How my Fistula cured by Kshar sutra treatment? Thanks Dr. Chauhan !

फिशर: कारण, लक्षण एवं आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा Fissure Ayurvedic treatment causes symptoms Hindi
Can fissure be cured by medicines without surgery?

Dear All,

I am going to share with you my personal experience and finding towards fistula as well as ano-rectal disease. I am 29 years old man & was suffering from fistula in ano. This disease spoiled my life. I was not able to sit for 3 months. First of all I met 3-4 renowned surgeons. All surgeons have suggested open surgery. They have also agreed towards maximum chances of recurrence. I have consulted 2-3 patient of fistula which has gone through the open surgery for 2nd to 3rd attempt and even after 3rd attempt they have not cured. In fact, after surgery they were facing various complications also. I have discussed about me and taken their advice. They have advised me that I should not go for open surgery at any cost. They told me to keep patience and to search any alternative treatment mode except open surgery. They told me that if I will go for open surgery with any advanced technologies, I will destroy my life.

Then I had decided to consult with best homeopathic doctor. I met one of the leading homeopathic doctor. He has examined my fistula and told me that homeopath treatment is only treatment that can cure fistula from the root without any recurrence chance within 3-4 months. He told me that during the treatment, I will be comfortable in daily routine. But, unfortunately, it never happened. Very disappointing point was that my problem and symptoms worsened. I was facing horrible pain continuously. To get pain relief I was taking painkillers. After two month of homeopathic treatment, I had not got any relief.

A few months ago, the infection spread, and required immediate attention. After a lot of research on Google, finally I came to Dr. Naveen Chauhan in Ghaziabad. He is expert in Kshar Sutra procedure and he is patient friendly also. His technique of kshar sutra was very gentle . In kshar sutra procedure, very important and difficult factor is “To Find out exact place of internal opening” because finding of internal opening plays a key role of this treatment. As per my experience Dr.Naveen Chauhan has excellent catching skill to get exact place of internal opening”. From my experiences of kshar sutra treatment, I realised that Dr. Chauhan has developed some revolutionary changes in this treatment. During the entire treatment and weekly thread changes, he had used all his great skills to keep me at maximum comfort and I feel personally that surgeon’s hand has a key role in minimizing the pain during the thread change. He has photo record of all patients. It is always better to come to Dr.Chauhan than to waste money & time. Do not hesitate & waste your precious time.

I was cured in 10 weeks. It is miracle & new life for me. The whole procedure was under local/spinal anesthesia only. No antibiotics at all. I was able to travel. After completion of 1 year of my kshar sutra procedure, I have no problem at all and not facing any symptom of reoccurrence, yet. NO MORE SUFFERING. I firmly and proudly recommend patients from whole world to get in touch with Dr. Chauhan. I wasted a lot of money and time before coming to him. I really feel that Dr. Chauhan is an amazing person and a gifted healer. I think this is the only hope for patients of fistula as well as ano-rectal disease. I have no words to thank Dr. Naveen Chauhan for his efforts to cure the difficult patients of ano-rectal diseases like me.

P R Pandey


फिशर: कारण, लक्षण एवं आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा Fissure Ayurvedic treatment causes symptoms Hindi
Can fissure be cured by medicines without surgery?


  • Sr, kya Dr Naven chauhan b operation krnge

  • hi im from malaysia. .
    is thre any clinic in malaysia that i can go to get treatment.?

  • Sir,

    I have been suffering from fistula from last 2 months. I have undergone alopathy as well as homepathy treatment. But unfortunately same has not been cured. Daily pain arround anus region after stool passing is there. During stomach upset, condition become worsened. I am looking for permanent cure with short time diagnosis (15 to 30 days) as i have some committment in official life.I am residing at vadodara. Is there u have any branches to contact?

    • Sorry, but We don’t have any branch there. You can go to any government Ayurveda college Hospital Surgery Department for Kshara sutra treatment if you are unable to come here at our centre in Ghaziabad.

  • More information of anal fissures, fistula etc. Budgetary cost, duration ……?

  • what is the maximum fees of treatment sir..

  • what is the maximum fees of treatment sir..plz contact me throw mail

  • Since last 2years I m suffering from fistula , I taken local homeopathic medicine 1year after that i hv taken ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic operation but still not complited . Now it’s come after 45days . When it’s came I m suffering 2/3days pain after that it’s blast and came pus and little blood with itching. I am Jahangir Kabi , 41years old from Jaigaon, Siliguri , West Bengal .

