Diet for Constipation, Piles/Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure and Fistula in ano (ano-rectal) patients as per Ayurveda

ANAL FISSURE/FISSURE-IN-ANO - Causes, prevention and treatment as per ayurveda
Precautions to be taken during and after Kshara sutra treatment

Diet for Constipation, Piles/Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure and Fistula in ano (ano-rectal) patients as per Ayurveda


Dalia (sweet or salty depending on individual’s choice), Milk without fat, Tea, Toast, Chapati, Mix veg., Brown bread, Sprouts, Fruits like apple etc.


Chapatis, Cooked mixed vegetables, Daal (cooked pulses), Boiled rice, Takra (Buttermilk), Salad prepared from onion, tomato, radish, turnip, carrots, papaya etc.

Evening Tea/snacks:

Tea or coffee, Toasts, Dry fruits, Biscuits, roasted popcorns or any other light food item can be taken.


Chapatais, cooked vegetables, Daal (cooked pulse), salad


  • Please don’t take dahi (curd) or buttermilk in dinner.
  • At bedtime lukewarm milk can be taken.

Food items:


Flour: Mixed grains flour like wheat, barley, gram, soybeans etc. However wheat flour with husk (without refining) can also be used.

Pulses: Moong, Masoor, Gram, Soybean etc.

Vegetables: Bottle gourd, radish, turnip, cabbage, cauliflower, raw green papaya, carrot, fenugreek leaves, chenopodium leaves, spinach leaves, tomato, potato and other green leafy vegetables.

Fruits: Papaya, Coconut, Apple, Litchi, Figs, Watermelon, Orange, Guava etc.

Juices: Coconut water, Bottle gourd juice, Apple juice, Mixed fruit juice, Aloe vera juice, Trifala ras, Wheat grass juice etc.

Dry fruits: Almonds, Pistachio, Dried grapes etc.

Spices: Turmeric, Coriander powder, Fenugreek, Cummins seeds, Ajwain, Saunf etc.

Ghee-cooking oils: Cow’s ghee, mustard oil, olive oil, groundnuts’ oil, soybean’s oil etc.


  • Drink plenty of fluids including water.
  • Tea/Coffee should not be taken in excess.
  • Avoid non-veg. and junk/spicy food items.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, chewing of tobacco products.
  • Follow the instructions of your physician strictly.
  • The above diet instructions are in general for the patients suffering from anorectal diseases. Depending on individual’s need, food articles may be added or restricted. Physician’s advice and instructions are to be strictly followed.


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ANAL FISSURE/FISSURE-IN-ANO - Causes, prevention and treatment as per ayurveda
Precautions to be taken during and after Kshara sutra treatment


  • sir your information is super and useful 100percent good and pratical

  • Hi. I just read above terms. It is useful. I did all as mentioned as above but I was undergone surgery 6 times for the same fistula and recurring perianal abscess.
    I m very much upset.

    Pls help with this

    • You should go for kshara sutra treatment for your recurrent fistula. Please call me at 09536909883 to know more. Thanks.

      • Sir I m having fisher problem I started excercise 3 months ago . Stopped smoking now I drink whiskey not everyday like before . Now I take gud diet also than why so now this problem I m having

  • dear sir,

    what is treatment of fissure in short time please suggest me

  • I am having fissure problem, and I in marketing field have to drive daily 40 Kms, can you pls let precautions to be taken during summer, also let me know whether too much of intake of water will harm retina.
    how much time it will be to reduce and this reoccur again, what precautions to be taken, can we have toor daal.
    can we have tomato, papaya and what fruits can be taken, is kheera good for fissure.

  • my daugher is suffering from fissure.she is 2.5 years old..
    plzz suggest something to cure fissure…

    • I think I have examined your daughter. How is she now?

    • sir my problems is fissure last six months but i have take ayurveda doctor he told massge 2 weeks over my treatment but still know same problems continve.

      • sir my problems is fissure last six months but i have take ayurveda doctor he told massge 2 weeks over my treatment but still know same problems continve. my two legs or burning. in motion place burning and light pain before pass stool and after pass burning

  • is papaya , almond ,porridge good in fissure…

  • papaya , almond ,porridge good in fissure…

  • I have suffering from fistula for 5-6 month and how to closed this type problem.

    And what diet for better control pls suggest the same.

    • Fistula in ano is a 100% surgical disease and conventional surgery (Operation) has high recurrence rates. Better you visit at our clinic or a Kshar sutra doctor nearby you.
      thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist

  • Sir i have Grade 1 internal piles problem… But along with that i have swilling in anus areas and also have a lot of problem in penis erection during sex……

  • anjani kumar srivastava

    i have problem of anal fistula which ocourred four times i do not want to go to surgery can it be cured without surgery please suggest me

  • Dear Sir
    I have been suffering from anal fissures for 6 months. At starting, it was one fissure, but with time, it became 2-3. The oldest fissure seems to be healed to much extent. I have decided to undergo operation. Will it be done at your hospital? Which method would you apply- kshar sutra, LIS, dilatation or Agnikarma? Is dilation done with fingers or using balloon or something?

    What medicines do you prescribe for anal fissure if one doesn’t want to undergo operation? I have been using jatyadi tail, diltazem cream etc. I have been taking cow ghee, aloevera for constipation. Are they sufficient? Sometimes I pass hard stool and the fissures are worsened.


