Fistula-in-ano; 10 important things you must know!

बवासीर (पाईल्स); कारण, बचाव एवं आयुर्वेदिक चिकित्सा Piles; causes, prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment:
Kshara Sutra Therapy in the treatment of Pilonidal Sinus

Fistula-in-ano; 10 important things you must know!

भगन्दर के आयुर्वेद इलाज के बारे में १० जरुरी बातें। इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें!

Author: Dr. Naveen Chauhan, BAMS, CCYP, ROTP, CRAV (KSHARA SUTRA)




Founder-Director, Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad

Fistula-in-ano (Bhagandar) is a disease in which there develops a track between perianal skin and/or rectum or anal canal. The main symptom that appears is mucopurulent discharge through the external opening present anywhere in the perianal area. This sometimes leads to itching and or burning sensation.

I am going to give 10 valuable tips for the patients of Fistula-in-ano which being an ano-rectal specialist doctor, I feel are necessary to be communicated to them.

1.     Many patients wander here and there in search of any doctor or medicines to cure Fistula and often waste their time, money and energy by getting trapped in the misleading advertisements, quacks etc. without any result. Remember, Fistula-in-ano is a 100% surgically curable disease. Sometimes, if fistula is due to tuberculosis then Anti-tubercular therapy can work to heal it otherwise surgical intervention is necessary in it.

2.     Beware of quacks and false claims’ advertisements like those of injection treatment, herbal treatment etc. seen commonly in media. Bengali, Chandsi, Madrasi are also not genuine and legal treatments. They can harm your health and can lead to complications like anal incontinence.

3.     Antibiotics can only temporarily reduce the symptoms like pus discharge but will not help in long term use.

4.     Conventional surgical operations for Fistula-in-ano have high recurrence rates, especially in high anal types. Fortunately, there have been excellent results obtained by Ayurveda Kshar Sutra therapy, which can be used extremely effectively to cure Fistulae of almost all the types completely, without any complication or recurrence. It has been well established and proven scientifically by various research centres in India like AIIMS, BHU, ICMR, PGI etc.

5.     One should not wait in seeking an expert physician’s/surgeon’s consultation due to shyness or hesitation. As soon as symptoms like persistent or intermittent discharge of pus, soiling of clothes, feeling of some abscess, pain in perianal region etc. appear, expert’s consultation must not be delayed.

6.     Since Ayurveda Kshar-sutra therapy is extremely effective in curing fistula-in-ano, one should prefer a qualified and experienced Ayurveda Kshar-sutra specialist doctor over other therapies physicians.

7.     Fistula patients feel pain when there is collection of pus inside the track or inside the abscess cavity. So, there must be measures to drain out the collected pus. Though kshar-sutra does the drainage by itself, patient can increase the drainage effectively by keeping themselves ambulatory. So, regular walks will help in healing of your fistula even if you are continuing the Kshar-sutra therapy.

8.      Have complete faith in your doctor. Afterall he has seen and helped many patients like you. Don’t be panic as kshar-sutra therapy sometimes takes longer times (3 months or more) to heal the fistula completely depending on the track length, type of fistula and many more factors.

9.     During the kshar-sutra therapy sometimes patient feels pain, burning sensation etc. during and/or after the weekly changing of thread. Have patience. Remember it is only temporary and ultimately you are going to get rid from this disease completely. Follow the instructions of your physician strictly.

10.     Sitz bath is a wonderful remedy in relieving the pain. It not only gives a soothing sensation and provides relief from pain but it also helps in keeping the perianal region clean. So, it should be employed correctly as per your doctor’s instructions.

Thanks for patiently reading this article. I hope Fistula patients will be benefitted by these tips. If however, you still have any query/doubt regarding your disease, you can e-mail me at

Author: Dr. Naveen Chauhan

Consultant Ayurveda Physician and Kshar sutra specialist


Helpline: 9818069989


बवासीर (पाईल्स); कारण, बचाव एवं आयुर्वेदिक चिकित्सा Piles; causes, prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment:
Kshara Sutra Therapy in the treatment of Pilonidal Sinus


  • Hi sir
    I have recently undergone kshar sutra surgery, sir I eould like to know wheather sitz bath can be taken on the surgery date as well and ehat is the correct procedure…aby medicine needs to be mixed with the warm water.

    • kindly read our article on Sitz bath for getting your query answered. Thanks

    • Hello Mr. Vipin,
      Kindly read our article on Sitz bath to know more about it.

    • Hello dear,
      I have read your comment about kshar sutra treatment that you have taken it
      dear, i am also suffering from fistula in ano since a year
      kindly guide me should i go for kshar sutra, how much effective it is
      and the main concern is that can i go for office after THIS TREATMENT

    • Sir mera 2yrse fissure or fistula h…medicine se mera Dr pahle jitna nhi hota but some time bleeding hota h…me Puri tarha tik hona cahty Hu…sutra treatment se kya 100%tik hota h?guaranty h?treatment me kitna karch hoga?

  • Sir I have fistula since three years. i have taken so many medicines but there were no results. Now I am taking kshara sutra since nine months. I feel little better.Now it has become 1 inch,its healing but the hole is forming again in the same place since two months.Please give me some useful tips to get healed soon

  • what is the cost of kshar shutra treatment for fistula in ghaziabad?

