will u please suggest me the best doctor and ayurvedic clinic for the treatment of pilonidal sinus in ludhiana…

  • Hello doctor
    I am suffering from anal fistula for last 10-12 years. I am 55 years old and at present posted at Ambala and want to be treated at Delhi. Pl tell me how much leave (time)is required so that I can plan treatment.
    Small amount of pus keep flowing with pain. No blood. No pain at the time of passing latrines. Problem is it keeps paining and worshen when I sit. Because of this I am not able to enjoy normal life. Pl advise.

  • Good mrng sir ,,,,, mujhe high anal fistula tha ,,,mera keahar sutra mai last three month se treatment chalu hai track was appx 10cm ,,last 2cm baki hai ,, mrea abhi problem yeah hai ki mere wound se gas pass hota hai ,,,,doc said it’s normal ,,,, plz give me ur valuable suggestion

    • If kshar sutra treatment was done correctly, it will heal completely without any pus or gas. Stay in touch with your doctor who has done kshar sutra treatment. Thanks.

  • Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from anal fistula and I need to consult good doctor for kshar sutra treatment in Bangalore. Can u please let me know if you have any centre in Bangalore or any good doctor who can provide me kshar sutra treatment in Bangalore?


  • Hello Doctor,

    I have just gone through kshar sutra treatment for my fissure. It’s been 7 days but during bowel movements there is a lot of pain and while putting medicines on that wound.

    Wanted to check with you that usually how much time does it take to heal the wound and does it need to be kept wet or dry. I have been using ointments naming some diltigesic, sushruta oil and cream . It’s very painful and daily have to go through it.

    Could you please help what’s the best approach to heal it quickly and what precautions one has to take.

  • Hi sir, my age is 22…n i have been suffering from anal fissure from last 6-7 years…at first i couldnt understand my problem n when i feel constipated i used to put my index finger inside my anus and stimulate it to trigger my bowel movement…but gradually it became worse …and when i visited my doctor i got to know that i m having chronic anal fissure with sentinal piles and anal stenosis aswell….n i need to surgically remove it …but sir m really very scared….m suffering horribly from it….n now i m thinking i should opt for kshar sutra….but m really scared….plz help me. ..m dying everyday….sometimes i feel like ending myself :-(..

  • I have anal fistula for the last 5 years. I have not had any surgery till date. The tract has become big and should be around 10 cm now. I am currently in chennai and would like to get myself treated through Kshar Sutra. kindly suggest me a good doctor in chennai/ Bangalore

  • I am suffering from anal fistula. I am in Chennai and wish to get myself treated through Kshar Sutra. Kindly suggest me a good doctor in Chennai or Bangalore.

  • Sir,
    3 months before, I got piles and fissure surgery at the same time…Now fistula comes..is it surgical infection? I want to know it..I got lot of pain in my post surgery..Although it was, Now i undergo kasar sutra treatment..I feel pain..Well, can it be permanently cure without any recurrence..??

  • Sir,
    I having perianal abscess problem since last 20 months, in month Mar-15 have got operations for same & after few days it had started same problem, when approached doctor they said earlier surgery was not successful & they did again surgery in Apr-15. Still not cured & having same problem. Please advice whether I can go for KSHARSHUTRA Therapy (as already operated twice). If so, please advice Ayurveda Hospital doing KSHARSHUTRA Therapy in Mumbai.

  • hello sir,
    I have operated for the fistula in ano in March 2015 . bit it reoccur in June 2015 again and then i get my self operated with Ksharsutra therapy and it cure fistula completely but there is a regular pain at my spine end when ever i sits for long hour. for fast few days bleeding started from my ano while passing stool. i got checked it from the doctor and he says that there is a stricture caused by the fistuloutomy and by kasharsutra and recmonded colonoscopy and anoplasty . Sir please tell me if there is any treatment of this wound through Ayurvedic method.

  • Sir please suggest me I’m in a big trouble suffering from CML LEUKEMIA cancer from the last Four years on IMATINIB 400mg and now from the last 3 months also suffering from anal fissure and piles it’s paining continuously tell me permanent cure for the same kshar sutra or surgery which has zero reoccurrence chances please suggest sir

  • sir, i went through fissure in ano and pile treatment by kshar sutra in august 16 , 1 month after there was some relief but again i feel pain and bleeding in my anus, kindly suggest me some suggestion to cure this permanently..