  • i am suffering from anal fistula from last three years i used medicene trifala guggulu and undergone surgery once
    i want to have a 100% cure for this

    • Dear Mr. Shahidji,
      Fistula in ano is not a medicine curable disease. It’s a 100% surgically curable disease and among surgical approaches, classical surgery (Operation called fistulectomy or fistulotomy) has high recurrence rates as in your case. It’s curable by Ayurveda surgical approach i.e. Kshara sutra therapy. We do this treatment at our clinic in Ghaziabad. Better you visit at our clinic, get your check-up and treatment done properly.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist and Director
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad
      Ph. 09818069989

  • Sir, As doctor had told me i have fissure(from 2008 onwards), i was using some ointments and was having some tablets but it was not working much. Sometimes blood is coming in stool and its paining. Sometimes some pricking sensation i am feeling in anus area. Sometimes i cant seat properly because of pain. Sometimes one flesh is coming out and its not going inside by itself. I have to push it by hand to make it inside. Sometimes big flesh and sometimes small flesh is coming out when i go for no.2. Recently i got lots of blood in my stool so i consulted doctor and doctor told its fissure and may be you may have piles inside. Doctor prescribed tablet called as sitcom and ointment called diltagem gel 2%, one syrup for stool softener, isabgool, etc. Now sometimes flesh is not coming and sometimes flesh is coming out while going no.2 so i am confused whether it will heal completely or not. I want to know the real difference between fissure, piles, fistula. How it forms & how it describes itself in detail? I am yet to be married. I have gall bladder stones with 2 nos. I am getting gas and pain in back and chest after having food. What are the risk factors for a girl with all these problems? Please suggest what to be done & how to treat all these problems naturally. I don’t want to do surgery as surgery will make other side effects later.

    • Dear madam,
      We can send you medicines for internal Hemorrhoids through courier if you wish but if your location is near Delhi, I would like to suggest you to visit at our clinic in Ghaziabad. Most probably you have Hemorrhoids (internal) which bleed often. These can be easily cured by our Ayurvedic medicines. Write to us if still there is any doubt in your mind.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad

      • Dear Naveen doctor, first thing my english is not good for taking help from u.. sorry for any mistake.. so sir my problem is about fissure and piles… i am 24 year old boy i m suffering from fissure from last 1 yr to now.. i m also suffering from piles also from last 2 month now.. i m taking high fibre diet but it ease the burning but not heal comlete.. i use virgin coconut oil it work but less… plz suggesion what can i do.. i do not pain and not bleed or blood spot on toilet.. but only burning only after defacation.. plz help i m very very very deperessed and stressful mind.. plz sir help.. if u help me so inshallah god will help you.

        • Dear Rehanji,
          Use Jatyadi oil (Baidyanath) 5ml and push using a syringe without needle in your anus after having a sitz bath at night.
          You will get relief from burning sensation.
          Dr. Naveen Chauhan

    • Mrs Daisy Verna, Art Teacher

      You must stop allopathic, Ayurvedic or homeopathic. Start taking Isabgol with water only two times a day. Don’t eat anything at least two hours after taking Isabgol. Eat only two times a day without milk or oil. In one month, you will get such a relief as never before.

  • Dear sir i am 24 year old boy suffuring from fissure last 1 year no bleeding and no pain.. but burning sensation after defacation.. and last to now internal hemorrhoid develop.. plz suggest me what can i do.. i m already on unani medicine.

  • I had kshar shutra surgery but still small pus from anus, plz suggest me some diet and ayurvedic medicine

  • I have internal haemorrhoids and fissures which got confirmed after endoscopy, I tried Ayurveda, allopathy, these are giving temporary relief, as soon as I travel in bus in seating position or ride a bike, pain with blood persists with flesh coming out. Can u suggest any medicine or a clinic in Hyderabad.

    • Dear sir,
      We don’t have any branch in Hyderabad. You can visit here for treatment it will be good. We have borading and lodging facilities here.
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan

  • Hello Sir,
    I am Suffering for Anal Fissure from one year, Sometimes It Pains and Bleed.
    I dont know whether it is in their primary stage or at high level.
    Is there any way out to cure it by medicine or Surgery is the only option?
    and please also tell me, how many days it takes for surgery as i am jobholder?

    • Dear Mr. Vickyji,
      If you are confirm about the diagnosis, I would like to tell you that Most cases of Fissure are curable by Ayurveda medicines and usually do NOT require any surgery. However anything about a particular case can only be told only after proper check-up. Better you visit any specialist doctor nearby you or visit at our centre in Ghaziabad.
      Thanks and regards,
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist

      • Dr naveen ji

        I have operated for piles and fissure operation through kshar sutra therapy last when I sit on pot there was so much bleeding

        than I call to dr and visit there clinic than he tag another stich

        now in morning there is no blood at the time of motion now I m feeling some pain and dr suggest not to use jelly there
        Request you to please suggest is my treatment is ok and how much will take to recover from this


  • Dear sir;
    I have burning during go to toilet.
    Itake treatment from a local doctor.he gave me a injection and some tablets like augmenti 625 and lcz
    But no satisfied result get
    Doctor tell me ihave anal fissure
    Kindly suggest me the right way
    I shall be very thankful to you for this

    • Dear Mr. Nareshji,
      There may be many reasons behind your anal burning; may be it is fissure or proctitis. There may be some possible underlying cause like having excess chilies or spices. Try to remove the underlying cause and consult a specialist doctor preferably Ayurveda as it’s a matter of proper examination (check-up).
      Thanks and regards,
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist

  • Dr, I have gone through a surgery for fissure just 10 days back. Now I am following a strict fiber diet as mentioned by you above. I don’t want fissure to happen again in future. I wanted to ask you if I can use little garlic, tamarind, egg, soya sauce, vinegar etc in my diet sometimes? plz guide so that I can follow accordingly.