    • Please click on the following link to know the cost of kshara sutra treatments at our clinic TREATMENT CHARGES. The cost may vary from case to case. Exact amount can be told only after proper examination.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • sir mere father ko 2 year se anal fistula problem h. 2 baar operation v ho chuka h..but now fir se pus ban rhi h. Kya kshara sutra main iska 100% treatment h. Uttarakhand main koi kshara sutra specialist centre h pls batain

  • sir i am sufferring from fistula since last 5 months is there any medicine treatment for that plz suggest sir. I am very thankful to you.

  • sir,
    i have fistula in ano. last month docters do an set on placement. so what can i do ?

  • sir mujhe pichhle 4 years se fistula hai, plz ilaz bataye, me regulat jeeva ayurveda se ilaz karba raha ho koi fayda nahi ho raha hai, me m p se ho

    • Dear Mr. Milan,
      There is no known medicine for curing fistula in ano. I mean Fistula in ano is a 100% surgically curable disease and among surgery, Kshara sutra treatment of Ayurveda is the best one which can cure fistula effectively without recurrence. Better you visit some kshar sutra specialist doctor nearby you for proper check-up and treatment.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • This is Nisha here, I am suffering form Fistula in ano since last 2 years, I am getting treated for the same by Homeopathic but there is no improvement.

    My doctor says you can not get indulge in any kind of physical activities, such as yoga, swimming, cycling, it aggravates the fistula.

    I want to get rid of it permanently, but I heard in this ayurvedic treatment also ppl insert thread inside the track / tunnel which is been formed and which leads to lung diseases in the future.

    And its not permanent cure. I am in big time trouble, am tired of reading and seeking advise from ppl.

    Would be great if you can help me out in the same.

  • sir my husband is suffering from fistula since one month and taking stund therepy is it better

  • sir i am suffering from internal haemorroids and there is a white and yellowish discharge from my anal canal .its around 3months i am suffering from problem,taking ayurvedic medicines from patanjali but there is no effect can you suggest me better option

  • sir mera fistula operation (Kshara sutra)10-aug-2014 ko hua tha. mein ab thik hoon. koi pain v nahi hai. but operation ki jagah par 4cm in length and 2 cm in depth ka ek cut hai. mein antiboitic , sitz bath with neem water kar raha hoon. yeh operation cut kitne din mein fill hojaeya ? ya waise v rahega ?

  • sir mera ano me 3 sal se fistula hai mai 1 bar operation kiya tah lekin 6 mahine ke bad fir usme pus bsn gaya mai kay karu

    • Dear Dilipji,
      Please visit our hospital for proper check up and kshara sutra treatment.
      You can be completely free from this disease after kshara sutra treatment.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Dear Sir,

    I am suffering Fistula since 2 year i also taken kshara sutra treatment by Ayurvedic doctor, But still pus is discharging…pls advice me…


    • Dear Selvaji,
      Anything can be told only after proper check-up. You have to visit our clinic in Ghaziabad for check-up and proper treatment.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • hello sir mujhe fistula h in 3 days .mujhe kyaa krna h smjh nhi aata opretion me thik hoga ya nhi pls boli .opretion k ilawa koi ilaj bTaie in chattisgadh raipur

    • Gangaram Ji,
      भगन्दर के इलाज़ के लिए आपको आयुर्वेद क्षार सूत्र विशेषग्य चिकित्सक से मिलना पड़ेगा. एलोपैथी या किसी भी अन्य पैथी में भगंदर का दवाइयों द्वारा इलाज़ संभव नहीं है. बेहतर होगा आप शीघ्र आयुर्वेद क्षार सूत्र डॉक्टर से जल्दी मिलें, ताकि समय से सही इलाज़ करवा सकें.
      धन्यवाद !!
      डॉ. नवीन चौहान
      श्री धन्वन्तरी क्लिनिक, गाज़ियाबाद

  • sir mujhe 6 years se fistula hai 6 years pehle Maine operataion karaya tha magar thik Nahi hua abhi 16 Aug ko operation karaya tha abhi mujhe. phir se pain ho raha hai kya karu sir help me

    • Dear Mr. Kaushal,
      आपको फिस्टुला के लिए क्षारसूत्र चिकित्सा करवानी होगी। आप अपने नजदीक किसी क्षारसूत्र विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टर से मिल सकते हैं या गाज़ियाबाद में हमारे क्लीनिक पर आ सकते हैं।

      • Dr. Harsh Prakash

        Fistula me kshar sutra ke saath aur kya treatment dena chaheye. Plz. Suggest.

        • Healing promoting and Srotoshodhak drugs of Ayurveda.

          • Sir I am suffering from fistula in ano with abscess. I had a surgery on 26 October 2016 at that time it was on 6 o clock after surgery it was big injury it took time around 4 months to completely healed up and then I got a second opening at 2 o clock on July 2017.
            Then I searched on net and took a step to go for kshar sutra. Will it occur again because as my last thread was going to come out
            There’s one more small boil but it’s not a track

          • Check up is needed to understand your case properly and to suggest anything. Thanks.

  • subodh kulshrestha

    i m suffering from fistulain ano.
    plz help me any way

    • Dear Mr. Kulshresthaji,
      You have to visit our centre in Ghaziabad to get your check-up done and plan Kshara sutra treatment. You can come any week day. Just give me a call before visiting at my cell +91-9818069989 To know more about kshara sutra treatment in Fistula in ano kindly read articles in catagory Fistula in ano (Bhagandar).