  • sir mujhe Anal fissure and fistula dono h,maine 3 din pehle क्षार सूत्र विधि द्वारा apna treatment karaya h………Sir mujhe kabhi kabhi Anal m bhut jayada pain or jalan ho rhi h….. bhut hi jayada or jis Doctor ne ye treatment kiya wo out of station h or unka phone bhi nhi lg rha h……….to meri aap se request h please koi solution bataye pain km karne ka or kya ye pain normally sb ko hota h ya koi complications h.

  • Sir mujhe annal fissure aur hemorrhoids 2no hai kya ksharsutra se mera treatment permanently sambhav h

  • I have already done kshara sutra treatment and all the three thread removed but only problem is bleeding it is already five months please helpd

  • I am operated for Fistula by kshar sutra , but after 10 days of inspection , doctor could not get thread . Pus and stool discharge is coming out thru a opening of wound which was done at Same time it was fusion method combination of modern and kshar sutra.
    In this KS method failed ? Please advice on the same.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am undergoing through ksharsutra treatment right now. I was ok within two week…could sit and resume my work for two days but since than my second thread replacement… Pain increased to its maximum. I feel continuous burning sensation deep inside rectum. I have to go 6-7 time for excretion and it’s painful also. There is so much swelling around anal area. Mass around anal area became hard, by pressing it Reddish watery fluid coming out. Doctor advised to stop all medicines including antibiotics. I felt so much pain so I started again antibiotics and pain killer after convincing my consultant doctor.
    Is it normal in this treatment which I am passing through now.
    Burning sensation inside rectum
    Frequent stool passing
    Reddish watery fluid passing continually
    Extreme pain which subside only for 3-4 hours after 500 mg dose of painkiller. Pain again starts within 3-4 hrs.

    I had been operated for two times for fistula in year 2004, it was not this much painful.

    After 21 days of my surgery, still I am unable to sit after second thread replacement.

    Please, advise further how my pain can be reduced faster and I can be recovered as soon as possible.

    • Pain can be there but in most cases it’s managable by common pain killers and sitz bath. A check up is needed in your perticular case to find out the real cause. Thanks

  • Sir,
    I am undergoing Ksharsutra Therapy in Delhi for 3rd Degree Piles and Fissure. My Doctor had told me that I have three haemorrhoids and require 3 thread bindings. I have completed 2 thread bindings (second one on 4th Nov.). But the wounds caused by them are acute painful and the area remains swollen. Even after 20 days of 2 binding, blood regularly comes with stool in morning and there is a radiating pain in my right hip vein, all over the day. For this I take Pain Killer and Sitz Bath but my wound remains unhealed after so much time. Moreover, I go at least 3 to 4 times to motion and then the pain increases each time while passing stool. Some times I get constipation and some times loose motion and it feels as if some body is tearing my skin from inside. Sir, please guide me as to how this wound can he healed and motions can be regularised. I am in acute pain from past 2 months. Lastly, my doctor is asking me to undergo for 3 thread binding. Sir, in view of above circumstances, I am in no position to further bear more pain because of 3 Binding when my earlier wounds are not healing. Also on the contrary, I do want to get rid of this disease. Please guide me what to do.

  • Sir , Showed a general doctor..Said I have fissures. I can feel a small mass at one end of the anus. It is very painful . Do u have any idea of a good doctor in Siligur, West Bengal. Should I go for sutradhar or just medicine . Thanking you

    • If fissure is associated with a sentinel tag kshar sutra ligation may be required followed by dilation sittings. Anything can be told only after proper check up. We don’t have any branch except our centre at Ghaziabad. You may call our helpline 7861888100 for more details.

  • Sir I have gone through kshara sutra in june 2015 and Then in october 2015 due to failure of 1st and till date the wound is not healed. Whenever i get a hard bowel movement the wound is ruptured And its bleed and need to visit my doctor for dressing for 7-10 days and this problem is continued and i am still unable to heal completely. Sir please advice me. Thanks

  • sir, i have gone through kharasutra for fissure in october,2016 after that pain has gone but still after 4 months some amount of pus is coming and sometimes weekly one or more time blood is coming in small amount specially whenever i feel gastric or constipation. The doctor is saying that its normal . but i want to know from u whether its normal and how much time it will take to heel completely.

