Anal stenosis; Causes, prevention and treatment

Anal stenosis; Causes, prevention and treatment


Anal stenosis is the most common type of outflow obstruction and is usually mistaken for constipation. It is the second most frequently missed anal diagnosis. This is unfortunate because it can be treated very easily under local anesthetic. The symptoms are difficulty pushing a firm stool through a narrowed Anal canal. It comes on slowly so the patient is not fully aware of the narrowing and attributes it to “constipation”. The problem is that the anal canal has been narrowed by a ring of scar tissue located just under the skin of the anal margin which, just like a bone, will not give or allow the anal canal to stretch to accommodate a large diameter stool.

The treatment is very simple : In the OPD or OT, under local anesthesia, the ring of scar tissue is incised on both sides through the anal skin which immediately allows the canal to expand to its normal stretchable diameter. Anal dilator is to be used afterwards to allow the canal to heal in the stretched position. Besides Ayurvedic Healing promoting medicine like Jatyadi oil is used for local application and instilled per rectally with the help of a syringe and simple rubber catheter.


  • is there any treatment of anal stenosis other than cutting scar tissue
    just saw an treatment on

  • is there any treatment for anal stenosis other than cutting the scar tissue?

    • Dear sir,
      There may be some help by dilations sittings. Anything can be told only after proper check-up.
      Dr. Naveen chauhan
      Director and Consultant Ayurveda Proctologist
      Shri Dhanwantari Clinic, Ghaziabad

      • Dear sir,

        Just 2 months ago i was undergone stricturotomy and my doctor suggest me for self dilation but it is vary painful. Is there any another method to.keep.anal.opening ok

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