  • Sir mujhe fistula hai 4 month se aur mera treatment apollo se chal raha hai par 1 hafte se meri pus aani badh gayi kya aapke pass 100 %treatment hai

    • Dear Mr. Bharat,
      Your disease can be cured but I need to do proper check-up before planning the proper treatment. So, you need to visit here in Ghaziabad for check-up and proper treatment.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • What types of foods are permitted for patients suffering from fistula??

  • bangali dr se mei fistula ka operation kar raha hu acha hai ya nhi

  • kshar sutra mei dard bahot hota hai kya isme aisa hi dard hota hai aur iska koi side effect to nhi

    • दर्द का कम या ज्यादा होना रोग और रोगी दोनों पर निर्भर करता है। क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सा का कोई साइड इफैक्ट नहीं है। रोगी जल्दी ही ठीक हो जाता है। परंतु फिस्टुला (भगंदर) को ठीक होने में समय लग सकता है।

  • Ihave an lschiorectal absces drained under GA with recurrent abscess twice with spontaneous drainage through the wound in asmall opening seems to be afistula i have an MRI reveal collection a t tje site of the wound superficially in the perianal region….is it afistula or not ..l read about the herbs treatment for fistula..using guuccul and curicumn ..
    And oel y material what is your openion

  • Dear Sir,
    I had gone for kshara sutra in year 2001 till then I was fine, but from last 10 days I am feeling pain during byke driving and seating on hard base.
    But there is no any sugen and pus.
    Dose it again fistula?
    Please guide

  • Dear sir,

    I m from surat gujarat and mujhe last 3 years yeh problem he aur last week mene ek surgeon ko bataya to usne fistula in ano kaha he so I want ur advise that after operation it will happen again or not .. And wat food I take after operation . And doctor told me that this diseses seen mostly in fat ppl and diabetes ppl. Awaiting your soonest reply.

  • Sir
    I have suffering from Fistula in Ano side problem last 4 months.In starting phase it is just like lump(gilty).But before 1 month my lump (phoda) was Erupt(phut gaya) and all PUS and Blood are Removed properly.i have little bit pain in morning time. my Stools and urine are still normal. i taken antibiotic tablets from 1 month But Sir Little bit Lesion(ghaw) are not Dry.Sir please suggest me any Ayurveda treatment (medicine).Sir i am waiting your response.

    Thank you

  • I am suffering with high ano type fistula with multiple opening tell me it is curable by kshar sutra.

  • keshav kant prasad

    how painful is this surgery?

    • Procedure is performed under anaesthesia. So, there is no question of pain. As far as thread changing is concerned, it depends on the doctor as well as patient both.

  • keshav kant prasad

    what is the time duration of this treatment?

    • The duration of treatment in Fistula in ano by Kshara sutra therapy can’t be predicted without proper examination and investigations. The minimum duration at Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad has been 4 weeks and the maximum duration has been 18 months.

  • Sir, I had fistula surgery, but not cure. so please suggest any other treatment in chennai.

    • Hi sir
      This is masood from mumbai i’m suffering from fistula in ano but my opration been done in last week from MADAR CLINIC which is located in mumbai actually I wanted to know that about Doctors degree (B.A.M.S / F.A.G.E / P.G.D.E.M.S) Regn NoI-68800-E
      Dr.S.Meer(Gold Medalist)
      Let me know know sir it’s good doctor with these degree.


  • In May ’15 I have gone thru fistula operation by seton way. Thread was knot and then after cut and removed in 6 weeks. A little bit pus is feeling thru anus from wound where thread was there inside anus fistula trac. Once fistula trac was healed . No pus / blood was there outside anus skin. Now today after 4 months I am feeling only blood. What would be the reason? I have sitting job more than movement.

  • Hello sir,
    2 months back gone through piles surgery .When i discharged from hospital after 10 days small wound developed near anal.when i shown to doctor he said that i am suffering with Inter Sphincter fistula in ano (Low anal).But when i done endo anal sonography it shown that “Left mid and low anal intersphincteric abscess 2-5 o’clock (3mm thick)”. So tell me Sir, whether it is fistula or abscess and what treatment should be taken for better results.
    Please Help me sir from 2months i am suffering with this kind of problem.

    • If Fistula is confirmed, Kshara sutra is the best option for treatment. If abscess is there, drainage followed by dressings is the treatment of choice.

      • Sir 20 days back abscess is developed near anal,Doctor drained it after 10 days again puss and blood is coming from there .Please tell me if we gone through surgery & Kshara Sutra Treatment how long it takes for recovery time.

  • Sir
    How to decide fistula in ano

    • A boil in an area nearby anus with some kind of pus like discharge which doesn’t heal easily, is an indication of Fistula. Accurate diagnosis can be made by an experienced doctor after proper check-up.

  • Does Ghee and Milk help to cure fistula.I have read some article on these.

  • Vishwajeet Singh

    Dr Maine September 2011 me ksharshutra treatment karwaya tha bhu me.augst 2015 me fir se ho gayao kafi faila hua tha isliye operation karwana pada.plz tell me yah bar -bar kyo ho raha hai kya precaution lene chahiye

  • hello sir
    do din pahle mere bhai ko iss problem ka pata laga hai Dr. ne unse kaha hai ki 50% chance hai surgery ke plz guide me ki issme surgery jarori hai ya dawayion se isse theek kiya ja sakta hai

    • If it’s fistula surgery is must. Fistula can not be treated by medicines. Among surgery, kshara sutra method is one of the best option to cure it completely without recurrence.