  • Dear Sir, I underwent Kshar Sutra method for Anal Fistula 4 weeks back and have had 2 thread changes. My next thread change will be after 2 weeks (because of some delay in visiting the doctor). Is it ok to have the thread not changed for that long. I hope thread is not likely to break or infect or come out. Please advice. Thanks!

  • Hello Dr.
    May i know the side effects of the Khsra sutra surgery in terms of Piles?

  • Sir mujhe 6 months se fistula h…iske liye mujhe operation krana chahiye ya kshar sutra k throgh krwana chahiye..

  • Sir ..my father is having fistula frm past 2yrs … he undergone surgery once n afterwards homeopathic bt not relieved so will kshar sutra treatment b helpful for him . I hav read that only initial stage of fistula cn b removed completely frm kshar sutra treatment aftrwards one has to undergo for surgery. Plz tell if u hav any clinic or hospital in new delhi or plz recomend some of ur bestowned clinic which can help us. Kindly reply

  • Dear Sir,

    I am 37 year old female suffering from Anal fissure from past 3 years after giving birth to my kid.
    I have 2 skin tags on anus.I have consulted surgeon recently,she mentioned that its internal hemorrhoids and chronic Anal fissure(12 D’ Clock).Whenever I put the pressure on anus, I will be getting the burning sensation after passing the stool.That pain even lasts for 3 – 4 hours.I am not sure which grade this anal fissure is.

    Even I have taken Homeopathy for 6 months twice daily, when ever I stopped those medicines I am getting the pain.However during that medication, I used to get the mild pain where there is constipation and had some spicy items.
    Please do suggest me how to cure this problem permanently.

    Please do suggest me whether kshara sutra cures this permanently

    • Yes you can be cured completely by kshar sutra treatment done by specialist doctor. Please call our helpline 7861888100 if you wish to have an appointment with our expert lady kshar sutra specialist doctor.

  • Sir, I have completed treatment of kshar sutra at ayurvedic hospital jammu in the year 2013 which is very painful and till then I am almost well, but from last 10/12 days it will reoccur and I have lots of pain. Kindly suggest me what I can do now. I am scared to done another kshar sutra treatment. Please advise me.

    • What is best suitable for you can be told only after a check up. Please call our helpline 7861888100 if you wish to get your check up done by our specialist doctor.

  • Hi doctor,
    I am suffering from chronic anal fissures. Undergoing treatment of kshar sutra from last 1.5 months.
    Now 9cm wound is reduced to 4cm. However I am still feeling the same pain after bowel movement. Also after passing hard stool, if the wound from 9cm to 4cm what is healed up may further become wound. Please advise.

    • Avoid constipation. If procedure was done correctly by your doctor the wound will heal completely soon. You may call our helpline number 7861888100 for further assistance. Thanks.

      • Sir, now it’s around 20 days after my last thread was removed.
        Pain has gone now.
        But some traces of pus is still coming out.
        I am worried , if I am going to right direction.

  • Sir, doctor says that kshara sutra is a complete treatment of anal fistula and never occur again, but in my case it will reoccur. Can it is healed with the help of ayurvedic medicines.

    • It may be possible that some branch of main track escaped during your kshar sutra treatment. Also the matter of recurrence depends on the doctor who performed the procedure. Fistula can NOT be healed by medicines. You need to go for kshar sutra treatment again for complete cure. Feel free to call our helpline number 7861888100 for having appointment to our specialist doctors. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Is there center located in Bangalore where I can visit the doctor and take the assistance?

  • Hi,
    I am suffering from fistula in ano with pus discharge. Can you please suggest a kshar sutra doctor in hyderabad.

  • Hi sir.. i am undergoing kshar sutra since january.. my track was of 4cm.. now less than 1cm track is left to cut.. thread changing has always been a very painful situation for me. And now i dont want to get it changed bcoz i dont want to bear any pain.. is it possible to change the thread under general anasthesia? I cnt even take pain of Local anasthesia or spinal.. or can u tell me any other thing that will make me unconscious or create numbess that will help not to feel the pain? Plz help me its a request..