  • Dear Dr naveen sir
    I am 33 yr old girl getting married on 18 jan 2015. I had suffering from anal fissure from 2006. It will be cure lot of time taking fiber onitment and medicine
    But after few month it will raised again. I have two small venis around my rectum. Most of time it will be flat after taking lot of precaution. But after some weeks it occur again.I have question there is any problem in sex life and at pregnancy time. I told my partner about condition he is supportive but I want full relief from my pain. Give me suggestion thanku

    • Hello Ms. Ilaji,
      You just follow the following precautions;
      1. Avoid constipation by having fibre rich diet.
      2. Don’t strain during passing stools.
      3. Have plenty of liquids and water.
      4. As far as permanent cure is concerned, it can be only suggested after a proper check-up. If there is some skin tag, it may need removal by Kshara sutra or you may need some dilations sittings.
      Dr. Naveen Chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      SDC, Ghaziabad

  • sir.mujhe fistula hua tha 2 mahina pahele.after 10 days mera kharsutra treatment se operation huwa tha.abhi bahat relax hain.mera fistula ka length mri se pata laga ki 3.3 cm.abhi mera 10 Times thread change ho goya hain.sir.aur kitne din lagenge pura thik hone main aur kya kya diet mujhe lena sahiye pse batayee.

  • Sir recently before 3 days i have gone through with kshara sutra treatment for piles. There is a lot of pain when i was sleeping also getting strained when passing stools.pls help me vth a suggestion or prescribe any painkiller

  • Sir,
    I’m 32 yrs old and suffering from fissure from last 15-20 days. A lot of blood comes before and after defecation which pains a lot. Also I feel a lot of burning sensation and itching whole day. 12 yrs ago, one piece of skin had come outside and is still hanging. But it never pained. But now I’m having unbearable pain the whole day. I do not want to be operated. Plz give me proper suggestions.

    • Take Sitz bath with lukewarm water and visit to our clinic or a good Kshara sutra Proctological specialist nearby you. Anything can be told only after examination.

  • sir can i take milk; brown bread and apple together in breakfast to cure constipation?

  • my son is 5 years old. he has developed anal fistula, 120clock, high. its benn about 6-8 months now. every 2-3 days,we can see pus coming from his fistula opening. once in 15 days, blood also comes. recently, small swelling has started developing near the anal region. once the pus/blood gets discharged the swelling also subsides but comes back again in 10 days time.. doctors at max hospital have adviced a surgery but i am not sure whether we should operate on such a small kid. pls advise:
    can ksharasutra be performed on him?
    will it be painfull
    will it require any pre-post surgical precautions.

  • What are the definite and accurate symptoms of anal abscess and fistula. Are both the same. Please advice.

    • An abscess is a localized swelling with pus collection. If it occurs in your buttock area, it is called perianal abscess. Most abscesses originate from skin due to hair follicle infection. But if the origin is from inside the anal canal from an anal crypt, it forms Fistula. This is the main difference between the two. I’ll share a detailed post regarding this soon.

  • Thanks a lot sir for the reply. But what are most popular or general symptoms of abscess and fistula. That means the confirm symptoms of abscess and fistula found in most patients. Do all types of fistula have boil on the buttock or anus skin.

    • If an abscess is not healing even after taking medicines and having adequate dressings for about 01 month, there are very much chances that it’s Fistula. A proctologist can tell after a check-up.

      • Thank you sir. What are the most common or popular symptoms found in fistula patients. Do all types of fistula have a boil on the buttocks skin or the anus skin.

  • can we eat curd while annal fissure

  • sir..can i take little red chilli powder in my food if suffring from piles?

  • Dear Sir,
    About one week before I undergone kshar sutra theapy for anal fissure.after passing stools I am feeling very painful about 10 to 15 min and it will decrease after doing sitz bath.Will this pain remain for how many day sir?

    I am working in software side.shall i sit for more hours like 9 to 10 hours per day continuously? I already had 9 days bed rest after surgery.

    Shall i eat mutton and egg as my diet with less spices?

  • sir can curd be taken with lunch? also can i include chukunder in salad?

  • Dear sir since last 3day a small pimple occurred on my anal and am going through very much pain so I went to a Ayurvedic doctor he is telling that it is a fistula and I should go on with kshar sutra and it costs around 18k so please suggest me a easy way by which I can get relief from this pain

  • Namaskaar Dr. Sahab
    Sir kya fissure ki samsya me chawal khaye ja sakte h?
    Sir diet me Banana liye ja sakte h?

  • Sir
    Lagbhag 1 year se Mere anus se 1″ side me ek funshi uthti h or beth jati h . pet bhi thik nahi rahta..Mujhe Dr. Ne fistula in ano bataya h……mujhe bahut tention ho rahi h….me surgery nahi karwana chata….dar lagta h…pls. Help me….

  • can I have curd in piles and fistula?

  • im having same problem.please tell me the proper diet because when i go to washroom it bleeds from my anal

  • Dear Dr.
    Recently I was diagnosed with a grade 1 low anal canal fistula. Pls advise of home based remedies and precautions to get this cured without a surgical intervention. Thanks.

    • There is no grading in Fistula. It’s simply Fistula or not. It’s not possible to cure a fistula without surgical intervention. Among surgeries, Kshara sutra is the best one with minimal chances of recurrence.