  • Hello doc
    My friend is suffering from fistula. ..he has been operated by kshatra therapy…thread hv been changed 5-6 time…bt there is a problem. ..he is suffering from extreme pain…he is told not to have painkillers as we all know their side effects. .he is taking sitz bath but even it is not prove useful. u suggest something which can relieve his pain…do reply

    • Pain can be there during kshara sutra change, but it is of short duration. There is no harm in taking normal pain killers. Side effect is visible when pain killers are taken in larger doses and for long duration.

  • Sir mera naam irshad hai aur mujhe pichhle 5 months se fistula hai mai 3 mahine pehle hi ksharsutra treament krwaya hai dr ne opreation kr k thread daali hai aur weekly thread change krte hai par koi fayda nai horaha hai blood aur pus nikal na shuru hi hai plz aap kuchh suggest kijiye

  • meri fistula surgery 5 days ago hui thy aur surgery ke time bilkul b pain nai hua due to local anesthesia but after surgery ,fistula dressing ke time bahut pain hota hai . painfull dressing hoty hai first 15 days toh bus god ko yaad karke he karwani padty hai dressing ))))))))))

  • Sir,Frm last four years on an interval of 3-6 months some times 1 year also i hv a probleam tht initially a boil is formed for one week during tht week i had extreme pain and fever aft tht automaticaly it brusts and a black blood discharge drains out in 1 hr itself aftr it i get comfort til next attack so i want to know is it a fistula or anything else and the treatment option for it and the duration for treatment.

  • Dear sir
    I am assam I have been suffering fistula for the last year.i have taken homeopathy medicine one year but no improve found.pass and discharge is still continue. So what should I do sir.without surgery can i get rid of it .is any hospital or centre of kshar sutra treatment in assam kindly reply sir im hopeless

  • Can fistulous track be operated by laser… i m taking treatment in mumbai dr said pain less operation through lazer plzzz advice me as soon as…. thus my operation is been final

  • Dear Sir,

    from the past 4 months i am getting pain in left side buttock, and getting pains in tighs, under the knees and palm, when i am going to toilet feeling more pain in left side buttock, their is no certain timings for this pain attack. using some medicines but no relief , i request you to kindly suggest what to do. for what exact problem i am suffering from ?

    Thank you

    • You need to be examined properly to find out the underlying disease. Kindly visit our centre or an Ayurveda doctor nearby you. Such kind of problem can’t be answered without proper check up of patient.

  • sir, muje guda k thik baju me 1 thoda bada pimple 8 se 12 mahine se hai…..kya muje bhgandar hoga? k normal hai? muje ilaj bataiye…me abhi koi doctor ko nai mil.give me reply sir

  • muze guda k pass fodda sa hain thoda pain bhi hota hain. usme se blood bhi aaya…kya ye bhagandar hain ? uska ilaj kya hain…mein gujrat (valsad)se hu…muze najdiki treatment centre batayega…

    • आप अपने निकटतम सरकारी आयुर्वेद कॉलेज के शल्य विभाग में संपर्क करें। यदि आप हमारे क्लिनिक आना चाहते हैं तो हमारा पता है: श्री धन्वन्तरि क्लिनिक, 568 हरसांव एन्क्लेव, जे 64 गोविन्दपुरम के सामने, निकट पुलिस लाईन्स, गाज़ियाबाद। कृपया आने से पहले हमारी हेल्पलाइन 9818069989 पर कॉल करके समय अवश्य ले लें। गूगल पर हमारी लोकेशन ले लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें;,77.434173&z=12&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=11175809863797399148

  • sir mujhe 3 year se bhagandar hai aur 4 opration ho chuke hai phir bhi abhi tk mujhe aaram nhi mila ghav se pas nikl rhi hai sir solution btaye plz mai bhut pareshani me hun es time

  • first surgery me ek ghav tha bt sir jb 3 surgery hui tvi 2 ghav ho gye aur dono jagah se pas nikl rhi aisa kyu

    • आपको चेक अप और क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सा के लिए हमारे सेंटर पर आना होगा। हमारा पता है: श्री धन्वन्तरि क्लिनिक, 568 हरसांव एन्क्लेव, जे 64 गोविन्दपुरम के सामने, निकट पुलिस लाईन्स, गाज़ियाबाद। कृपया आने से पहले हमारी हेल्पलाइन 9818069989 पर कॉल करके समय अवश्य ले लें। गूगल पर हमारी लोकेशन ले लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें;,77.434173&z=12&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=11175809863797399148

  • Hello Sir
    I have fistula since four years. i have taken so many medicines but there were no results. what should i do?

  • सर,
    मुझे २००८से बवासीर हुआ था. मैं अपने पास की गांव में रस्सी बांधने वाली पध्दति से इलाज कराया था. शुरू में जलन व दर्द खत्म हो गया. ५-६ साल तक ठीक था. उसके बाद २०१३-१४ में बडे रूप लेकर भकन्दर (fistula) बन गया . आपरेशन दो बार कराया फिर भी पुनः (fistula) बन जा रहा हैं.सायनो ग्ाफी कराने पर पता चला की (fistula) 8-9cm गहरा बांया साइड हो गया हैं.फिर से आपरेशन के लिए डॉ. साहब क