  • I am undergoing kshar sutra treatment since january.. my track was 4 cm out of which now only 1 cm is left to cut.. change of thead has always been a very painful procedure for me.. now i dont want to get thread changed again as i cnt bear the pain. is it possible to get the thread changed under general anasthesia? Local or spinal anasthesia also r painful options for me.. or is thr any other way to get it changed without pain.. plz help

  • Sir i did kshar sutra 1 month before . Then also itching and blooding is till not stopped. How much time will take to stop blooding. I am taking healdy died size bath or recomended medicine. Plz suggest me how much normal time required to stop blooding and itching.

  • Dear sir..

    Iam Mridula 26 year old female living in Kerala. I have piles since 2010. I didn’t noticed it and thought that the projecting part is common for all. Sometimes i experienced blood discharge without pain and i neglected that too. Now i have done a colonoscopy and found that i have piles and fistula. Now iam in a treatment in a centre named “BISWAS” in Kerala Calicut. The peoples are actually from Bengal and staying in Calicut. 2 times he tied a thread by giving local anesthesia. After that on the same day i feel hell like pain while passing stool and it has cured after 1 week. Doctor prescribed Amoxicillin 500, Ketanav & Rantac for 5 days. He again prescribed the same medicines after tying the second thread. Now also iam feeling pain and burning sensation while passing stool. Should i need to consult any ayurvedic hospital??

    Please reply………

  • Sir three day before a small lump has come beside fistula. Sir I want to know why this lump has come or it may lead to any serious health issue.

  • Sir i had done ksharsutra operation before 2 months but it still paining a lot i am not able to sit even..please help me..and doctor is not giving proper answer he is saying that you can aply nevea cream over there..what should i do?

    • It’s a matter of examination to find out the cause of pain. Please visit our center for a check up for having proper treatment. Our helpline number is 7861888100

  • Kalpataru sahoo

    Sir .namaskar.i had an anal fistula during my 10th class or about 5-6 years ago but it occured once again after a period of one year.but i did not treat it because i did not know what it was.since after the healing of the anal fistula i have been realising a tunnel Around the fistula’s outer part when ever i am grabbing the muscle around it.it can be serious .it needs any treat.or it can be furious in the future .plz reply fast.

  • Dear sir
    i do not know what iz that?
    But when i try to clear bath some little pain occur in my internal part of anas, till date no any bleading over there, and during the bath some like circle type something open in my front part of anal, when i.complete my bath it goes into the anal,
    its about 3 years i dont feel any pain or bleading normaly pan occur only during bath

    kindly give right solution to cure permanently

    ranchi jharkhand

    • We can NOT provide treatment without proper check up. Kindly visit our center for a check up and to get proper treatment. Our helpline number is 7861888100

  • Hi Sir,

    i have gone to ksharsutra treatment in Jan’17, fistula has cut but the puss started coming from the same where it was earlier. very frustrated , and not able to think what to do, even the disease is not cure after 4 month painful treatment.

    Please suggest

    and if any clinic of yours is in Gurgaon

  • Sir I am suffering from fistula 8mm that’s why I taking ksharasuthra treatment lost 4 days but it is very painful so how to control pain and how many days it is taking to cure

  • Follow the dressings instructions as given by your doctor. If wound doesn’t heal in next 01 month please call our helpline 7861888100 to have an appointment with us.

  • Sir I started my ksharsutra treatment before 9 days… How many days it need to cure?

  • Hello doc, my ksharsutra treatment for internal and external piles started on 6 may. Now all piles masses will be removed out. But I feel pain when passing stool which reduced after sitz bath. Sir how many days it will take for complete cure?

  • Sir mujhe fissure h. Main Rajesthan se hu. Maine suna h ke kshar sutra treartment me roj dressing krani padti hai. To main aapse ye janna chahta hu ke main roj itna long distance kaise face krunga.. Or is treatment ka total cost kitna hai. Meri main problem distance ki h. Plz suggest me.
    Thank u..

  • Iam have internal hemmoroids Is there any clinic at Guwahati.

  • Hello Doctor
    My problem has started before 6 years ,a lump come outside in anal part ,i avoided n it has reduced ,but after 2 years bleeding came n i consult with gastroentrologist he had given me some stool softener so problem has cool down
    From last 2 months lumps has increase in size and some time back to same position means reduced n cant feell nothing and not so much pain.so this problems requried surgery or not.