  • I am suffering from Anal fistula from last 10days no bleeding onl;y having pain some time – when i can change the diet go for Curd – buttermilk and other veg diet it was reduce the pain – can u pls suggest for further guideline.

    • Do you have any kind of pus or pus like discharge from anus or from an area nearby anus? If yes it may be fistula and needs proper examination for treatment. However if you have only pain and no discharge, it may be some other pathology like Anal fissure. You may change your diet and can have a sample diet chart from here;

  • Sir mai hostel me rahti hu isliye yaha khane ke liye proper dite nahi mil pata h or food bahut hi spicy hota h fibrous food bhi kam milta h aise me mushe kya karna chaiya kon se diet lena chahiye is problem ke liye

  • Shyam Kumar singh

    I have undergone anal streching last week because of fissures and primary level of piles. My query is whether i can drink tea and can i sit for 1 hour at a strech.plz also guide me regarding precaustionary measures.

  • hi I m pratiksha..
    Mujhe dr. ne bataya he ki mujhe fissure he and operation karna hoga..
    Nahi ki to piles b ho sakta he phir jyada takleef hogi..
    bt me accha diet leti hu to pain nahi hota, bleeding b nai hoti..
    to kya mujhe operation karna hi hoga kya?
    mujhe bahot darr lag raha h operation ka.. plz suggest me..

  • Dear sir I m suffering from internal hemoroides since 12 years. I have one time surgery also. Two years before when I tested fistulogram there is not found fistula developed. But time to time there is pus development and bleeding. It’s nearby anus. Please suggest. Thanks

  • Hi my name is satish recently I had stomach upset and met gastroenterologist after passing stool there is no blood and I do not stress during bowel movement. The doctor examined me and said that there is no fissure but sometimes after passing stool there is a kind of burning sensation for few minutes and the doctor after detail examination of blood and stool test report told that I had VB12 deficency. Gave me some vitamin tablets and husk powder to avoid constipation.

  • Manoj mukund Rane

    Doctor my morning breakfast is brown bread and tea, fruits also. In lunch I eat chapatti, rice, daal, sometime curd also, In dinner same like lunch except curd, eating cooked vegetables and fruit. I drinking lot of water. After all that in morning, stools getting hard, sometime sticky and not clean at one time. Why this happens….. Pls help me out from this…….

  • Manoj mukund Rane

    My operation is done before 25 days.

  • sir…which papaya ripe or unripe is better for taking in constipation?????..can i drink milk after eating papaya….?

  • Dear doctor, am kiran 24 year old sir I have fissure in ano from one year and recently am operated by lateral internal sphincterotomy done under ga on 20.07.2015 but after this fissure should not reduce it’s come a small part when I go to motion, this time no blessing no constipation but only its fissure comes sir am very disappointed please suggest better cure for this…

  • I see all suggestion provide by u that was most effect fully but I think this suggestion can use only which person who are using net have any possibility to organise any camp or saminar for all poor pasent because they have no money for operation kindly think about it


    Hi! I am suffering from piles from last month.During bowel movement it gives so much pain.please suggest me some medicine or either can we meet at yr clinic.?

  • Sir,
    I am 19 years old…
    Recently from 1 week i am experiencing a sharp pain while passing stool and today i had blood while passing stool…
    Bt i am not sure is that piles…
    If so..
    How can i cure it without surgery…
    Plz help…
    I am really very frightened…

    • It may not be piles, rather it can be Fissure. Avoid constipation, Have sitz bath, Keep your digestion good. It will help in curing fissure. If still problem persists, go for an experienced doctor for a check-up.

  • Recently got operated for perianal fistula. How much it will take to heal. Will it heal completely?.I am drill under medication. Using oxum spray.

  • Sir , now I am undergoing treatment of khsar shutra treatment can I eat egg now

  • Sir i dont know even what problem is that which i am suffering from but it indicates the symptoms of PILES. collection of the pimpels in my private area from now 2 days i am suffering from bit constipation thats why iis paining. usually i had pain after come from the washroom.

    Please suggest me the best way to get rid of this

  • Hi,
    I dont want to go for the surgery please suggest me the way wahre i can get rid of my pain without go for the surgery.

    Thanks in advance =

  • Sir am suffering from piles having blood…having pain like hell am 22 year old what can I do? Sir plz help

  • sir I’m suffering from hemorrhoids and fissure since one month .I’m using cefixime and oflaxcin and some painkillers and ointments ..but nt curing it increasing day by day…so can I move 2 surgery or nt..if surgery which method is best pls suggest me

    • There is no role of antibiotics in Haemorrhoids. The decision of surgery can be taken only after proper check-up. there are many methods. Kshara sutra is one of the best way to cure these diseases.

  • Hey doctor every morning my stomach feels heavy and after poop it’s fine some time iIfeel pain in my stomach and I have small crack on my asus

  • Dear sir,

    from last year my stool is hard and i was suffering from anal fissure for 3 to 4 months, doctors suggested me laxitives, and some ointments, but in may 2015 i saw anal abscess near my anal area on right side and docter suggested me surgery after surgery i am getting worse constipation and some time anal fissure, but from July 2015 my stool is alwz hard at the begning, i used laxitives, saunf powder and many more things, lot of fibre, but once i am trying to stop lexitves the stool bcm harder, but from last alwz lower abdomen cramps, mostly my right side near belly button, please suggest me something good docter…

  • From some days i am using now isabgol husk….. but still my stool is hard and sometimes its lit black in colour, some times white….plz suggest me…..

