Causes of Piles in Children

Causes of Piles in children
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Causes of Piles in Children

In common words called hemorrhoids, the main Causes of Piles In Children is when the veins around the anus region and the rectum are increased. In common words called hemorrhoids, the main cause of hemorrhoids is when the veins around the anus region and the rectum are increased.

But most patients of hemorrhoids experience a lot of discomfort in the rectum area, which many times are very painful and blood flows too. This is not only shameful but also causes a huge amount of physical and mental distress. Here You Can Search The Best Piles Doctors In Ghaziabad.
There are some common Causes of Piles in children.

1. Sitting on harsh surfaces for a long time can cause hemorrhoids.

2. If your child regularly sits on the pot for more than 10 minutes, then he is at greater risk of becoming hemorrhoids. Long-standing siting on the pot leads to blood collection and pelvic area stagnation.

3. If your child takes a lot of time in trying to defecate, then the pressure in the anus increases with which hemorrhoids can occur.

4. If your infant or child does not eat a good meal, then he is not able to follow a healthy diet, consumes less water and less fibrous fruits, so this can lead to constipation of the child, which is likely to become hemorrhoids. Will greatly increase

5. In some situations, more and more regular tantrums of your child, which occur after a lot of crying, can result in hemorrhoids. This is also one of the main reasons, because due to acute tension and crying, the blood moves towards the pelvic region and increases the pressure within the stomach. and Then this blood remains stable in the area of ​​the rectum.

6. If you and your spouse are in the current vascular patient or have a history of hereditary hemorrhoids, then your child may also have this disease. but Such congenital piles are sometimes seen in the first week of birth. These pile nodules come out during feces or crying, which causes even more discomfort for the child.

7. If the large intestine is swollen due to various reasons, then this is also a cause of hemorrhoids.

8. The formation of a tumor in the large intestine can cause the blood to stabilize, resulting in hemorrhoids.

9. An infected large intestine can increase the rectal area further, causing hemorrhoids.

10. If your child is too busy playing occasionally and spend most of his time sitting there, then it increases the chances of hemorrhoids.

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