  • My father underwent ksharsutra treatment before 15 years. His age is 56.. Now again he has problem since 2 years.. Can it be done again?

  • Is local anaesthesia done while doing treatment?

  • Yes Pilonidal sinus can be completely cured by Ayurveda kshar sutra treatment and far better than Allopathic surgery. We don’t have any branch in Chennai. You may call our helpline if you wish to visit our center in Ghaziabad. our helpline number is 7861888100

  • Any doctor in kurnool for fistula in ano…..
    After kshar treatment will it come again

    • Fistula will not come again if done by experienced doctor. We don’t have any branch in your city. Feel free to call our helpline 7861888100 if you wish to have appointment at our Ghaziabad centre. Thanks.

  • Hello sir
    I am 22 yrs old .i was suffering from internal hemorrhoids ( stage 1).I went through kshara sutra one month back by experienced doctor.but still some puss is coming out at the beginning of stool because of wound . Is it normal ??. Will it lead to fistula ?? Please help me sir ?? Please reply me. Usually how many days it takes to heal the wound ??

    • Coming of pus is not a good symptom and need further evaluation by proper check up. It’s not normal and Grade 1 Hemorrhoids never need any surgery or kshar sutra treatment. Please call our helpline 7861888100 for having an appointment to our doctor or you may visit to the doctor who has done kshar sutra treatment. Thanks.

  • Hello sir, i am started my piles treatment using kshar sutra therapy on 6 may but now it s not completely cured. A one pile mass is left which is ligated before three days. Is it comes out automatically or need doctor help? Sir how much time this diseases neexd for complete cure?

  • Dear sir,
    My father suffring from multiple fistula in ano last 2 years, he done Kshara sutra surgery 20 days ago, and he took dressing by doctor daily, total number of threads are 3, now the problem is that doctor said that the pus is collect other place also doctor make cut that place and remove the pus, after again 2 days pus collect in new place doctor cut that place also, sir give me suggestions that pus is discharge from thread or by cut so that my father got relief from daily new cut
    Thank you in advance sir
    My hope is only you sir after a lot of searching on Google and other sources

    • We need to evaluate your father’s case by having an examination. Kindly plan your visit at our place for his check up with all previous reports. Please call our helpline number 7861888100 for having an appointment with our specialist doctors.

  • Sir 20 din pahle Mera sharshutra se external piles ka operation hua h…ab sab Thik h par us jagah par mujhe bahut itching hoti h Iska Kya Karan or upaye h… Or ye kab Thik hogi

    • किसी भी सर्जरी या क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सा के बाद खुजली होना एक आम समस्या है, आप सरसों के तेल में थोड़ी से हल्दी मिलाकर प्रभावित स्थान पर लगाएं। फिर भी यदि समस्या रहती है तो जिन डॉक्टर ने क्षार सूत्र ऑपरेशन किया है उनसे संपर्क करें।

  • Meta kshar sutra surgery 22 din huye bt abhi tak nevyblue clr ka thre ad nh gya or me beth bhi nhi sakta…Kab tak thik hoga

    • For which disease you have taken kshar sutra treatment? Generally piles and fissure get cure in about 20-25 days. Fistula cure duration depends on track length and depth and individual healing capacity.

  • Hello sir,
    I had undergone Kshar sutra for bleeding piles 10days back but still stool attach with blood comes out, though in small amounts,moreover pain is also there.
    Please reply how much more time it will take to heal wounds.

  • Sir, I have done my kshar sutra treatment for internal and external piles one month before. But near my anus a swelling come which has pain. Sir is it fistula or anything else?

    • If procedure was done under local anesthesia, injection abscess may be formed which may be the reason for swelling. Can be confirmed only by check up.

  • Sir,I have done ksharasutra treatment for pilonidal sinus from upside to downside before month and four thread changings are over but recently there is another 3mm track
    form from upside of the thread and my doctor said it needs another thread to heal.sir it will be cure sir.How many days it take Sir.
    Why it is form another small track from upside of the thread sir.My doctor said maybe some bacteria escaped to upside and form.
    what is the problem sir.