  • R/sir
    M 2 months se Bhagander se preshan hu ek Phoda hua tha vo fut gya tha or m admit b hua tha… Kya opration k bina bhagander ka ilaz possible h plz reply

  • Having lot of itching in anal area
    Please help

  • Hi

    Sir, I had constipation and later on I used to go two to three times for washroom, then I met the gastroenterologist and I explained all my symptoms there was some burning sensation after bowel movement, the doctor put a gloved finger in my anal region and checked and said that there is no anal fissure, but he however suggested to go to surgeon, I went to surgeon who Is expert in fissure, Piles and fistula then he did video rectos copy and checked inside he said there is no fissure or fistula or Piles and he said that you sphincter spasm is normal but sometimes after eating spicy food, it will burn for sometimes. I usually do not strain and I go for bowel movement twice a day and without any pain or stress. The gastroenterologist had a blood test the report is normal but he said the vitamin b12 is little less not to much the reports range was 200.3 but actual range is from 211-900.

  • I don’t get proper bowel movement daily… Nd I gt once in 2 dayzz.. Nd I’m suffering from anal fissure.. Dude to hard stool it painzz.. Plzz help me to hav proper bowel movement daily.. Nd home remedies for anal fissure

  • I m also suffering from fisula , it occur after 3-4months. Can non veg food is cause of occurance of fisula

  • Sir i am 31 years old and suffering from anal fissure and 1 skin tag in anal region. I am suffering from last 5 years bt burning and itching occurs again and again after every couple of weeks. No blood no pain only burning and needle peiercing pain in anal region…I am taking homeopathic medicine bt it will give temporary relief… Plz help me for this, i want permanent relief from this disease..

  • Sir i am suffering from anal fissure and 1 skin tag from last 5 years.. No pain no blood bt burning and needle pierceing pain in anal region occurs after evry couple of weeks. M taking homeo medicine bt temporary releif.. Plzz tell me some permanent relief of this disease.

  • Sir,

    I don’t know if i have internal Hemorrhoids or Fissures but the problem is too much of burning while passing the stool and little pain only at a particular point. Doctor suggested P-cool but it dose not help much(did not use regularly). First day there was too much of blood but later it stopped, however after 30 days i could see some more blood but little.
    Do you suggest i should go for a checkup or do home remedies.

  • Dear Sir,

    i am yogesh from Bangalore i am suffering from 3rd grade piles and fissure
    i want to know is it curable with out operation, i am sales person who runs
    around daily 100 kms and i am not willing to undergo any operations
    please help me out if u have any medicines to cure

    thank you

  • question: i have ano- fistula since 2007. In 2011 i got two opening now. recently i have been tested for HIV but was negative. The doctor advice me to go for surgery but i am worried because my father had it two, went for surgery but did not stop the discharge. All i am asking is that with this diet i can stop this two opening that has been with me for the last eight years or should i go with surgery, knowing fully well the lack of expertize of this area in doctors in Labasa, Fiji

    • Dear sir,
      Your father need to visit here at our centre for Ayurveda kshara sutra treatment for Fistula in ano. We accept international patients too. Kindly call at our helpline +91-9818069989 before you plan your visit.

  • Dear Sir,

    i am Venkatesh from Hubli (Karnataka) i am suffering from fissure i want to know is it curable without operation, i am Marketing Manager i am seating long time a day i am not willing to undergo any operations, please help me out if u have any medicines to cure, please suggest me diet

    • Without examination it’s not possible to predict whether your disease is curable by medicines or need some surgical procedure. So, a check-up by an experienced specialist doctor is necessary to decide the treatment.

  • Dear sir,
    My name is varun my age is 33. I had operated fistula last 10 days before from a hospital faridabad. Now I’m worried k jai dobara na ho. Bahut dard sahan kiya hai in 10 dino m Maine. Sir please app MRI help kijiye or muje guide kijiye k jai dobara naa ho iske liye muje kya krna chahiye kya Khana chahiye kya nhi Khana chahiye. Kush log muje keh rhe hai k jiva ayarvadic ki medicine mangwa lo or use khao. Fir dobara nhi hoga. Sir please meri help kro or muje batao k muje kya krna chahiye.

    • Dear Varunji,
      Normally Fistula can NOT be prevented by any Ayurvedic or Allopathic medicines. Classical Fistulectomy or Fistulotomy surgery have high recurrence rates. I advise you that first get cured completely. After that think about any recurrence.

  • Sir, I am 20 yr. Old girl.. I had a high level fistula which has been treated by surgery.. Sir I want to know what precautions should I take to avoid this problem in future? And can I eat spicy and junk food if there is any situation where I have no option to avoid it?

  • I have gone is khar sutra for fistula can I eat egg

  • Sir, i have a small swollen lump near my anal region, it burst and drains out itself, however i dont feel any pain while sitting or walking and there is no blood from the lump nor in my stool but it drains itself within 24hrs and i m normal again but it reoccurs again and the same proceedure is followed please help.

  • Sir, am 39 yrs old. From past 4 months am suffering from pain while passing stool. Stool is too hard and painful while passing. Doctor advised to tak 30ml of evict syrup daily night. I had taken 4 to 5 bottles. Sometimes its ok if I stop again pain and small 2 flush in anus. Wat is the remedy, is this very serious. But no blood in stool only burning sensation and hard stool. Kindly let me kno why is this happening.

  • Harjeet Singh

    Sir, i have a small lump just close and attached with my anal area, and there is a small pin type hole in it and a discharge of pus with smell has come from it, sometimes i feel a itching in it…plz guide me what exactly it is, and is there any need of Sugery in this case, coz i don’t want any surgical procedures with this.