    • दीपक जी,
      आपके केस में क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सा से ही परिणाम मिल सकते हैं, कितने परिणाम मिलेंगे और कितना समय लगेगा यह बिना चेक अप के बताना असंभव है. बेहतर होगा आप गाज़ियाबाद स्थित हमारे क्लिनिक आकर मिलें। अपनी पुरानी रिपोर्टें लाना ना भूलें। हमारा पता है: श्री धन्वन्तरि क्लिनिक, 568 हरसांव एन्क्लेव, जे 64 गोविन्दपुरम के सामने, निकट पुलिस लाईन्स, गाज़ियाबाद। कृपया आने से पहले हमारी हेल्पलाइन 9818069989 पर कॉल करके समय अवश्य ले लें। गूगल पर हमारी लोकेशन ले लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें;,77.434173&z=12&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=11175809863797399148

  • Dr. naveen sir apke communication patient ke sath net par dkh kar bahut khusi hui . Aap ek ache dr and insan hai mughe bhi anal fistula hai mughe bleeding hoti thi without pain mane mere local doctor se operation karwaya but operastion ke pehle nahi pata tha ki ye kya hai ,doc ko bhi operation ke time pata chala ki mughe fistula hua hai.Par kuch samay bad mughe phir problem hone lagi aur mene nagpur mai bataya MRi bhi karayi fistula nikla mughe scrotum ke pas se bledding hoti thi so nagpur me aust 2015 me operation hua . ab 3 mahine ho gaye hai ek ungli ke barabar wound hai bleeding hoti hai dr e kaha haio ki bledding hogi jab tak wound bhar nahi jata .Aur kaha hai ki ek operation aur hoga ek saal baad. Kya me continue karu ,regular antibiotic chal rahi hai 3 month se

    • In Fistula failure of surgery is seen quite commonly. 03 months are more than enough to heal any wound after surgical procedure. An examination is needed to confirm whether there is failure of operation done 03 months back. Kindly visit our centre for a check up and to plan treatment if needed. Link to our addresses:

    • hello sir mujhe bhagandar tha pichle ek saal se mne ksharsutra therapy krvayi but uske baad abhi bhi lus discharge ho rahi h sir puri tarah se pus ana kb band hoga

  • 4 year se guda k paas 1-2 cm ka hole h.
    7-8 din k antral m pus ya blood niklta h..
    Kya ye fistula h..pls treatment batayen..

  • sir i have fistula problem for past one year.
    one bengali doctor is ready to treat it. what should i do. can i believe him.

  • Sir, I’m going through immense pain rite now,3 days before I went to doctor and he told me that I’m having fistula in ano please suggest me what should I do..
    Im having problem since 2 months..

    • Dear Mr. RAZA,
      Fistula in ano is a 100% surgically curable diseases and among many options available for surgery Kshara sutra is the best one to cure Fistula completely without recurrence. Conventional lay open surgery has high failure and recurrence rates.
      Feel free to call our helpline number 7861888100 for speaking to our expert doctors and having an appointment for face to face consultation.

      Our address link:

  • sir,
    mere trans spheritic fistula with complex aaya hai
    Seton tie me cure hone me kitna time lagega
    aur bus me khade hokar safar Karna 1 month baad bhi possible hai kya

  • Sir,

    My wife had a kshara sutra treatment for Anal treatment and as was suggested by the doctor in charge that that anal fistula is healed. Now after that sutra treatment she has been suggested to take 26 ayurvedic medicines every day . My question is if the fistula is completely healed then what for these medicines are for, what are the side effects for taking such a heavy dose of medicines. Will if affect her other health aspects as u can understand.
    Please suggest on this

  • Hi sir

    I am in chennai I want to visit for checkup could you please provide me details it would be helpful so that I can visit


  • Dear Sir:

    Could you please recommend any qualified/expert doctor for Kshara sutra treatment in Guwahati, Assam?

  • Sir mai ek sal se paresan hu mai abhi 11/5 ko aiims me khar sutra vidhi se ilaj karaya 7 dhaga changa karaya par weak but abhi dusre jagah ho gya h abhi kya karna padega

  • Dr. Shama oswal

    Hello sir I m frm pune maharastra I m suffering from grade 2 pyles n bleeding fistula…no pus discharge n all…bleeding there since last one n half month…I m taking ayurvedic medcn…is surgery wl b the fnal trtmnt for ths also? Or any medcn wl help? Plz suggest me prpr trtmnt….thanks a lot…

  • Recently I visited kshra sutra Dr after examin my problem he Said I m in state of 1 or 2in between . So will not recommend you to kshra sutra treatment. That mean i have to wait for the worst,can’t digest.sir please advice me what to do right now I don’t want any complication please suggest me what precaution will be use full for me.i have only pain in my anal. Nothing more than that.please

  • I had Kshar Sutra Treatment 6 months before can i use Tripharma Curam for better motion and relief please suggust

  • I had Kshar Sutra Treatment 6 months before can i use Tripharma Curam for better motion and relief please suggest me

  • Hello sir,
    Mre father ko v fistula 3 yr se h….ek br operation v hui….bt 6 month thik rhne k bd….fir se us jgh se pus ya blood aa rhi h…then ,ab fir ek or ho gai h…..
    Plzz sir….kuch premanent treatment ni h iska kya????

  • Hello sir,
    Mre father ko v fistula 3 yr se h….ek br operation v hui….bt 6 month thik rhne k bd….fir se us jgh se pus ya blood aa rhi h…then ,ab fir ek or ho gai h…..
    Plzz sir….kuch premanent treatment ni h iska kya????could u pls recommended any expert dr. In ranchi.