  • Hi sir, my wife got absess surgery 1.5 years back but from last 1 week she started feeling pain and it is said as Fistula in Ano 10x11mm. Will kshara sutra cure it completely. Plzz suggest good doctor in hyderabad

  • I had undergone fistula surgery 8 months before, now i feel pain in my anal.

    I amy staying in coimbatore now, can you please suggest me kshar sutra treatment hospital in kerala or tamilnadu.

  • Sir, may constipation occur after kshar sutra treatment for internal and external piles?
    Sir I done my treatment before 2 month. And now I am suffered from constipation. My stool not empty in one turn and have urge after 2-3hours daily. I have feeling of fullness in my stomach throughout the day.

    • Constipation is not due to kshar sutra treatment. Weak digestive fire is the main cause of constipation. You should meet some Ayurveda doctor who can prescribe you proper treatment after your constitutional analysis.You may call our helpline number 9818069989 if you wish to meet our doctor. Thanks.

  • Sir I had gone through the kshar Sutra for piles and fistula 20 days back and thread is also removed. But thread was not changed .and pus is also leaking from the opening

    • Thread is usually changed every 7 days but there may be some reason that your doctor has not changed the thread in spite of a lapse of 20 days. Please ask your doctor who is doing the treatment. Thanks.

  • had gone through kshar sutra for my Grade 3 piles and chornic fissure on 14th july and the whole day was a hell for me i was not able to pee and whole urine was collected in bladder as i can feel and the worst case was the next day while deficating i could see god and stars in front of me a complete pain for 2-3 days but now its 24th july after 10 days it is somehow normal but thread is still there as i can see doctor told me it will take 8-10days to fall dressings are done up to mark and now pain is very much less till date my surgery cost is around ₹18,800 (including medicines) next i’ll write when my thread will fall how much pain i incurred and every thing which i’ll feel

  • Hi Sir. I am suffering from piles since 3, months..Now I got this thread treatment..My first thread has fallen within 5, days n so did second one.but sir there is still pain and I can easily see small red wound around my anus..This wasn’t the case when my first thred fell. so sir I m very worried about it ..Give me some suggestion plz sir help me ..

  • I have done kshar sutra treatment for 9.5 cm length fistula, it has already been 2 months but there is always a watery discharge but not yellow pus discharge. I am confused and worried what might it be? Is it the symptom of healing or not being any effect by kshar sutra. Please reply me soon.

    • Colour and consistency of the discharge may vary from case to case. No need to be worried about that.

      • Sir the healing process is going on and the thread is shifted than previous place but the problem is, the new wound is formed near the previous wound and is discharging pus. Is it the symptom that new track is going to form? I am so much worried, as it is already 2 and half months.

  • hi sir am 29 years of old. I have a piles problem for the last three years. Through the colour media i came to know about ksharasutra. To get treatment i have contacted doctor, after examination he told me that i have stage three pile(0ne). I have under gone ksharasutra therapy on 15th august, after three days i observed that half pile was removed but half of pile remains, problem is with half of pile thread also removed. My quetion is i have to get thread again to remaining half. Please guide me sir. For that i will very thank full you.

    • Kshar sutra ligation is done at the base of pile mass. So, it is not possible that half pile mass detached and half remains. Check up is necessary to confirm your problem.

  • Hello sir, I have undergone ksharasutra therapy again(refer my earlier post) this time my pile was removed. It became 10 days for therapy but still I observed some swelling around my anal. please guide me in this regard.

  • Hello sir, I done my kshar sutra treatment before two months. And now sir when I go to stool. My stool not clear completely and opening of anus swallen. And iske bad to 3-4 hours tak to gas bi bhar ni nikalti. And I also feel pain during stool… Sir please reply, why this happen?

  • Is fistula be cured with ayruvedic medicines . I am under medication now. While I sit in a particular position it bleeds a little but the pus is stopped my dr said its okay as the swelling is reduced by application of a black cream and some tab and liquids . No blood or pain while defecating. But need to go to 3 to 4 times . Little little amount not hard .

  • After the ligation of Maharashtra sutra does it dissolve/resolves automatically or is it to be removed by surgeon ???