  • Sir,
    It’s one year completed after surgery of fissure. But, many times especially in the morning, I get a lot of gas and my belly becomes swollen and I feel very heavy but later becomes normal. I m passing a lot of gas all the day. Pls suggest a solution.

    • Avoid excess of spicy food. Have regular walk and exercise. If still problem persists visit your nearby Ayurveda doctor or call our helpline number 7861888100. Thanks.

  • Sir

    Mera fistula ka treatment hua hai ksharsutr kiya hai
    Mujhe pain hota hai raat ko neend nahi aati abhi mere 6 thread change karne baaki hai
    Main din main 2 baar mobizox tablet leta hu
    Mujhe ye puchna hai ki mobizox tablet jyada lena thik hai kya
    Mujhe plz help kijiye
    My mobile number 9545895905

  • helli sir mujhe last one month sa anal fissur ki problem ha maine apna pura diet change kar rakha ha use only fiber food doctor na mujhe operation ka liya kaha ha main daily walk aur yoga bhi kar raha hu phir bhi mujhe koi imorovment nahi hor rahi pls tell me

  • Reshma manglani

    sir muje severe migrain h last 12 years se…..or april 2015 se muje insomnia,constipation,
    acidity,gas sabi problem start ho gai h,mene kafi doctors ko dikhya but koi fark nahi pada
    sir muje kuch esa treatment btaye jisse m thik ho jau sir m bahut pareshan hu

  • डॉ साहब, मैँ पिछले 2 महीने से anal abcess से पीड़ित हूँ। बाहर की तरफ तो बहुत छोटा सा दाना है जो कभी तो फट जाता है तो कभी लगभग गायब हो जाता है। दर्द हमेशा बना रहता है कभी कम तो कभी असहनीय। पर अंदर से कभी कभी खून एवं पास आता है। लोकल छार सूत्र डॉ ने एंटीबायोटिक्स दे दे के स्तिथि बेहतर तो कर दी है पर पूर्ण आराम नहीं आया है। उनका कहना है कि इसको drain करवा लीजिये, ड्रेन करवाने पर ही पता लग पायेगा कि fistulaa बन गया है कि नहीं।
    पर मैं सर्जरी से बचना हूँ । कृप्या मार्गदर्शन करें।

  • Sir, there are piles removed, but the skin exists still on the nerves and is painful, any suggestion in reference to medicine

  • Doc i just had my kshar sutra treatment done n its been almost 2weeks but recently i noticed that there is a small lump near the area where the tread is tightened. I have been going regularly for dressing on alternate days n the doctor said that it will gradually subside after the healing period is over. Plz advice what should i do?

  • Dear Sir,

    I’m 27 yrs old and suffering from Fissure(initial level) and Anal Fistula(at 7 O’clock higher level with heavy pain) from last 7 months and gone through two surgery as well for the Fistula.
    By diet control and sit bath Fissure almost in control and its gone.
    But After surgery also did not get any relief for Fistula.
    From last 4 months I am taking treatment of Kshar sutra from Prof. Dr. S. K. Dwivedi, Nagpur.
    Problem is lesion is not healing yet. Dr. suggest me to apply Copper Sulph. on that part but its very painfull.
    please help me out if you have any medicines to heal that lesion.
    I also called you on 09818069989 and 09536909883 this number but you didnt pick.
    Give me if any alternate number and suitable time so I can call you sir.

    And I am working in software side.shall i sit for more hours like 5 to 6 hours per day continuously?

    Please help sir to heal that lesion , I am in pain from 7 months 🙁

    Thank you

  • Hello Sir..I must say your answers are very.informative !
    I ‘ve diagnosed with 2nd stage fissure….I won’t get pain every day it’s once in a month for bowling moment…even no.blood spots in the stool.. I can do activities including exercise daily…but I ‘ve little pile mass..which is again painless…pls suggest me if I can get cute without ksharsutra any.medicines…

  • I have anal fissure problem from last 60 days…
    When i pass the urin a little bit burning sensation and pain im penis…

    But when i sex the pain in fissure and in penin both are increased…

    Is there a relation between fissure and urin problem or both are different issue

    Sir please tell me a solution for better married life…

  • Thanks
    very clear information.

  • Dear Sir,

    I’m 27 yrs old and suffering from Fissure(initial level) and Anal Fistula(at 7 O’clock higher level with heavy pain) from last 7 months and gone through two surgery as well for the Fistula.
    By diet control and sit bath Fissure almost in control and its gone.
    But After surgery also did not get any relief for Fistula.
    From last 4 months I am taking treatment of Kshar sutra from Prof. Dr. S. K. Dwivedi, Nagpur.
    Problem is lesion is not healing yet. Dr. suggest me to apply Copper Sulph. on that part but its very painfull.
    please help me out if you have any medicines to heal that lesion.
    I also called you on 09818069989 and 09536909883 this number but you didnt pick.
    Give me if any alternate number and suitable time so I can call you sir.

    And I am working in software side.shall i sit for more hours like 5 to 6 hours per day continuously?

    Please help sir to heal that lesion , I am in pain from 7 months ?

    Thank you

  • Hi Sir ,
    My daughter is 3 years old & suffering from Chronic Constipation , as per the doctor its fisher , she is taking Milk Of Magnesia (ml twice a day) from last 4 months but no relief !! Sometimes she missed the poop for 3-4 days even when she is taking Medicine , then we have to give her Laxopeg Sachet (Adult Dose) …
    But now i gave her Laxopeg 2 days continuously still she is not passing stool..