  • Rajagopalan Govindarajan

    Sir wonderful tips. I am having fistula for 18 months. I did operation and yet again I got it back. It is 18 months from the date of my operation but it is there. I herd about kshara sutra as good. Is it done without giving anestetia? How about during changing the thread? In the mri scan, the size is 1.2cm×.4cm. What should I do now? I am in trivandrum and chennai. I can’t come to Delhi. Suggest me some in my area? Pls.

  • how fistula is measured .by length or previous one is cured with seven thread.very much pain in first three threads.but new fistula occurs at different spot 3 oclock may much time it takes to treat by khsarsutra approx.

  • Respected sir,

    I am Rakesh, 31 year, sir i face the problem of rectum is out of go to the washroom… then i push to my hand … for more 2 or 3 years… i go to the hospital check the doctor and he say the solution is surgery. but i have not ready for surgery… so please help me .. you have advice any medicine for the dieases… and sortout my problem… please i humble request for you sir…

    • If diagnosis of rectal prolapse is clear and confirmed as you mentioned that you visited to doctorle and he told you, surgery is the only solution. The problem can be partially cured by practicing moolbandha but if prolapse is more, surgery is the only option for you.

  • Dr, I have anal fistula for thee past 3 years. Please do you have herbal cure for it

  • Please advise me, I intend to get some herbal medicine from planet Ayurveda by Dr Vikram Chauhan. Should I go ahead?

  • I am a Nigerian and in Nigeria. I hope since the herbal medicine is from planet Ayurveda and you too make use of Ayurveda treatment to cure it maybe it can work for me. This would reduce cost of traveling to India. Or do you have. a consultant office in Nigeria? Please give a thorough advice. Regards

  • I have Fistula in ano, do you branch in Nigeria. i cannot afford coming to India for treatment.

  • Pls let me have your direct and full Phone number

  • Hi sir. I operated fistula in ano in delhï. The sweet pain is continuing but several times I meet my doctor he says quite well but why is pain. It opened before 1 year means 26 August 2015 my age 43 pl give me any suggestions.

  • Hi sir l operated fistula in ano operation in makkar hospital laxmi nagar delhï. But sweet pain is continuing but I meet several times my doctor. he says quite well .it opreted last year August 2015. What can I do sir.

  • Sir mere 6 sal ke bete ke last 3 year fistula ha mene homeopathic treatment karwa raha hu lekin koi aaram nahi aaya ha me kya karu

  • Hello dr… I am Abbas suffering from Crohn’s disease with perineal fistula since 2011.. I am suffering lot . I cannot go any job.. I was in in gulf nd came back to tamilnadu bcaz of this disease.. My gastro dr told if I do surgery for this fistula it wll come back again.. Is it true dr?? Is it possible if I come to your clinic my fistula can cure permanently by surgery.. Please suggest me dr? I am 29 yr old.. I m married.. Nd taking lot of medicine nd injection also.. Pls kindly provide me your clinic address nd your number.. Is there you branch in tamilnadu?? Pls post me.. Thank you

  • Respected sir ..

    Recently , i am undergo for the treatment of fistula in ano through ksharsutra .

    Thing r good and your blog is quite help to me.
    Sir i just want know, which ksharsutra thread is for this threapy available in the market , i am purchasing the by myself.

    Please reply as soon as possible

  • Hi sir,
    I have Small pimple around anus,one pimple is white in color, no pain, no discharge of puss. One pimple dried and fallen while washing anus.many small pimple are there around anus (nearly 5). What should I do? Please suggest.

  • Sir g eska illaz hai ya nahi
    Peshaab nali ke joint wale hise per kuch sugan hai jaise Ki foda Ho Gaya hai kya yeh anal fastrulla se realeted hai ya kuch aur plz reply me

  • Sir Im age is 35yrs.For last 3 days I have developed fistula inside the anal.I consulted Dr.Ashish Gautam in yashoda hospital Ghaziabad who has given me 5 days’ medicines and advised for MRI fistulagram.But there is no relief in fistula.It is swollen and still not burst.Pls advice what should I do ?
    I live in chiranjiv vihar Ghaziabad

    • Fistula can not be curable by medicine. Kshar sutra is the best method for it’s cure. Kindly visit our govindpuram centre for a check up. Call at 9818069989 before coming. Thanks.

  • Sir,my father name is Elisha.he is suffering from from fistula.already operation done before 4 months.but wound is not father is 50 years old.he is diabetic it is normal as 150.some times pus and blood is coming from that small wound.can you please give me reply

    • Where the operation done? Was it done by open method or kshar sutra? An examination is needed to assess the wound status.

      • Thank you so much for giving reply sir.operation done by open method.not kshar sutra.operation done at rajahmandry bommana 40 years experienced doctor.when my father going to bathroom it’s very hard to little blood came through dad is very afraid for that .he is not a brave man.he is very afraid to even small injection plz give suggestion and save my dad.Thank you sir.

        • Wound healing is a natural process, all you need to do is to keep it clean as much as possible. And keep glucose levels under control. Assure him that it will heal.

          • Thank u so much sir.sir,is it need to take Mri scanning?surgerian said that its common for 6 months.but my father is worrying for this.some are saying that it causes to cancer.if we want to go through kshara sutra how many months we have to wait?is it need to prefer kshara sutra or not necessery

  • Hi Dr,
    Fistula re occurred for me after surgery, opposite to what all doctors promise say that 99% it wont reoccur or they blame it on life sytle. In this modern life science we donot have clear complete treatment for fistula.

