Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What’s the difference?

Home remedies for Fissure anal pain and constipation
Fistula in ano kshar sutra treatment

Fissure in ano : Acute or Chronic What’s the difference?

How to treat fissure?

By: Dr. Rahul Chauhan

Consultant Ano-rectal specialist

Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad





Fissure in ano is a linear crack in anal region, which is associated with pain, with or without blood, before or after defecation.

Fissures there can be two types (1) Acute (2) Chronic

  1. Acute fissure: A newly formed or more specifically a fissure which is less than six weeks duration is termed as acute fissure, it may be single or there may be multiple, associated with pain or burning in anal area which persists for hours, fresh blood along with stool. Also there will be a history of constipation and accidental crack due to hard stool.
  2. Chronic fissure: A fissure which is older than 6 weeks is termed as chronic fissure, it may also be single or multiple, may or may not be associated with pain and blood. Chronic fissure is commonly associated with sentinel tag, which is characterized by a mass protruding from the anal opening on the base of which lies the fissure. one more thing usually found is a fibrosed tissue or hard mass at the site of Fissure present at anal opening, which is formed due to repeated cycles of unhealthy healing by the patient’s body.

Treatment of Anal fissure

In acute cases the fissure can be healed by medicines and diet management, but in chronic case it is usually tough to get is cured by medicines and diet management. so in that in that case kshar sutra comes as one of the best possible option for surgical removal of the fissure. It’s a simple surgical procedure without using knife by which the extra skin (sentinel tag) and unhealthy tissue at Fissure base is removed using a special Ayurveda medicated thread by a competent surgeon specialist doctor.


Home remedies for Fissure anal pain and constipation
Fistula in ano kshar sutra treatment


  • Thank you Doctor sahab for sharing the useful info..

  • i have multiple fissure with skin tag as i am suffering from many years can it completely cured with ksharsutra method and will not recurre in future as some time i feel it happen due tight anal canal as i am maintaining proper diet but still it occur surgeon told me its is multiple fissure please tell me cost and permanent cure.


    • They all can be removed for sure… Both Fissure and sentinel tags… But it can not be said that they will not occur again in future… It happens due to hard stool, and it depends completely on the habits of patient. If the patient maintains good eating habits, then he can stay away from constipation and also from this condition.

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