  • Hey Sir ,

    Im suffering from pilondial cyst from the past four years , finally i went for kshar sutra after a lot of research inmy nearby ayurveda clinic . The thread has been inserted in and its been ffive days , still it pains badly and im askd to ly on my chest and i am doing that . Till now i dont see any signs of healing as i can see puss and little blood when i change the dressing, it has a very bad smell . My doctor has told me that i need only one thread and as my cyst is pretty small . I m clueless sir


  • Is there any ayurvedic treatment available for Sinus track under skin near anus. I am from Kolkata.

  • Is there any ayurvedic treatment available for Sinus track under skin near anus. I am from Kolkata

  • how this local abscess is treated which form during khsarsutra treatment. or fistula is formed due to this local abscess.

  • I have heard that after kshar sutra treatment for piles and fissure bowel moment gets affected that is if you suffer from loose motions you will not be able to hold it and would deficate in clothes is it true?

  • Dear doctor, i have undergone maximum anal dilatation for anal fissure in the month of April-2017 since then i am suffering from fecal incontinence then please advise me how i have to over come from this?

  • Doctor I had kshar sutra operation on 14 the October. I had a habit of using Shilajit for sexual health. Is it safe to take Shilajit capsules now?

  • Sir after removing the thread still pus is Coming out fistula treatment

  • Respected Sir, I have gone through ksharsutra treatment for fistula. .the treatment is over and fistula is cured ..I want to ask you can I resume eating..nonveg…I didn’t consume it during my whole treatment. .after how many days I can start eating nonveg now that the treatment is over…

  • Hello sir,
    I had kshara sutra and partial fistulotomy done for anal fistula with 2 external openings at 3’o clock and 4’o clock positions on 2/11/17 at NIA Jaipur. Both openings were tied to each other by kshara sutra. Last thread(4th one) was removed on 4/12/17. Now there is a trench like wound approx. 1 cm long from which some pus is still coming out. My queries are-
    1. Is this trench like cut made by dr. normal after last thread removal?
    2. Is pus normal at this stage?
    Thanks for replying in advance!

  • Sir mera kshar sutra treatment chal raha hai aur 8 sittings ho gayi hai. Mera Fistula track 6 cm. deep hai aur anus se open track 1.5 cm door hai. Thread skin par 1.5 cm se 1 cm par aa gaya hai lekin jaha se probing huyi thi joki 1.5 cm door tha anus se waha se dabane par abhi bhi pus discharge hota hai. Is it usual? Ya ye treatment ke fail hone ke kaaran hai? Please jaldi reply dijiye.

    • Treatment success or failure can NOT be decided when treatment still continues. When your doctor will declare that treatment is concluded, then it can be decided whether it’s successful or failure. Coming of pus during treatment is absolutely normal in Fistula.

  • why burning fistula after removed the thread& out push

  • Kindly tell if thread is broken in third sitting wht to do in fistula in ano.

  • I am under the ksharsutra treatment for fistula on Dec 29 2017..From the past 2 weeks I felt itching around the anus,how can I control that one plz help me..thanks

  • Sir maine 6 months phele piles ka khsar sutra se treatment kraya tha. And tbi se mjhe potty krne me problem aa rhi thi. Ye problem ab bhut badh gyi h. Aesa lgta h anal opening bhut choti ho gyi h. Pait me marod hote h but stool bhar ni aata and aata h to small pallets ki form me aata h. Sir pls help and give your number.

  • Hi sir,
    My husband is on this treatment since 6weeks he is following all the guidelines but since yesterday he is suffering with pain near the fistula and today an outward lesion appeared im afraid is it showing recurrence does it happen during treatment only kindly do some suggestions

    • I am not sure, what treatment is he going through… So it is somehow difficult to judge the problem, and the solution as well… Please elaborate, the disorder and the treatment (surgery or kshar sutra).

  • Sir I have gone through Kshar Sutra therapy.
    After changing thread i Am felling very tired ness and continue urination for next 4 to 6 days after every thread change.
    Is it happen due to therapy or any other issue is there.
    Please guide.

    • It is normal, Plz follow the guidelines provided by the doctor..

      • Sir,
        Due to this Problem.is there any problem to my bladder or any other organ of the body.
        As I am facing this problem after changing the thread.
        May I know what will be the solution to stop urination as I am felling very tiredness.
        Please guide.