    • Fistula is completely curable by kshar sutra treatment if done by an experienced doctor. You need to visit our centre for a check up and treatment of your recurrent Fistula. Please call our helpline 7861888100 for more details. Thanks.

  • I m suffering fistula sir I want to tack treatment in kshar sutra treatment center .I m from tamilnadu .is there any good kshar sutra center? plz tel me sir .thank u

  • I had 2 surgeries of pilonidal sinus í want to know if you treat pilonidal sinus?

    • Yes pilonidal sinus treatment is possible by ayurveda kshar sutra. Kindly call our helpline 7861888100 for having an appointment.

      • You would have cured many pilonidal sinus, i wanna know how good this technique is, it’s recurrence, complications, pain management, time?

  • Hello doctor,
    I am quite surprise to see the way you have tried to reapond every query sincerly. This motivated me to to share my condition.

    I observed pain in my buttocks in month of feb2017. then its was accomponnied by abcess and drainage after the heat treatment At home. Doctor suggested drainge clean up through surgery which was very painful. I also got my colonoscopy done after 25 days but no fistula was observed.

    After a month i again had pain and drainage from the same abcess from surface. So he suggested another surgery to my shock…

    I went to second doctor for opinion he suggested surgery with seton tube. Its painful i am on my 10 day . Doctor says lot of muscles are involved and he is not commiting succes without intereference with anal muscles.. he says we can still change the action by using plug etc..

    I am in pain and spasm in rectum area. Please suggest.. lets me know i can share my reports too as i am outside india. But i can call you if u are kind enough to give me a little time.

  • Great doctor, just started my fistula treatment after suffering 7 long months

  • I was scared about 1st thread change pain, but surprisingly it took around 5 mins and pain was negligible. Done by Dr Rehan in the guidance of Dr chauhan. So far so good. Thanks

  • Hi im from there any clinic in fiji that i can go to to get treatment?

  • Is masturbation harmful during ksharsutra fistula treatment.. Plz help me with this.. Sir it’s a request

    • The great Indian Sage and Grandfather of Surgery Acharya Shushurta has advocated to avoid any kind of sexual activity during treatment and up to 06 months after treatment. In modern context it is a matter of research. We leave the decision on you. If you are comfortable, go for it otherwise it’s better to avoid.

  • Vijay Pratap Singh

    Sir , I am suffering from Fistula from 3 months , is the ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF AYURVEDA , Sarita Vihar is the right institute for KsharSutra. Can it be cured with KsharSutra.

  • My Ksharsutra treatment for fistula is completed the wound is there to be covered..but still some puss is coming..doc saying till the wound gets completely cured..puss will come…don’t worry. .is it so? Doc Chauhan plz help me..

  • Is there any method to reduce pain while changing the thread.It is a very painful process.Plz help me with some tips.

  • I have more pain after passing the stool…the pain is near the hole,not at the wounds. .the stool is going soft only..but I am still getting the pain

  • Dear Sir,
    Before 4 month back after passing stool I have little burning in my ano then i went to Gp Dr he prescribe me anobliss cream for 1 month. After 1 month I have developed perianal absecess then i visited to colo rectal surgeon Dr he told me don’t wait go for fistulotomy surgery as early as possible. So pls suggest should i go to surgery or ksharsutra treatment

    • dear lalit, a direct examination is necessary in your case.. talking about surgery, if the fistula is low type then there are chances of complete cure, but if there are some branches of the fistular tract, there are chances of recurrence of the fistula in future. Whereas in kshar sutra ,in high type complex fistula also the debridement of the fistular tract occurs at microscopic level, and there is no effect on the anal sphinctors.

  • Sir i have done kshar sutra surgery recenty for fistula problem now heavy pain after passing stool it continues for 2 hrs

  • Sir, I have been going through your site from the last one month. Your comments encouraged to go for ksharsutra treatment for my fistula in ano with internal opening at 12 o clock and external at 11 o clock below scrotum. The length of the track is 4cm and its diameter is 3mm as per MRI. I have changed one thread. The track is cut by 1cm approx. Sir, i have some question in my mind that keep haunting me:

    1) Since the diameter of my track is 3mm, will the thread (roughly in dia 2mm) be able to keep in contact with the upper layer of the track which will be nearly 1mm far away from the thread itself. How will it disinfect the upper layer of the track in that case?
    2) Does the larger diameter of the track affect the normal working of ksharsutra thread?
    Keenly waiting for your kind reply.
    Sanjay Bhat

  • Sir ,
    During the treatment period for anal fistula, is patient required to stay in India (and how long) or can go back and forth to country of residence ?