    Again we seeing many negative complains about Kshar sutra, Long process, pain and not even one single review says on complete 100% recovered.
    Dr, Please can you clarify this.. thank you

    • Dear Karthikeyn !
      After modern surgery the Fistula is reoccur in most of the patients.
      Ksharsutra is the most reliable and permanent solution for Fistula problem because in ksharsutra we dint open the track like allopath surgeons are done, The Ksharsutra is a medicated thread which is made through some natural herbs, these herbs having three properties i.e. – cutting, healing and cleaning the track. we insert the ksharsutra in the Fistula opening and ligated in a proper manner the inserted thread is simultaneously start cutting and healing the track and drain the pus outside the track which is collect in it.

      The cutting ratio is around 1 CM – 2 CM every month it means if someone have 5-6 cm track it can tack 4-6 months time for complete healing. In this duration the Ksharsutra thread regularly change in between 7-10 days.

      one special property which ksharsutra have, that when a track is completely heal there is the occurrence of this track is vary rare it is about 1 in 10000.

      There is a one rumor is also spread that ksharsutra is a very painful procedure, it is completely false. Of-course Ksharsutra having pain but it is very minimal or 10 times less than the surgery.

      So dint worry about Ksharsutra procedure.

      You can talk with our expert doctor for any other further query or disussion on our Expert Helpline number : 07861888100

      Thanks & Regards!
      Dr.Abhishek Gupta
      Ayurveda Expert in Ano-rectal problems.

  • Hi Dr,
    Fistula re occurred for me after surgery, opposite to what all doctors promise say that 99% it wont reoccur or they blame it on life sytle. In this modern life science we donot have clear complete treatment for fistula.

    Again we seeing many negative complains about Kshar sutra, Long process, pain and not even one single review says on complete 100% recovered.
    Dr, Please can you clarify this.. thank you

    • Fistula is cured completely after kshara sutra treatment if done by experienced doctor. It has been well proved by institutions like ICMR, AIIMS and PGI etc. You may call our helpline 7861888100 if you have any further doubts or you may visit our centre to meet cured patients. Thanks.

  • hi dr,
    me 2 sal se crohn disease he or uske karan muje fistula hua abhi unmarried hu to doct surgery ke liye mana kr rhe he. to ye fistula heal krne ke liye doct kuch inflexina lene ka suggetion de rahe he o ak injection around 30k tak jata he to ye inflexima fistula heal kr sakta he kya? or me kshar sutra ka treatment le sakti hu kya?

  • Sir I am suffering from fistula in ano recently a week ago i got kshar sutra in ayurvedic college delhi sir i want to know how many days it will take and is it necessary to change thread in a week.

    • Treatment duration depends on many factors like depth and length of track. So, it can’t be told without proper check up. Thread change is necessary in Fistula on weekly basis.

  • sir, I have been doing surgery since 13 months. the two fistula has been healed and I am geeting fistula on another side along with cyst. Why?

  • Sir mujhe fistula tha Abhi operation karadiya he Abhi guda ke andar se pash aata he sir Kiya treatment sambhav he

    • Yes treatment of recurrent fistula after operation is possible by kshar sutra therapy. But check up is necessary. Please call our helpline 7861888100 for more details.

  • sir i was diagnosed for fistula from may 2016 i had undergone for ksharasutra treatment, the thread has been changed 7 to 8 times since then and still the puss is discharging some time it pains but its manageable. i drive about 25 km every day by two wheeler should i stop riding two wheeler if i travel by bus i have sit for 3 to 4 ours in bus by by vehicle 1 hr 30 min to 2hrs.
    please suggest shall i change the doctor, and also i belive the doctor, as he a very specialist is fistula treatment
    im having regular sitz bath with detol two times a day with some medicines like panchatiktha guggla and septivita

    • It may be possible that some branch of main track has remained. Coming of pus is not a good sign. You need a check up. Then something can be told and treatment planning can be done. You may call our helpline number 7861888100 to have an appointment with our specialist doctor. Thanks

  • Sir mein fistula ka treatment karba chuka hun kharasutra therapy mein per her bar heal hone k 15din baad pus niklne lagta hai aur hamare doctor dikhane bad wo phir se thread dalte hein aur wolte hein track dikhayi de raha hai, esa karke sir, mera 3baar khara sutra therapy ho chuka hai per had baar heal hone k baad bhi 15 din k baad pus niklne lagta hai. sir hidden track kahan per hai kese janenge please help.

  • Bawaseer Ka Ilaj

    thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate you taking so much time to share what worked for you and providing all of your helpful insight. It provided all of the detail that I am looking for. I will be sure to post soon with updates.

  • Fernando Ndofula

    I had an anal fistula problem 2 years ago and the doctor operated me by inserting a seton thread that continuously drains pus. I always have every morning pain after defecating and sometimes I have to take anti inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac or ibuprofen. The doctor told me that it is complicated to operate completely because it could create a problem of fecal incontinence. Please tell me what to do with this thread seton? To continue like this all life? I’m 60 years old.What is the possibility of definitively healing this?

    • It can be treated by kshar sutra treatment. But proper check up is necessary to predict the duration of treatment. Kindly call our helpline 7861888100 for more details.

  • Hello sir,
    I have Small pimple around anus,one pimple , little pain, no discharge of puss. I feel harder near on my anus no pain but I push in the skin I feel harder and little pain before 4 years I have already this problem ayurvedic dr give me some medicine and I get relief for three year but pain started again not bleeding he gives me some oil and medicine What should I do? Please suggest.