  • Hello Sir,
    Im having a piles issue since 4 months as of now the inflammation and burn has gone only sometime i get pain during bowel movement like someone is poking a needle..Im taking this ayurvedic laxative some tablets and ointment for the anal region
    I have started with fibre diet since long period once i do bowel movement only that point of time it hurts a little bit then i recover only sometimes if the bowel is strong it hurts..
    Please advice

  • Doc i just had my kshar sutra treatment done n its been almost 3 weeks but recently i noticed that there is a lump near the area where the tread is tightened.its is paniful and when i press it will sitting in sitz bath some liquid and some bblood flows out and make me comfortable. I have been going regularly for changing of thread and got two threads changed n the doctor said that it will gradually subside after the healing period is over. Plz advice what it is and what should i do?

  • In fistulas which type of vegetables should take n which should avoid.?
    Beans..n capsicums can take or not…

  • Shreekrishna choudhary

    Your diet plan is very important for us, I give you many thanks. Sir lajawab hai aap Naween jee, Thanks to God and his bless upon you.

  • I see your comment above where you said that if fistula is low fistula then conventional allopathic surgery can be considered. My question is if kshar sutra treatment is equally effective for high as well as low anal fistulas?

    • Yes… kshar sutra treatment can be done in any kind of Fistula. It’s better than conventional lay open surgeries in low as well as in high or complex type of fistula.

  • Hello sir..
    I’m 20 year old boy..I m having bleeding while passing stool which reduced after using allopathy medicines and then piles are coming out while passing stool then going back during normal work and from 10 days I m got tear like at anus small linear one doctor said that it was fissure and gave medicines I used homoeopathy also…and I think fissure strtd just now na will cure by medication?

  • Hello sir…..My husband had abscess surgery in May 2016.He had abscess very close to Anus. After 5 months in Oct again he had severe pain at the same place& he had to undergo a surgery to drain d puss.Now doctors are saying he had fistula and by doing MRI they are telling that fistula has started making different channels so surgery will be done after 5 – 6 months.Now my question is that what diet can be taken by him so that this passage can be stopped or what treatment he should take now??

  • Hello sir
    I have recently a fistula surgery and right now I am suffering from a problem, I need to go to toilet many times in a day. Some times 2 or 3 times in morning and after that in lunch time and also after taking dinner I feel very uncomfortable after taking medicines and cremaffin with milk….and also when I first time go to toilet in morning I suffer from unbearable pain..plz help me..!!!??

    • It can be Fissure in ano at the same place or at a different place. Anything can be suggested only after proper check up. All you need to do is to keep the area clean and keep diet management to avoid constipation. Thanks.

  • Are egg whites can be taken in fissure …

  • i am suffering from internal haemorrhoids(only red stool). taking ayurveda capsules and oil suggested by doctor. everything is going fine but after four days i.e today i saw some red blood in my stool(i had drink some milk last night) my stool is very soft not hard. what should i do now, i am very afraid, i am only 18 year old boy 🙁

  • Sir I am suffering from Anal fistula since four months. At left buttock mum was grown first and slowly it turns as Anal fistula. Earlier pus formation was there but bleeding started now. Can I get surgical free treatment for this problem.

  • Sir, am 39 yrs old. From past 4 months am suffering from pain while passing stool. Stool is too hard and painful while passing. Doctor advised to tak 30ml of evict syrup daily night. I had taken 4 to 5 bottles. Sometimes its ok if I stop again pain and small 2 flush in anus. Wat is the remedy, is this very serious. But no blood in stool only burning sensation and hard stool. Kindly let me kno why is this happening.

  • sir mera 3 saal phle fistula ka operation hua tha kuch mahine baad fir se hogaya sir mujhe ab kiya karna hai mai bahut paresan hu Dr. fir operation ki boal rahe hai or bolte hai 80% chance hai thik hone ke mujhe samaj nahi aa raha hai mai kiya karu mane kuch logo se pucha hai ki ye baar baar ho jata hai kitni baar operation karbalo
    plzzzz sir mujhe koi salaha batao

    • If you go for conventional lay open surgery for Fistula chances of recurrence are always there. Go for kshar sutra treatment by an experienced doctor. For more details please call our helpline 7861888100. thanks.

  • sir
    i am undergoing for fistula treatment at pune sir my doctor has done treading of track and cutting has taken place but finally thread has not came out doctor is saying it has stuck in some mascular so he will go very slowly and cut that area slowly. is it true sir that there may be a case where cutting from threat is slowly or impossible sir please advise.

  • Sir I am suffering form anal fissure since 2 year I go form 2 time surgary by aurvedic doctor in akola but now its not heal wich part surgicaly cut I am in pain plese help me I am 23 years

  • Manoj Solanki

    Dear Sir,

    I underwent a suggery for draining perianal abscess. As of now I’m going through regular dressings at the hospital. I don’t have any pain and my bowel movements are fine. Today the doctor gave me bit shock by saying that post the treatment of perianal abscess I’m bound to get a fistula which would require another surgery and then it will heal permanently. I suspect his intentions because last week he told me that I shouldn’t get fistula as my recovery psot surgery is amazing.

    Please guide me if anything can be done to avoid fistula post perianal absecc surgery.
    If bad luck I get fistula Please help with the cost and money for its treatment in sharsutra treatment.

    Awaiting your response eagerly.

    • You can NOT prevent Fistula formation by any method. The price of kshar sutra treatment varies from INR 12000 to 25000 depending on case. You may call our helpline 7861888100 for more details.