    • sir… for anal fistula treatment in kshar sutra , we need to change threads during the treatment … so patients need to visit the clinic during follow ups…. also the number of visits during the follow up totally depends upon the length of the fistular tract… i hope you got the point

  • Sir I am having fistula problem since 2017 september and now under ayurvedic treatment . Liquid form gulguluthikthakam and nimbadi with pileact tab and gulgulupanchapalam tab septec biojest tab. My problem is I had a small bleeding in the morning onkywhen I go to toilet . If I go the 2nd time no bleeding . My doc says that the tract must be burst and come out and heal . Is it so please reply me soon .

  • What is the cost for this char sutra vidhi

  • Hi I have horse shoe fistula And draining seton I have had 5 operations so don’t want any more cutting . How could you quote me for ksharsutra treatment and is it possible to put a time scale for treatment many thanks Gary

  • Hi Doctor, i had Perianal abscess on October 2017. I went for traditional surgery in hospital Malaysia. It was a painful experience and i took a month rest at home for the recovery. it was not recovered. Until today, it has developed into 3 number of abscess.
    1. How could i know whether it is fistula or merely abscess?
    2. there are few other treatment option found online like vaaft and hcpt. Which are the best option and least painful?
    3. Could you suggest and recommend which hospital should i go for these treatment. Could be either India, Singapore or Malaysia.

    • For confirmation of fistula, you can get your MRI fistulogram done… Talking about the surgery, we are specialized in kshar sutra treatment for Fistula… We don’t perform vaaft or any other technique, also we are not aware about the places for those procedures… If you want to enquire about kshar sutra you can contact us at 9818069989

  • Hello Dr.
    I am a 28 years old female. I am suffering from unbearable pain, itching, prick in my anal area. Sometimes pain relieved by itself. But sometimes it becomes unbearable after going washroom. I read many articles about fissure and piles. There is something like loose skin and a cut in my anal area which is sometimes on the left side, sometimes at right or sometimes at upper area. I don’t know what to do. Kindly guide me what should I do so that I can come out from this pain. sometimes blood seems during cleaning of the bowl or sometimes only pain, burning sensation and itching happened. sometimes I feel like a bug walking in my anal area. I am not able to sit properly for 4-5 hours after going washroom. Please suggest.

    • Your explanation is indicating that your are having multiple Fissures… But any firm diagnosis can only be made by direct observation only… You can contact us at 9818069989…

  • Sir,
    I had fissure in Dec 2017 which was very painful, I consulted Piles specialist and took medicine. After almost 3 months my fissure was healed but it left a cyst and also I could feel Puss discharge. I consulted with another BAMS Dr. and he said its FISTULA.
    He treated me with Kshar Sutra method, after 1 week of surgery I still found Puss discharge, is this common or do i need to worry??

    Should I consult another Dr.?? Please give me a reference in Bhopal MP.

    Amit Lakhera

  • Dear Sir
    I am under treatment of fistula in ano by ksharsutra, it has been 3 weeks, my doctor is saying that there is another branch of main fistula track where a bubble is shown and pus is coming from there, he is saying for applying ksharsutra in same as well, is it OK? Please advise.

  • Hi dr. Can you pls let me know what precautions does the patient has to follow undergoing kharsutra surgery for fistula in ano? Awaiting your help as always

    • firstly , follow all the instructions provided by your doctor, do not eat anything , which can cause constipation… take proper sitz bath… regular walking promotes the cutting, so do walk as much as you can… avoid sitting for long in the same position… Thanks..

  • Sir do you have any branch in Kolkata?Please tell me.

  • Sir i have a fistula at 1o clock positions but my doctor can’t recognised the internal opening of the tract and then create an opening at another portion. After khar sutra treatment it heal but the previous internal opening remain and pus release just beneath the 1 o clock position. Please suggest me doctor.

  • Hi sir,
    Do you treat pilonidal sinus with kshra sutra?

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