    • It can be a tag or an external pile mass. It may require Agnikarma or kshar sutra for removal. May not be cured by medicine. Check up is necessary to suggest proper treatment. Thanks.

  • Mahammed Khizar Pasha

    Dear sir
    I am from bangalore and suffering from fistula in ano. Kindly advise if you have any branch in bangalore so tat i can visit there. Its very painfull and i have tried lot of medicines but no result.

  • Sir main up ke sultanpur jile ka niwasi Hun main 26 January 2016 ko Dr A.K sing ke yaha operation karwaya Tha but 3 month SE hapte me ek bar latring ke taste me halka Pani jaisa mahsoos hota Hai baki koi problem nahi Hai sir
    Please sir , batayen ki hame kya karna chahiye ki pus Na aaye please sir batana jaroor bahot bahot sukriya hogi
    I wait u your response…….?

  • Dear Doctor,
    I am scheduled by my highly experienced ayurvedic doctor , Dr. Jyotimroy Biswas in goa to undergo a procedure for fistula just a millimeter the anus by means of “cutting and taping” he has mentioned .

    Is this an ayurvedic technique ? and if so why is it rarely used as compared to Kshar Sutra which he used on my 3rd degree piles 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago which produced fair results. kindly advice as im nervous about this procedure .

    Thank you and warm regards from goa.

  • What is the maximum duration required for curing a complex fistula in ano with ksharasutra. my husband is undergoing ksharasutra for last 10 months in Bangalore. There is no pain but pus discharge is there. Also if you could refer any doctor we could consult in Bangalore

    • It is not possible to predict the treatment duration of any kind of fistula without examination of the case. It may be 01 month, 01 year or more. We don’t have any referral service nor we have any branch except our two centres in Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR).

  • Gautam Sachdeva

    Sir i have gone from kshar sutra surgery nd its about 2 months before.
    Its leaved good effects as less pain i am feeling but doctor is asking that for fast healing he has to do some small lazer operation on outer area for new skin on the affected area…
    This would be right or not??? Nd docter is expericed as he is working in the field for 20 years? So tell me…

  • Great doctor, suffering with fistula in ano since 7 months, just started kshar sutra with Dr chauhan, will update as soon as it heal

  • Sir
    You will surprise to know that I m facing from fisher and fistula flash objects on anus (outer as weĺl as some inner portion) I lived in Delhi dwarka Mor area. I am wanted to get rid off from this very old disease pls provide me relief …

  • Sir, I have gone through perennial abscess operation in Jan 2015 and after that pus was discharging then after I took Kshar Shutra treatment in Sep 2016 which took around 3.5 months to get completed ( acc. to Dr tract was of 3cm length) now after the treatment pus is still discharging form anal and rest I do not have any problem like constipation or any external opening. What should I do? Please help already gone through 2 surgeries both modern and ayurvedic method.

    • It may be possible that any pus pocket or track has been left of treatment. You may need kshar sutra treatment again. But anything can be confirmed after a check up only. Please call our helpline 9818069989 for having an appointment with our doctor.

  • Sir,
    I am living @Ahmedabad Gujarat.
    I am suffering from fistula since four years. Can you suggest me any expert in kshar sutra in Ahmadabad.

  • Sir I had an abscess near anal opening in may 2015 it drained by antibiotics and it got okk for 2 years now on 2 September 2017 at same place there was again an abscess and drained by antibiotics there is no discharge or pain after 20 days ie today but still there is pimple like structure in the drained area is it fistula??

  • Sir I’ve done fistula treatment nw doctor ve removed ma thread also but still pus is coming out itz been 25 days can yu teme y it cumin

  • sir i have fistula treatment KSHARA SHURATRA in 1weeks after fistula hole point BLOOD BLEEDING.WHY IT’S?

  • Hi sir
    My name is Shekar I am living in Dubai hv done twice perianal abscess surgery in last 8 months in ani 12 o clock region last 2 months back I hv done pelvic mri and find fistula tract in ano 12 clock position .now I am hving wounds near ano and not getting healed but since last one month I am using ayurvedic fistula cure pack 1.vara churna 2.triphala gugule 3.cucumin 4.nergondi oil those are ok I hv not much pain but my wound is every time healing and getting new wound another day please help me this ayurvedic medicine can cure my fistula without surgery please answer me

    • What you are telling seems to be due to failed surgery for Abscess/Fistula. You can be cured completely but not by medicines only. Kshar sutra treatment is needed instead by experienced doctor. You can visit our centre when you come India, if you wish kshar sutra treatment at our center. Please call our helpline +91-9818069989 for having an appointment. Thanks.

  • sir i operated by fistula treatment KSHARA SHURATRA before 1year fistula hole point Blood and puss coming still wound not healed.

  • sir mene abhi kuch din pehle hi superficial fistula ka treatment kraya h kshar sutra se… mujhe bhot saari pimple ho gye h and ek bada usi k pass hi ho gya h,. kya new fistula generate ho gya h sir..should i go for the check up.

  • Sir Mai fistula ka treatment govt Ayurvedic hospital Assam me kra rha hu

    5 bar dhaga change Kra chuka hu

    Dhaga dala hua hai aaj 4-5 din se bahut pain ho rha hai aaj jab Mai fress hone gya to baithne pr khoon aa gya

    Ye Kya problem hai sir

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