  • Hello sir
    I am utkarsh 18 years boy sir in march I started watery discharge later in April may and June i have pain in bowl movement and litlle bleed I have recently colonscopy doctor said mei it’s is fissure at 12 o clock I have discomfort in sitting and feel something is there in Anus Sir plse help me .. and tell me what cause of it .. discharge is foul smell. I use cream ditazlne cream but I feel pain sir help me what is this I listen in fissure there is no discharge but doctor say there can be discharge .. I am so afraid Plse give suitable reply I am really greateful to u

  • Dr. I heared that this ksharsutra treatment is very painful…
    In your procedure do you give anthesia to patients??
    Is it tolerable??

  • Sir,
    Reading your reviews and your responsive to every patient and their concern its so much great!!!
    i thought of asking my deep concerns too. I was observing lot if pain and absess in buttocks in month of februray 2017. My doctor suggested drainage under surgery. I got my colonosopy too in next 30 days no fistula was observed.. he said the wound would be okay. But i use to always have a drainage from rhe same spot it never completely dried for me.

    After observing lot of pain i again went to doctor he said i will have to undergo another surgery for deep drainage..i was under shock..

    I changed the doctor so to have second opininon. The second doctor did my surgry putting a seton .. two tube type thread. I was under lot of pain and cramps in anal area. On my weekly followup visit he told me my band can take longer than 4 months to cut through but at the end the result is bot sure since lot of muscles are involved and that there is less possibility that my anal muscle would not be impacted.
    He said he suggest to change the method to plug etc… but the sucess rate is less..

    I am 40 a healthy man.. following your diet through internet.. i am outside india.. can a efficient doctor like you help me from this long distance.. i need opinion and reccomendation for my further path.. my fistula hurts and its lot of pain. I can share reports and can talk to you too if you would be available and kind to talk.

  • Hello, doctor. I am suffering from bleeding while passing stool from the past 15 days. Its very painful to pass stool. The pain remains in rectum area, above anus for 2-3 hours after passing stool. Initially there was tight lump like feeling around anus, but after the first bleeding its not there anymore, but there is a lot of pain in above anus. It seems to me the symptoms of internal piles.
    Also I am suffering from severe constipation. There is no urge to pass stool. The stool that passes is very hard and dry, and it passes with great difficulty followed by bleeding and burning pain in anus and above it.
    What food should i intake? What should be my diet plan? Please reply!

  • Yes, it can be cured permanently but you need to visit our center for a check up with our specialist doctor and to have the right treatment. For having an appointment you may call at 9818069989 Thanks.

  • What about the eggs sir
    Can we eat during fistula or fissure??

  • Dear Doctor,

    Thank you for being patient enough to take each query individually.

    Sir, about a month back there was mild pain around my anus which gradually increased. Some 20 days back i felt pain around my anus while sneezing. I consulted an ano-rectal surgeon, he upon physical examination found some blood in my rectum and he suggested to go for lower GI endoscopy. Endoscopy was fine however i was diagnosed with grade 1 piles with doubtful looking anal fissure. He gave some medicines for 15 days, however the pain worsened in the subsequent days. Upon re-examination he said it is a perianal abscess and suggested to drain it through surgery. However he himself warned that it might reoccur after surgery and suggested that ayurveda has more effective and best available treatment for this problem. Next day abscess started draining at its own and i consulted an ayurveds physycian in my city who is a kshar sutra practitioner as well. So far I have changed 7 threads in 20 days but after 6th thread change a small new branch also emerged to which doc linked that branch to parent tunnel for pus drainage. Is it normal, the emergence of a new branch while ongoing treatment ?

    Can i take non-veg/drinks and other items occasionally along with good eating habits and regular exercises/yoga after i heal completely (say after 3-4 months) ?

    Apologies for a long post and thank you in advance.

    • It can happen during treatment and treatment itself is not responsible for formation of such new track. Keep faith in your doctor. He will do right if he is experienced enough to treat Fistula. You can go for any diet after getting complete cure.

  • hello sir i am 25 years old suffering from piles could you please help me with the diet chart that needs be taken…how to cure this piles..will it stay for lifetime..plz help me sir.

  • Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from anal fissure due to Constipation for the past one month. I went and met the doctor and he adviced me to take pegfiber powder and he gave diltiazem 2% gel to apply both morning and in the night in anus.
    I have been following it for the period, now constipation problem gone but still i’m getting three to four drops of blood while passing stool. Also after 10am, i’m unable to sit it my seat in office. if i’m standing for sometime, its diminishing gradually.
    What should i wanna do now? Please help me out to get rid of this problem. Thanks

    • Dear joe, the bleeding is due to constipation , though the constipation is not there but, the wounds which were caused due to hard stool are still not cured. contact some proctologist or you can contact us at 9818069989 (our helpline number)

  • Respected Sir,
    I have gone through ksharsutra for fistula…The treatment is over.
    And fistula is cured..only 1% wound is there which is to be healed..Sir. .I want to ask u now can I eat nonveg or egg white? I didn’t eat nonveg for 6 months as doc said can I eat..? Or should I wait. .how many months should I wait. ..

  • I’ve got fissure problem from last 2 weeks.
    I’ve just started taking Amolax capsules, pilief tables, ketorol tablet (for pain) as given by a doctor.
    Can it be cured completely from the root just by taking these medicines, or do I need to have something else.

    Also, can you please let me know the best fruits etc to smooth my stool.

    Also, what food/vegetables to avoid ?

    And how much time should it take to cure completely.



  • Sir after kshrastura treatment fistula 5cm track how many days to take heal completly

  • Sir dinner main curd que nahi khana chahiye

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