Home remedies for Fissure anal pain and constipation

कब्ज़ की आसान चिकित्सा Remedies for constipation in Hindi
Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What's the difference?

Home remedies for Fissure anal pain and constipation

Anal fissure treatment by simple home remedies and diet tips

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Pain in anal region during passing of stool is the cause of trouble for most Fissure patients. Anal fissure or Fissure in ano is a linear cut or tear at the inner lining of anal canal. Most of the fissures get healed spontaneously by having some dietary precautions and simple home remedies.

Fissure of less than 6 weeks duration is called Acute and that of more than 6 weeks duration is called as Chronic Fissure. Acute fissure can be cured completely by diet management and home remedies while chronic fissure generally requires a medical consultation.

Today, I am going to discuss a few useful home remedies for Anal fissure that will help you healing of Fissure wound completely and get rid of severe pain and discomfort.

Since constipation and hard stool is the primary cause of fissure formation, these remedies are equally effective in constipation too.

waterdrinkDrink plenty of fluids daily

Fluids may include water, fruit juices, vegetable juices, soups, milk and so on but not Tea or Coffee as these can worsen the problem.

Try raisins for Fissure and constipationraisins

Dehydrated grapes fruits are known as raisins or Kishmish in Hindi. These are rich in dietary fibers. Soak 20-30 raisins in lukewarm milk for at least 02 hours and then consume these raisins with lukewarm milk at bedtime. It will help in relieving the constipation and will ease bowel movements.

Note: Avoid this remedy if you are diabetic.

aloeveraAloe vera juice with pulp in Fissure and constipation

Eating a piece of peeled Aloe vera leaves will help keeping your digestive system healthy. It also acts as a liver tonic and the fibers present in Aloe vera pulp will give movements to your intestines. You can also have 30 to 40 ml of juice daily empty stomach.

Papaya fruit as remedy for Fissure and constipationpapaya

Ripened papaya fruit will help in boosting your digestion and aid in smooth bowel movements. It can be taken with meals as salad or as snacks with a little black salt sprinkled over it.

guava fruit


Guava without seeds as remedy for Fissure and constipation

Guava is rich in vitamin C and dietary fibers that can help you in having a good digestion and smooth evacuation. Guava fruit must be ripened and if possible remove the seed part before consumption as seed part sometimes cause constipation in some people. So, eat the outer pulp of ripened guava to get the desired results.

Vegetables to be consumed in Fissure and Constipationgreen vegetables

Cabbage, radish, Mix vegetables, spinach, Chenopodium (Bathua), Lady’s finger, Turnip, Beet root, Carrots are rich in dietary fibers and are to be consumed seasonally to have good digestion and fiber content in your diet.




Buttermilk as remedy for Fissure and good digestion

Buttermilk is an excellent tonic for digestive system. It has been described in Ayurveda texts that use of buttermilk is helpful in treatment of piles and related diseases. Buttermilk should be taken in day time only. A pint of black salt and black pepper powder can be added to improve its digestive properties.


Isabgol husk as remedy for Fissure and constipationisabgol husk

Isabgol husk is rich in cellulose and comes under herbal bulk forming laxative category. It should be consumed if other dietary items don’t work. Take 2 to 3 teaspoonful of isabgol husk and mix it thoroughly in warm milk. Drink this mixture at bedtime.



These may be quite useful home remedies for Fissure anal pain and constipation. These are quite beneficial for piles patients too.

Thanks for patiently reading this article. I hope Fissure and constipation patients will be benefitted by these tips. If however, you still have any query/doubt regarding your disease, you can e-mail me at consult@ayurvedapilescure.com

You must contact us if you are looking for Fissure treatment by natural and Ayurvedic ways.

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कब्ज़ की आसान चिकित्सा Remedies for constipation in Hindi
Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What's the difference?

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  • I appreciate you providing some basic home remedies for fissure anal pain such as drinking plenty of fluids daily. It is recommended that you hydrate yourself and drink lots of liquids particularly water, milk, and fruit juices. This would help ensure that your digestive system is functioning normally and would prevent you from getting dehydrated or having gas problems. Also, you may want to stay away from tea or coffee in the meantime as this may only worsen the problem. I would make sure to keep this in mind if I ever encounter the same problem. Thanks.

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