  • i have completed 3 months of kshar sutra . Can i stop taking sitz bath now?

  • Is bleeding normal after 30 days of piles and fissure treatment by kshar sutra.no pain.

  • Dear Sir, I have been said by my doctor that there are 4 piles mass around the rectum (internal) and for that kshara sutra needs to be done. Is it possible to complete the treatment in a single sitting and with local anaesthesia needed or general? How much rest do I need post treatment? Please guide
    Thank you

  • Sir, 2 days ago ,my doctor has inserted thread in fistula treatment. They have told me to do taping to the thread. But I forget to do it and now, that orange thread has been separeted from there. Sir, is it a big problem?

  • Can i go for work within 15 days after kshar sutra surgery

  • Hello Doctor,

    I have underwent KS in Dec 2018 after 10 thread changes my doctor said no more thread changes needed. My last thread was removed on 10th Feb 2018.Its been three months now i see small amount of light yellowish gelly discharge. Is that Normal Sir ? Please advise Sir.

    My fistula was 15cms perianal fistula.

    Thanks for the prompt response Sir.

    • Coming of pus after conclusion of treatment is NOT a good sign and is indicative of treatment failure or may be possible some branch of track has remain escape from treatment. Check up and investigations are required for final conclusion. If you wish to get a check done at our centre please call at 9818069989

  • Hello Doctor,I had done kshar sutra treatment ,by getting information from your website, in internal hemorroids of 3rd stage two weeks ago.But after passing stool a small polyp kind comes out and press back to put inside.Can you please help me ?What is this?

  • sir I have gone through kshar sutra operation 3 days ago but I have to go to work on bike for 6 km should I do it or avoid for a time and how long it take to cure 3cm deep fissure through this method

  • Jitendra Upadhyay

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Fistula in ano. My case is very typical. The track is from scrotum area to near an us. It also reached upto sitting bone. The kshar sutra treatment is going on from last one month and an artificial track has made by doctor behind anus for pus drainage. Doctor says this is window techniques to cure the fistula. But it will take almost four months to cure. Three times thread is changed.but it is very painful to change the thread.Sir may I take anesthesia at least every month? And how much time it will take to heal. Kshar sutra is doing in varanasi private doctor of bhul.

    • If the tract is big one, as you are saying that it starts from base of scrotum, then approx 6 months or more will be required for complete healing… Also it depends on the way it is being handled by patient as well as the doctor.. Properly follow the guidelines of your doctor… Kshar sutra is the best possible solution you can get in your condition.

  • can I ride a bike after 10. days of operation by kS method

  • I have gone Kharsutra treatment on 19th May,2018. On 26th May the area was dressed. on 2nd June the thread has been removed. From 19th May blood found with the stool and till today 12th June everyday and everytime blood is coming when I go for stool. It is very painful. I have lost my patience as blood is coming with stool though stool is soft.
    Kindly advise cause of blood and remedy.

  • I had done surgery through Kshar Sutra method on 15th June for fistula.. on 23 I did the first thread change for one of the opening( I had 2 opening) while doing dressing I observed that one of the thread is broken.. is that a problem?? I called doctor and he told me it’s fine as he already inserted medicine.

  • Sir muje piles ke problem thi in 11o clock position aur Maine kshar sutra surgery krbai hai after that aj 10 din ho gye hai aur muje continue pain hotha rehta hai aur thread remove bi nhi hua stool pass krtae time blood niklti hai aur bahut pain hotha hai..please tell me any suggestion nd thread bi remove nhi ho raha please sir I have only 15 days leave nd I m not fit to join my duty …please sir

  • Pulkit Maheshwari

    Hello sir

    I am from kanpur, I had undergone a third degree haemroidectomy two years back. Sometimes blood can be seen in stool. Can you suggest me a ksharsutra specialist in kanpur?

    Thanks in advance

  • I had done kashar sutra on 18 sep 2018
    And my track is about 70mm-75mm and about 30mm opening how much time it will take to recover

    And can i take turmeric power for fast recovery,?

    • It will take time dear.. usually it depends upon two condition, one is the general condition of patient and his sincere adherence to the treatment, second is the strength of kahar Sutra used for the treatment… Do follow the guidelines of you doctor properly

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